Chapter 7


Pure silence engulf us as the words flown out of my mouth he remained with no emotions quite while still very much focused on his food Nyoni would hit me with a hot back slap if she found out what i was willing to do for money my breath got caught up in my throat nervous didn't begin to tell how i felt the man in front of me didn't know how desperate for this i was willing to kiss his grandmother's ass for this

More silence 

I was getting egitated on my seat as he continues eating with no trouble in the world 2 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes a whole decade i didn't know how long i sat waiting leaving my initial position of standing the food in front of me looked appetizing but i wouldn't be able to eat anything this nervous.

"No" he finally opened his mouth knocking the wind of my lungs "you'll be very much taken care of you'll get everything needed to you but school no i don't think so you'll have your hands full anyway" he shrugs his shoulders i drop my shoulders it wasn't a suggestion it was a command i knew his word was final in this he wasn't giving in even if i tried.

"But..." i tried reasoning he raised his eyes at me wiping his mouth with the napkin as calm as he was his face held no negotiation point if you understand me he was done with that topic but i wasn't. 

"Ntokazi you'll be provided with your needs and wants you'll have a roof over your head a car to drive around in and be able to buy what you needed manje usufunani enye"( now what else do you need) he ask i keep quite sighing my fingertips brush against the burger my stomach is growling at to devour.

"Okay but do i get my freedom you not telling me what to do right " i say he raises his eyebrows at me in amusement but netherless to say the least he agrees before standing up and get rid of the mess he had made i watch his very movement deciding i had enough of the noise my stomach is doing and it's eating itself i finally set the burger onto my mouth eating it i have no moment to devour it i was staring at the perfect stranger in front of me who am i kidding he is anything but perfect a murder my subconscious reminds me i mentally hit myself am engaged to a man i don't even know his first name i know only his surname.

"Maphumulo can i ask" trust me it was anything but respect i did just because i didn't know his name yet he received it the wrong way amusement and happiness dances in his eyes i had touched a nerve.

"Buza ntokazi" (ask) he says folding his arms across his chest he isn't like those taxi drivers i know with big potbelly full of black label

he isn't like those taxi drivers i know with big potbelly full of black label i chuckle he isn't a taxi driver but owner in actual facts.

"What happened to my friend did you hurt her or..." i gasp at my rambling nonstop the fear of losing her is worse than anything.

"Bengekho yena koda ke bengifuna nje ukuthumela umlayezo "( she wasn't there but i did want to send a message using her) i breath a sigh of relief but cut short by his word i realise how i was starving i was when i finish the burger within minutes. "Khululeka Ntokazi ngiyathemba nje usufundile"(relax i hope you have learned) he reassures yet i don't feel quite comfortable with his words it will take a lot from me to do so.

"Can i ask another question" i ask hesitant if this is to be my husband then i deserve nothing but the truth from his mouth i need to know the cold blooded monster in him.

"Okay" he nods balancing his arms on the kitchen counter i sip on the milkshake that i hadn't in years.

"Why did you kill him" i ask hoping he understand me he let out a scoff folding his arms across his chest.

"Am not a monster you know i handle businesses that that threathen me this is taxi industry a gun is needed once in a while i don't kill for the fun of it" he says making my heart sank deeper onto my uterus. "This just contains important information if it gets in the wrong hands my business would come crumbling onto the  ground" he says holding up the USB he held on hand holding it up so delicately.

"What's your name" i finally gather courage to ask him am engage those bitter words on my mouth make me gag immediately isn't what i would call it what you guys say when people are going to get married.

"Shaka Shaka Maphumulo " he says almost immediately after that my mind goes to Shaka Zulu i knew i recognized his mean face.

"When do you think this marriage can happen" i ask him holding my breath as much as i can awaiting for his next movement.

"No later than a month hopefully i still need informing the family back home plan things and tell my kids" he says burying his hand in his jean pocket i don't dwell on him saying month i expected longer than that his next words are what amazes me. 

"You have kids" i ask he said kids right not child but more which means more than one.

"Yes 2 one 14 years and another 13" a breath yet again is knocked he said 14 right a whole freaking 14 years old i cant i cannot be dealing with teenagers.

"How old are you" i get the chance to finally utter in shock he chuckles amused at my shocked state these kids are atleast almost a decade younger than me.

"39 years " he was a teenager when i was born a whole teenager who is able to start dating i was leaving my mothers womb then crying my lungs because of leaving my mothers warmth.

"Where is their mother " i ask what no no no i meant no i cannot marry you you freaking 17 years older than me not asking questions about his ex his face hardens immediately i had hit a nerve surely.

"I'll prepare a room for you to rest in i won't be available for the whole night everything you need is in the house" he leaves no room for question no suggestions i hate this when i ask something i expect an answer otherwise my anxiety will get the better of me and I'll start snopping around you don't get to leave me hanging.


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