chapter 7

**jason's pov** I was in the warehouse giving my guys a beating Me:how did the girls escape Guy 1: sorry sir please forgive us. Guy 2: sir it was just the 5 of them but we managed to catch them but one died Me:you have became useless now huh (i was angry i took a gun and shot guy 2) Guy 1: sorry sir (i punched him repeatedly) Guy 3: sir we are used to work with jason you sent him to miami that why we messed up it wont happen again please forgive us (true i sent jason away so he will stay away from lovatic. As soon as he couldn't trace her. He became crazy. I know he loves her he's just sick. He kicked her out of the house after three days he started looking for her. Thank god i removed the tracker) Me : you have only 8 hours to find another girl.  they are leaving today to canada ohkey Them:Roger that boss Me:go (they limped their way out. I left too i got inside my lambo and drove as i was driving i called my older brother ) Me:Ray my b Him:jason my b. What is it that i hear. That you living with a woman in your apartment Me:calm down she's just a helper Him:what happened to mam gloria Me:i fired her Him:so you could bring someone on your age huh what if you two catch feelings for each other (only if he knew how much i love her) do you still remember what happened to me. The day i fell in love Me:yahh yahh dad found out and killed your woman then gave you a beating that left you in coma for 3 months Him:and you want the same thing to happen to you Me:i didnt say i love her. She's not even my type. Him:love has no type Me:i called so we could discuss about the missing girls. I wanted you and chris to come to my house but dont bother (i dropped the call today it a bad day for me. I drove back home) **lovatic's pov*** I just finished doing shopping i was now going to the taxi rank but a black car stopped in front of me. Two guys came out and they injected me with something. I woke up with a banging headache and i was tied into a chair and there was other girls tied too but they were sitting on the floor with tape on their mouth sobbing .Ohhh shit im kidnapped Guy :you finally awake Me:what do you want. What im i doing here Guy 2:she's the prettiest. Boss will be so happy. He'll double the amount Guy 1:i'ld really like to taste her first before she goes overseas (he said biting his lower lip) Guy 1:Boss gave us 8 hours but we did this work in less than 2 hours. Let give him the good news (he took his phone and made a call) Him:boss your work is done....... Come see for yourself. We got the most prettiest one........ Sure (he dropped the call) Him:boss is on his way (they kept making their jokes which weren't even funny till the door opened and they sush) Guy 1:boss is here behave (i was looking down all along but a familiar cologne filled the room i turned to look up only to find mr j aka jason mabunda the guy i fell in love with but he doesn't know that . Standing before my eyes looking at me. Our eyes locked and the whole room started spinning i dont know what happened next Because i woke up in mr j's bedroom. Mybe i was dreaming but it cant be a dream it was real. He came inside Him:you awake. Please dont hate me. Im sorry (so i wasn't dreaming he came close and tried touching and i moved back shaking. I was scared of him) Him:im sorry i wont hurt you. I just want us to talk Me: you do human trafficking (tears were coming down my cheek) (he nodded looking down) Me:is that the job you were gonna offer me (he shook his head) Me:please let me go. Im begging you. I'll do anything but not human trafficking. I used to be raped by my own husband i suffered 3 miscarriages. Jason those girls are innocent

why are you causing them an unbearable pain. They are also human beings for crying out loud. I cant believe i fell inlove with you . Why did you do it. Why jason. Was this the reason you brought me here huh. You said i was like a little sister to you so it was all a lie Him: no the honest truth is that i loved you. And i still love you i see a wife in you but the problem is that im not  man enough for you. You deserve better. Someone who will love and cherish you like you deserve. Someone who's name isnt jason because i guess all jason's are hellish and you not a woman for them. I wanted to be like a brother to you and give you the love you deserve and make sure you happy with someone else who will treat you like a queen you have suffered enough. I wanted to be your brother and make sure that oneday you marry someone who's name doesn't start with j. I was willing to keep my feelings on a tight leash. Next coming  month i wanted you to start working in my dad's company i wanted you to be independent to the fullest. I never wanted you to see my dark papers. But each and everyday i kept falling deep for you. (he wiped a tear ) Me: i love you too. Do you mean what you just said Him:do i look like im joking. (I can see it in his eyes that he meant every single word I can't believe he just said he loves me. i went to hug him ) Me:please let the poor girls go. Him:never Me:do you only do human trafficking Him:no please i dont wanna talk about this Me:jason I'm sure you have a lot of money jason and jason you dont need to do human trafficking. Him :and what will i gain Me:jason you love me and i love you. Im willing to accept you as you are. But please drop human trafficking. You just said you dont only do human Trafficking. Him:i bomb bankssteal diamonds cars i deal with gun smuggling .....  Me:im sure you also get a lot of money from there you dont need human trafficking. Him:ohkey fine Me:thank you mr j Me:does this mean that you and i are you know boyfriend and girlfriend (he looked at me for a minute) Him:No (i wont lie that broke my heart. He just said he loves me. Then what wrong is it because im damaged i looked down in disappointment ) Him:i have a business to drop (he left i sat down and cried )


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