chapter 1

My name is lovatic rebecca mhlongo. iam 25 years old. i love singing and dancing. And iam married to my Psychotic man whore.

"Well He used to be sweet but jealousy  changed him... He is hot and all but he got no brain. We have been married for 3 years in court.. We couldnt get a dream wedding because....


we both ran away from home at the young age I was 16 after getting my matric certificate. I ran away because i couldn't take the abuse anymore. My mother my own mother hates me because im the result of her mistakes. She says im an illegitimate child and a curse to the family. She always called me by names she believes that i killed her son my brother because the day i was born was the day my older brother died he was 3 years old. My cousins used to beat me almost everyday and my uncle used to forcefully strip me naked and take nude photos . And whenever he tried to rape me. My other uncle always came to the rescue like god sent him .he was always by my side he would always encourage me to go to school. whenever i tried committing suicide he would boost my confident and give me new hopes and i thank him for that. He made me promise him that i will never ever in my entire life think about suicide and i promised im a woman of my words i keep my promises.And my whore husband jason used to be there for me too we were best friends he never saw me as a curse and all my sweet uncle gave us his blessings and we ran away from the village to Johannesburg.when we got here we had nothing no money nothing but jason made a plan but he never told me where it came from. I decided to let him be. I got a bursary in UJ jason supported me through out. Till i became a qualified engeneer. 

I only saw him as a friend the day he told me that  he loves me I wasn't moved at all but i know i owe him a favour soo i decided to be with him my biggest mistake. we dated For 2 years then got married we dont have friends always indoor. Jason never wanted me to have friends especially boys so no one was gonna attend our wedding that why we chose court.

I started  working my job paid very well and it made jason jealous because he felt less a man since i was making more money than him. he started beating me and made me quit my job. I became a housewive he started drinking he became worse day by day. I suffered 3 miscarriages .I tried running away but he tracked me  i didn't even know that i had a tracking device on my body.I promised uncle that i will never ever try to commit suicide again right now I miss him .i have gotten used to being abused and the pain i feel physical is nothing compared to the one i feel inside. I reported him to the police but they did nothing they said he works for the big boss so they cant help me .i asked to meet up with the boss but they said he doesnt have time for nonsense .i just gave up.Im just a flower without it leaves .a human without life .im alive just to fulfill the promise  . This is the beginning of my story please ride with me as i take you to the ups and downs i'll face in this world. See if i would one day grow some leaves or not.

'i was sitting on a couch singing. I was singing smoke and mirrors.

Some times i just wonder why my mom didnt abort me the day she found out that she was pregnant with me Yaz. I soo wish I wasn't born 

My phone rang disturbing me it must be jason.he doesn't like it when i take time to answer so i answered immediately. I only have his numbers on my contact 


Him:what took you to long to answer huh (shoutingi could tell he's not on the good mood )


Him:Open this darm gate i lost my gonna teach you a lesson again 


(im now used to be beaten i dont like it but i think my body is now immune to it. i opened for him as soon as he got inside he approached me and punch me so hard that i fell on the ground . He seriously knows how to throw a punch shame)

Him: i warned you lovatic. But you dont listen do you 

(he kicked me and punched  me several times  all over forgetting that im a woman.till i became weak and everything became numb ).

'I woke up with a banging headache my eyelids were heavy i could hear sniffs. I tried opening my eyes but my eyelids were so damn heavy but i didnt give up until i finally did. I could tell that i was in the hospital and jason was besides me 

Him:you Finally awake baby im sorry 

Me:it Okey you made a mistake.

Him: no it wasnt a mistake you deserved it baby. Im sorry because you here again (if i had a  courage i would have poisoned his food long time ago yaz nxa)

Me :sorry i made a mistake by taking tim.......(he cut me off)

Him: fuck off woman what do you know about mistakes huh only males make mistakes not you. (he shouted )


Him: yahh you should be. I have good news (he's good news are just bad news to me )

Him: since You died for three months i decided to get my self a part time wife to satisfy my needs 

(that his good news i hope he dies of AIDS )

Him:that Not it i also got to impregnate 13 girls but i made them abort.that shows how much my seeds really work.


Him: thank you baby 

(he stood up and kissed my forehead then left . I just cried I seriously felt sorry for this poor babies

. I remember asking him to see a shrink but damn he beat the shit out of me. Saying his not crazy )

***5 months later***

Jason went to get his second wife. He want to introduce me to her. Since she'll be staying with us .i feel sorry for her. Just then they came inside. jesus someone kill this thing before it start laying eggs 

Him: Dog let me introduce you to my wife 

Me: hy 

Her: hy (with attitude she rolled her eyes ) 

Jason: compliment her before i slap you 

Me: you look pretty. You so beautiful (#i lied that the ugliest creature i have ever seen. God must have made a mistake there.  Or mybe he had his reasons. Her body is shaped exactly like P just big boobs but with no ass and hips.way to dark to be recognized from dark she is nevy black with the queer make up. Eyebrows shaped like nike. With an orange weave babes wodumo wanna be  and a pink lipstick with pink cheeks. Yoh she looked like joker but the funny scary one. She was wearing a green tight jumping suit that was too revealing. 

Well on the other hand im just a simple girl. With no make up. And im well built even Beyonce have nothing on me. It might  be from dancing i love dancing.

Her: By the way im jeglique blania short for jeg 

Me :lovatic mhlongo (i extended my hand for a handshake but she just rolled her eyes and looked at it then rolled again )

Me:nice meeting you 

Her: such a stupid ugly name 

Jason :say thank you dog 

Me: thanks 

(jason went inside to our bedroom leaving me with this scary woman then came back with my suitcases.)

Him:Dog I want you out of my house as in like yesterday in a blink of an eye you should be gone.

(i quickly took my stuff and left just like that. I was so happy to be on my own ' freedom' but sadly i was starving homeless and lonely with no food jason might cameback for me anyway )




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