chapter 4

After 5 minutes i woke up. I was thirsty so i went down stairs to get water but  as i was walking to the kitchen i saw mr j (jason) sitting on the couch busy with his computer. He turned to look at me but our eyes locked for a min Him:i thought you were sleeping Me:im thirsty (i was nervous ) Him:ohkey (then his eyes shifted back to his computer doing god knows what i went to the kitchen drank my water then went to the lounge i sat besides him but he was focusing on his computer (i cleared my throat but he didn't bother to look at me ) Me:thank you Him:ohkey (yohh that was cold he closed his computer harshly ) Him:shit!! (i stood up fast i was scared mybe he's not what i thought he was. I could tell he was angry but then he calmed down after realising he scared me ) Him:im sorry. It just that something bad happened (he was giving me a look i couldn't fathom ) Me:it ohkey Him: come here Me:huh Him:i just want to give you a hug (he smiled i smiled too then went to give him one i felt chillies running down to my spine then he broke the hug ) Him:let watch a movie Me:why not Him:so you're into romance drama thriller comedy adve..... Me: stop stop stop i prefer a horror movie Him:nah horror aint good for girls they are too weak Me: excuse me mr im not a girl im a woman i'll survive Him: let watch action it even better Me:ohh baby boy are you already scared.( I sniffed him ) i can smell fear Him: no baby girl it just that i dont have horror movies Me:im not surprised. You surely are scared nowonder you dont have them Him:what no way. are you challenging me. Me :i guess so Him:fine let mmm (he cleared his throat ) watch your horror movie and see who is a scared boy (he said with fear in his voice) Me :(i laughed my lungs out) you already scared look you even stuttering. Him:shut up and make pop corn so i could prove you wrong check properly in the cardboards you'll find what you will need .you'll find me in the cinema room. go straight the first room on your left . (i chuckled and made pop corns. Then went to the cinema room ) Him:im done downloading one sit Me:we should switch off the light first so... Him:NOOO (he screamed ) we should leave the light on i mean.... Me:are you that scared Him:me? Never. Fine switch off the light (i switched off the light then went to sit with him.he was sitting on the left edge of the couch and i was sitting on the right edge of the couch with our legs on top of the table there was a huge gap between us)

'The movie started nicely till we got to this part' Movie: please dont kill me. (the ghost slaughtered the girls head. mr j screamed and came to cuddle with me i laughed) Him:that aint funny. I screamed so i could scare you Me:then why are you cuddling with me Him:i saw you getting scared and i was also getting bored sitting alone (this guy can lie shame he's even shaking ) Me: there is still time just accept that u are a scared boy Him: im not scared please shut up (i chuckled and we stayed in that position with jason getting more scared. The ghost appeared again with full force and those scary sounds. I screamed ) Me:ahhhhhh!!! (jason jumped and stood up ) Him:ahhhhh ahhhhh SWITCH IT OFF i said SWITCH IT OFF NOW MOMMY MOMMY Me:not until you admit that you are a scared boy Him: ohkey okey i admit. Im a scared boy .now switch it off please you win (i switched it off then switched on the light and damnit he wasnt just a scared boy he was also a cry baby. He was literally crying. I just froze for a minute then i bursted into a laughter. My first time laughing like this. He left the room angry and went to the kitchen i followed him. He drank the water then went to the lounge. I went to him Me: ohh boy please dont feel bad we all do get scared sometimes. (i chuckled ) Me:"MOMMY"( i said that mimicking his voice ) Him:not funny i'll get you for that. Good night (he went upstairs . I laughed then went to mine ) ""Next morning"" I freshened up then wore jason's t -shirt his jean and his shoes. He asked his guard to give it to me. I went downstairs

he was busy with his computer. (i cleared my throat he was pissed he didnt even look at me ) Me:morning (he just ignored me mybe his angry about what happened last night. I should apologize ) Me:im sorry (he packed his stuff and left i felt really bad. I wanted to cry ) **jason pro** My name is jason mabunda im 27 i do illegal businesses like human trafficking sell drugs steal diamonds cars and all. Im a billionaire. My father is the top boss. He own legal and illegal businesses. Im not the only son. I have two brothers and a sister .i have a granny and my lovely mommy but then i also have my aunty which i hate with passion. I do kill people but i dont kill family that my dad's order. Me and my brothers + My dad are the most feared people on earth. But people dont know our real identity. Well about lovatic i met her on the street and eish i just fell in love. her eyes tell how broken she is and i just want to be the one to pick up the broken pieces and make something beautiful . But eish her and i cant be well that my dad's order "no catching feelings" he thinks that we will loose focus on business and he doesnt want weaknesses and history to repeat it self story for another day. he killed all the woman we fell in love with. But what worse is that i did a research about lovatic and it turns out that she's married to my bestfriend jason. Who is my employee. His my closest friend and together we aim to kill . I'll tell you later on how we met.  he's sick and dangerous that why i like him. He doesn't have a heart.  But i wont let lovatic go back to him. He has hurt her enough. He used to tell me how he treat his wife and her past but i didnt care But now i do. I'll do anything in my power to protect her from jason and my dad. Because i love her she's the one  there is something about her  I'll treat her like my little sister and give her a life she deserves . But im still mad at her for what she did last night (i was driving going to meet up with my brothers we have a business to discuss) **lovatic's pro** it was late at night and jason is not back. I hate my self now. I must have truly hurt him. Just then he came in and went straight to his bedroom passing me like he didnt see me with plastic bags. I really want to apologize then i'll leave this house and look for another place to stay. What if i make him angry again i dont want that. He came down looking hot as always and his cologne filled the room. He sat on the couch and played games on his phone 'gay tendency' i went to him Me:im sorry (he ignored me and my heart broke ) Me:im sorry i promise it wont happen again (i knelt down tears started coming followed by hiccups he was busy on his phone ) Me:please forgive me i'll leave tomorrow. I'll look for another place to stay . Im sorry mr j (at last he put his phone down then helped me stand. He hugged me mxm i just want a kiss ) Him:please dont cry it ohkey i forgive you and you not going anywhere ohkey. Stop crying (i stopped crying and held tight into him as if my life depends on his hug and his intoxicating perfume till i calmed down. I broke the hug and smiled at him Him/me:but yesterday's scene was funny... (we stopped and started laughing our lungs out like there is no tomorrow) Him:you something else Me:we should watch another horror Him:noooo (we laughed again. I wish to be this happy now and forever it so rejuvenating ) He went to the kitchen and i followed him just to scare him a little as he was drinking water i poked him and he startled and dropped the glass. I laughed he sighed then took a jug full of water and poured me with it . As i was soaking wet i took another jug and poured him too. We did that again and again till we were completely drenched. He started tickling me and i ran all around the louge till i fell on the couch and he fell on top of me. Then he stood up ) Him:im sorry Me:you didnt do anything wrong you fell by mistake Him:yah yah i bought you new cloths and i took yours to dry clean the'll bring them tomorrow Me:but my cloths weren't dirty they were wet Him:it doesn't matter good night (he went up stairs. I wish he doesn't have a girlfriend. I cleaned then went to mine. I took a shower busy singing me and jason met few days ago but it like i have known him for years. After bathing i went to bed and slept )


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