Tales of African women and marriage (anthology)

Author : onela_writes

Genre :  N/A

Description :  Her son is almost 2, she had him at 38.She tells me how blessed she is to have him and how she's always wanted to be a mother, having lost hers at only 4 years.She loves the task, always doing stuff for the baby.She lives for him.Her baby daddy is useless, a seasoned drunk.He's irresponsible, a walking bottle store.This hurts her, she's hardworking and trying.He's the opposite of all she is.She says the only thing he got right was giving her a baby.She hates him, she aches for her son.She warns me to have children whilst there's still time.She says at church, they are encouraged to have children after marriage, but it never came.She's a rigid believer, she's still waiting.I sigh, what a disservice to women.What a culture.tales of African women and marriage -onela_writes

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Chapter Tales of African women and marriage

Tales of African women and marriage

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