chapter 3

I stopped then looked at him he just smirked revealing his one dimple. I also have dimples but i dont think they are as sexy as his shame his too perfect. Im sure his girlfriend must be beyonce or kim Kardashian. Him:make yourself at home. Me:thank you (i dont even know his name im scared to ask ) Me: my suitcases Him:one of my guard will bring them  Me: guard?? Him:yahh Me:ohkey (just then someone knocked the door wasnt closed ) Him:get in (the so called guard got inside with my bags they were so wet. Mr hot took them and opened ) Him: all your cloths are wet. All thanks to your stubbornness. (i chuckled) Him: go freshen up i'll borrow you one of my cloths (i went to the bathroom it was so big with a Jacuzzi im sure this guy is a millionaire

i did what i had to do then went out. The was a shirt and a short (boys cloths) i wore them n they did fit perfect. I tied my hair into a neat bun. I had long hair Ariana grande typical hair but mine was black with the tip of brown . I didnt have shoes im sure they are wet too. i went down stairs and mr hot was cooking. It was so cute Me:need help Him:no thanx im almost done Me:i didnt know you can cook Him:there is alot you dont know about me including my name (i chuckled) Me:yohh i was scared to ask the way i was taken by your beauty i couldnt even....... (i stopped taking when i realised he was looking deep into me more like staring at me with his one eyebrow raised eish mybe i talk tomuch ) Him:"the way i was taken by your beauty "(he said that mimicking my voice ). Him: i didnt know i was that hot.well that the only part i heard (we both laughed at the same time) Me:so please introduce yourself Him:let me dish up first so we could sit and talk (he dished up we were now sitting in the table opposite to each other. And i cant keep my eyes of him. ) Him: my name is jason mabunda (another jason nc nc nc nc ) iam 27 years old im a business man and im independent so i would like this ravishing lady to introduce her self too. Me:my name is LOVATIC Rebbeca mhlongo. Iam 25 years old im still married because i havent signed divorce papers but the marriage ended. Him:yoh he did good by throwing you out. Or else i wouldn't have met you. Your ex is a dog Me:he's a psycho Him:no wonder you have scars all over (i just looked down ) Him:dont be embarrassed. To me they are like beauty marks. (i blushed ) Him:im coming (he went up stairs and cameback with somethings i dont know) Him:please stand up (i did and he scanned me with something and there was ti ti sound on my wrist he chuckled) Him:a tracker. Im gonna remove it but it gonna hurt a little (only if he knew how  immune my body is ) (he cut my wrist a little then put something i felt something move inside my bones. Then he took it off ) Him:im done now im going to destroy this tracker. (i was just looking at him and then he looked at me discombobulated ) Him:did it hurt (i shook my head no ) Him:it was suppose to hurt. Me:im used to it Him:you strong (he went outside and i decided to clean then went to my room and slept. I was tired shame I couldn't stop thinking about him he's perfect his  smile his lips his eyes his dimples the colour of his skin shit  i feel like im growing some leaves just because of the stranger) 


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