chapter 9

The rest of the day was just boring jason wasn't here and i kept eating and eating jason is right mybe iam getting fat i should stop eating but i get hungry each and every second. "I was sitting on the couch reading my favourite novel " kedi' diary :the chosen one" it was now 6pm. I became sleepy and i slept. I woke up with someone shaking me. It was jason Me:mr j Him:i like it when you address me like that Me:when did you arrive Him:just now. Dont tell me you slept on a couch Me:it was a mistake. I was busy reading this book but i eventually fell asleep. Him: the beasts Me:baby you scared of horror i doubt you have ever read this book. I wonder how you know there are beast here. Him: "baby now" Me:yah for baby boy aka the scared boy. Him:ohh come on i was just acting Me:you need some lying techniques  you suck Him:ohh please. You acting as if you weren't scared. Me:at least i wasnt crying like you

Him:mxm what ever (he rolled his eyes gay tendency ) Me: AHHHA NOW I GET IT (he gave me a confused look. He looked so damn cute ) Me:you gay that why you and i cant be Him:where did that come from Me:you just rolled your eyes at me that a proof. Him:stop with your nonsense im straight. (i started crying) Him:what now Me:you hurting me cant you see Him:sorry i will never roll my eyes again Me:it not that. Him:what now. Dont tell me you hungry it still early in the morning. Me:you claim to love me but you dont want us to be together. It hurt do you really love me or you just pity me Him:ohh god what happened to you. Me:you dont love me. You lied to me Him:comedown Me:dont tell me to fucken come down. Is it because im damaged. You thought it will be better to cause more damage. Tell me jason im i really a damaged material that can be used huh. Him:you not damaged im just trying to protect your bloody life here. But i think it pointless cz the truth is out. Me:protect me from what i told you im willing to accept you with your stupid businesses. Or is it because im still married. Him:jason is still your hubby yes true. But.. Me:how do you know his name because i dont remember telling you. And you onced said it  the day you said you want to make sure i dont marry someone whose name start with j but i didnt pay attention to it Him:relax i did a research on him. But i dont care is you still married or not because to me you single. Me:then what's a problem Him:it is because im trying to protect you from my father. Me:father i dont even know your father Him:damn you let me explain. Me: yahh ringa vele Him:my father doesn't like the idea of us falling in love/ dating (huh) He's the owner of all the businesses i work in he thinks bringing the woman in between will make his business slow down. And he makes sure he kill the woman we fall for and teach us the lesson. Me:us ? Him:me and my brothers Me:well im not afraid of death. Im willing to risk it all. Him:this is not a joke Me:im not joking either Him:they are planning your death. My dad knows about you living here. I promise i'll make you disappear to another country an.... Me: im not going anywhere. Him:he's dangerous he once had me and my brother shot when we tried stealing money from his safe. If he can do that to his son's then he wont hesitate to put a bullet on your skull Me:i dont care (im sorry uncle but now i want to die. I promised you that the day i die i wont be responsible. Mybe im being selfish) Him:are you that desperate Me:yes iam. I love you and it's hurting me. Let give this a try Him:fine!! (im so selfish i know but what can i do i just cant control the feeling. I dont care about his father my instinct says i wont die. the thought of mr j with someone else kills me ) Me:thank you (i hugged him tight ) **jason's pro** My strawberry tea is so stubborn i bought her a beach house so she could run away and stay there then i will kill the wrong person and show it to dad and make him believe That i have finally killed my woman. But no my stubborn lady beat me to it. I cant believe she still haven't forgave me for rape or else she wouldn't have reminded me. (i just left the house i need time to think. I was driving my lambo going to god knows where but my phone rang it was a conference call from my brothers. I answered) Me:ray my b and chris my b (chris is younger than me ) Them:jason my b Me:what now Ray:Bad news ndoda Chris :Dad did a research about your woman and i cant believe she's married baby you wanna be a second husband. Worse part her hubby is non other than your bestie Me:tell me something i dont know Ray:Dad just invited you two for dinner. You have just 3 days to enjoy your woman. Chris :baby just take my advise. Next time you should go to ZCC so you could learn to jump in love this thing of you falling will break you down (Ray laughed) Me:voetsek ndoda Chris:baby im serious. Ray this massage is for you too. (chris has some gay tendencies but his straight anyway im not with him most of the time so idk) Ray:mxm oho Ray:aii ndoda wish you luck. The way dad is so angry he might kill you too Me:im not scared of him ohkey i do but a little. Chris:dont worry baby i'll be there to cure your broken heart. (i dropped the call and went back to my woman.. I got inside the house and she was eating. She eat to much these days ) Her:you back Me:i can go back if i want (i was so angry at my father) Her:yohhh i was just asking ( she's too grumpy these days i hope she doesn't annoy me more) Her:dont look at me like that Me:like how Her:angry jason if you dont want to date me it's fine i dont want to force you. Me:im sorry i just had a bad day. Her:and you taking it off me Me:please dont annoy me with your attitude. Im still the man of the house. Her:i didnt ask you. (i went close to her . I wont be disrespected by a woman. She stood up and folded her hands looking soo cute) Me:drop that attitude young lady before i make you. Her:you the one who started it. (my blood was now boiling i just ran up stairs before i do something i will regrate i showered then got busy on my computer mrs stubborn came with a plate full of food ) Her:im sorry Me:im stiil busy. If that food is mine you can put it on top of the bed i'll eat later (she came and hugged me from behind she  had tears in her eyes. She's now a cry baby ) Her:mr j im sorry (i turned to her and made her sit on my lap ) Me:you forgiven now stop crying Her:is it safe to kiss you. (i looked around ) Me:no im hungry Her:is it safe to feed you (i looked around) Me:yes but with your hands (she took the plate and started feeding me. Busy swallowing saliva ) Me:what wrong Her:nothing (she looked at my food and swallowed again) Me:you can feed your self too Her:no you said im getting fat (true but in a good way) i want to loose weight Me:no you glowing like that you extra sexy baby and i love you fat or thin (she blushed revealing her dimples bathong this woman is beautiful damn it. She's perfect for me.) **lovatic's pro** (i was in mr j's lap busy blushing and smiling like a retard one could swear that im a teenager in love) Him:im taking you out on a date today okrrrrrrrrr (i giggled) Me:okrrrrrrrr Him:ohkey get off me. I have a date to prepare. (i got of him and he left. ) Me:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (i screamed in excitement and he came back running ) Him:are you okrrrr did you hurt your self (he was so worried ) Him:talk why were you screaming. Are you okrrrrrr Me:im fine. Go. when you come back You will find me ready for you (he left and i indulged on his food)


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