chapter 10

I cant believe im going on a date. Just then i felt the need to puke i hate this. I ran inside mr j's bathroom and puked then rinsed my mouth his bathroom is super splendid. His bathtub is like a small swimming pool it to big   and heavenly white. The wall is baby blue and all the corner's have blue light and arggg huge teady bear aii this gangster. I left his bedroom. it will take time for him to do the preparation im sure he'll want to make it romantic like the way i have seen on tv i went to the kitchen then made corn flakes with mayonnaise nice i ate mmmm delicious then i went to take a long bath.After that i wore my favourite red off shoulder long body hugging dress that is open in the back and one leg. showing my curves. It was a little bit revealing making me look sexy. I applied a red lipstick i tied my hair into a neat bun and did a baby hair thank god my scars are gone now ohkey not all of them but they aint that much and luckily i dont have any in my face. I put my long star shaped earings and a necklace. Voice :baby we getting late hurry (shouting) (when did he get here ohhh mybe he's taking me on a restaurant what was i thinking mara huh he's not mr Romantic to fix the candles with ballons and all mxm. I wore my transparent hills 5 inch then took a black purse matching with my hair. My mom is black i dont know about my dad i dont even know his name. I left the room and as i was walking down the stairs my eyes met mr j he couldn't hide the shock in his eyes he was so handsome .wait wasnt he suppose to wear a suit we going on a date not on some party but what if we are. He was wearing a black torn skinny jean and white air force white long sleeve with a chain necklace and his bandana a black one in his head. I walked to him he was just looking at me speechless. I went to him and kissed his cheek bring him back to life. Me:let go (i whispered in his ear) Him:y........ Yyyy...yess. You look dashing Me:so are you. Let go (he's perfume smelled horrible but im scared to confront him. It's gonna be like im saying he smells i'll try to be strong

i dont know what happened i used to like it im sure he changed it . We left and went to his lambo he drove playing migos: stir fry singing Me:mr j are you a coloured Him:no Me:huh Him:my dad is a coloured my mom is an Indonesian Me:wow Him:and you you dont look black either. Im sure your mom must be Jennifer lopez your dad mu..... Never mind (why did he mention my dad i hate him for leaving me alone with those devils then he stops as if he realised he said something wrong i dont remember telling him about my family ) Me:my mom is black i dont know about my dad. Him:sorry please wipe those tears. Let not ruin our night (i didnt realise that i was crying. We finally arrived ) Him:close your eyes Me:ohkey but let me get out of the car first Him:ohkey. (i did then he came to me with his horrible smell then helped me walk to god know where ncooo it was a nice garden that was superb decorated. With candles all over when did he get enough time to do all this huh. There was roses everywhere even on the ground. And balloons written i love you and horses we walked further and the was a table with FOOD i became hungry immediately and there was a Champaign with candles and flowers and people playing some romantic instrument slow jam . Me:you did all this for me (i wanted to cry ) Him:no for me please dont cry ke (i smiled and kissed him) Me:oho thanx ke Him:okrrrrrrrr Me:okrrrrrrrrr Him:i'll be back. He went to the stage and took a mic Me:jesus protect my ears im sure he's gonna sing trap music. (he started singing and yohh i couldn't believe it this guy is perfect he got everything. His voice was superb giving me goosebumps he had that unique angelic voice man Him: TOUCH ME WHY dont we kill each other slowly What can i say Couse a monster in me Loves a monster in you(he sang)

(i went to take a mic and joined him we sang looking at each other in the eyes till we finished i was crying now) Me:what did i do to deserve you Him:you loved me back Me:thank you for everything Him:okrrr now stop crying. I have a present for you Me:i dont want it Him:why Me:you have already done a lot for me. Him:nxa stop with your nonsense. (he went to the table and came with a small box i opened it and there was an IPHONE FINALL PRODUCT. Me:me i cant take it. No this phone is expensive more than yours. I have seen it on a magazine that it cost 1 billion. Him:it a present please take it Me:i cant (this phone is wow you can do everything with it swim with it bath with it you can expand the screan and make a tab. It has the best photo quality.   )


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