chapter 5

****Chapter 5 got deleted by mistake but i'll just write a summary** **jason promised to offer lovatic a good paying job. **jason's friends came to visit him so they could talk about their drug business . Lovatic gave them space and went to her room and slept but woke up with someone touching her only to find one of jason's friend. He tried raping her but jason got inside and shot the guy. **lovatic kept asking him questions like why doesnt he wear a suit like all the other business man do

why he own a gun and alot more annoying him  he told her to backoff. **lovatic kept on having nightmares about that accident to a point that she had to share a room with jason she felt safe in his arms. *It was now one month. Jason and lovatics feelings were  strong. Lovatic was back to her room cz the nighmares we gone now. **jason lied to lovatic about him having a girlfriend and she became jealous and cried her self to sleep cz she loves the guy. That why she insulted his aunt thinking it his girlfriend.


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