chapter 8

☆☆jason's pov☆☆ Ray:is it true that you let the girl go. Me:i replaced her chillex Ray:dont tell me to fucken chillex what so special about that girl Me:i told you she's my helper Ray:you know the rules once someone get into our warehouse. The only way out is death. Dad is furious now. Me:tell him that they kidnapped the wrong person Ray:you know  it doesn't matter if it a right or wrong person as long as it's not a family member . They must die. Me:ray man she's harmless Ray:that doesnt matter . Why are you so protective over her Me:she's like a little sister to me ray. Ray:sister! Are you in love with her Me:yah as a sister (he chuckled) Ray: Dad must know about this sister thing Me:please dont tell him please Ray:why not. Me:ohkey ohkey i love her Ray:your love will go away after her death Me:please Ray:i cant keep secrets from dad anyway let me tell you something you dont know. Dad already know everything Me:DID YOU PUT ME ON LOUD SPEAKER DAMN YOU RAY Ray:no i didnt but dad can hear our conversation. He did something with our phone so that who ever we speak to. He get to hear our conversation wherever he is. Me:damn it Ray:just kill her before dad do Me:nxa i wont do that shit i called so i could ask you to take care of my HT (human trafficking ) business. I have a lot to deal with Him:mmmm like Me:non of your business Ray:is she the reason you taking a break Me:im dropping it for good. And no she's not Ray:im not a fool jason (i dropped the call and threw my phone away. Thank god it didnt break i picked it up then put it on my pocket . I was in the warehouse sitting on the couch drinking vodka i dont drink but today i need something to cheer me up. After that i tried standing up but my knees became weak and my eyes were a little blurry) Me:guard! (he came) Me:take me home to my sunflower. To my strawberry tea to my chocolate to my woman to my beautiful angel to my ride to die to my love where i left my heart Guy: you drunk sir Me:how is that your business just take me home (he helped me walk to my car and he drove me to my apartment. He wanted to help me get inside ) Me:you have done enough i'll take it from here bye Him:yes sir (he left i got inside the house was so clean my woman is domestic i closed the door ) Me:baby!! (im sure she's sleeping it's late at night ) Me:BABY (i shouted and i saw her coming downstairs she's beautiful and her body is perfectly shaped for me ) Her:ohh god are you drunk. (she ran to me and helped me stand straight) Her:come sit on the couch Me:were you crying is it because of me im sorry (her eyes were swollen) Her:come sit Me:i dont like seeing you cry Her: i should just take you to your bedroom (she helped me climb the stairs till we got to my room ) Her:get inside the blanket jason Me:no (i tried kissing her but she moved back ) Her:im not doing this with you

not when you are this drunk (i went to her and held her tight and kissed her she kept trying to fight me but i was strong. I threw her in the bed she was crying now) Her:please stop you hurting me . Jason stop

Me:I won't hurt you baby  I know how much u want this

(i kissed her again with her trying to fight me and the rest is history) (i woke up next morning hearing sniff's i had a horrible headache. I was alone in the bed but i could hear sniff's. They were coming from the other side of the bed. I wore my jean then went to check only to find my strawberry tea crying. Yesterday's scene i remember everything. She kept asking me to stop but i didnt . I tried touching her but she freaked out and jumped) Her:please dont hurt me please im sorry . Me:im sorry it was a mistake i was drunk. It wont happen again please forgive (i knelt down with tears ) Me:im ashamed with what i have done im sorry. I will look for another apartment for you. I think it will be better if we stay in seperate places. Please forgive me i'll do anything Her:anything Me:anything im sorry i love you and i have hurt you. I cant even look at you in the eye Her:go prepare break fast for me (i think i damaged her brain to im really bad she'll never forgive me ) Her:i forgive you. I know how much you love me. Yesterday you were drunk i understand. You dropping your business for me proves how much you love me (i went to hug her) Me:thank you. I have no words im speechless i dont know what to say Her:you suffocating me. Go make breakfast (she left my room i took a quick shower then went to prepare a special breakfast for her) **lovatic's pov*** Call me stupid crazy throw tantrums hate me but guys i love that guy that why i forgave him so quick. He hurt me i wont deny it. I guess it love . It hurt and heal simultaneously. We live under the same roof we love each other but yet we not together. It crazy right. Mybe im too damaged for him i understand (i just finish taking a shower i went down stairs ) 3 weeks later Me and jason were still living under the same roof he wanted me to move out but i didn't want to go. We still not together. But we still love each other. He's not home most of the time and it scares me what if he found him self a new girlfriend but anyway it's his life (i was preparing breakfast and jason came downstairs then he came to me) Him:morning Me:morning Him:im going neh but i will comeback tomorrow (you see ) Me:ohkey (he turned and walked) Me:mr j Him:yah Me:did you change your perfume Him:no Me:ohkey (it smelled horrible ) Him:why Me:nothing Him:did you change your bathsoap Me:no why Him:you glowing these days and you becoming fat. Me:fat jason did you say im fat. Jason you the one who kept feeding me tomuch these days. Just so you could say im fat. (i cried he came and tried to touch me but i moved back) Him:im sorry. I didnt mean it in that way Me:get out go dont come back (mybe im sick i have been vomiting alot these days )


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