Chapter 6

Minutes hours days i don't know how long I've been trapped in this room naked i had slept woken up hugged myself and cried myself to sleep yet again my body aches from sleeping for too long i stood up on my feet his words still echoing on my empty mind he wasn't joking something in his face made me shiver at his words something told me he wasn't lying to me he was being honest my hands land on the phone in my back pocket jeans i glance at the door before looking back at it i grab it but unfortunately for me the peace of shit is flat i groan frustrated plopping on the bed yet again i cannot blame anyone but myself it's now darker outside that much is visible through the window i had learned through that window that i was probably in twenty something floor considering the building it was tall and i was in Johannesburg CBD that much i had picked up from the noise around. While my mind buried in thoughts the door finally opened he flashed me a smile showing me the USB i had at the apartment.

"Wozo'geza"( come bath) he said opening the door wider i felt self coscious at this moment but i didn't have time to bury myself on those thoughts as am ushered into the bathroom or so i assume my eyes after quickly rooming around the place i had gathered it was a penthouse the whole place was manly my heart leaped onto my throat as he entered the bathroom with me.

"Wha...what are you going to do with me" i finally asked stuttering he kept quite paying no mind at my words i closed my eyes as he took a piss right in front of me after that he washed his hands.

"Geza ntokazi"( bath) he said i nodded looking at the shower knowing how it would mess up my rusty afro it had been a while since i had styled it or did anything other than comb it he left immediately after that i adjusted the water first making sure the temperature was cool before pushing my body up the was something about showers that untied the knots you had on your shoulders something relaxing about it as the water gently slapped my skin i closed my eyes pushing the hair falling on my face back my hand ran across the rusty hair getting rid of the knots i made sure that the knots had dissappeared before my hand went to my face i squeeze much of the shower gel before washing my face running the loafer from my face till my toes before rinsing the water off my body my thoughts wonder off this is a lesson sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't where to from here if the is even a chance for me after this

will i come out alive my thoughts wonder off to Nyoni not even her knew where that USB was had they hurt her in someway was she okay was she even worried my heart leaped onto my throat in a thought of her lying somewhere in a ditch lifeless i must have stayed in the shower for more than i had intended as the is a soft knock on the shower door i can see his big frame from all the way here i get out of the shower facing him as he held a towel at hand with the other holding a dress it's not mine.

"Ngikulethele lokhu ugqoke"( i brought you this so you can dress) he says i grab the towel wiping myself off and smear the lotion on my body once am satisfied i take the dress its weird without a panty underneath a bra well i don't even wear one the water runs down my face coming from my wet hair am satisfied now with the smell coming from me i take yet another towel looking at myself in the mirror as i wipe my hair i try as best as i can to dry my hair with the towel until am done am satisfied and yet not satisfied my hair really does need treating the last time i did something on my hair was 3 years ago. He led me to the dining room where take aways yeah McDonald's was sprawl on the table had it been different occasion i would have jumped into the table and devour the food.

"What is going on why am i here you got what you want why not let me go" i finally break the silence betwen us he runs his hand on his bald head.

"Ngishilo nje kuwena ngifuna ubr uma walayikhaya uma weyingane zami"(i told you i want you to be my wife the mother of my kids) he says i feel the tears yet again on the brick of my eyes.

"You can't force me" i say he chuckled lightly sitting down on the chair he grabs one of his own food bringing it closer to himself.

"Chabo angishongo nami" ( i didn't say that too) he says eating the burger "you'll do that all on your own" he says i scoff.

"I rather spit on my grandmother's grave than marry a monster" i say folding my arms across my chest he keeps quite for a moment wiping the sauce from his mouth before brushing his eyebrow.

"What if i tell you that you don't have to work a day in your life what if i say i can make your life easier for you and take care of you what if i told you that i can give you anything in the world you desire that money your family needs i can hand them in just a minute all you have to do is just agree to be my wife and everything will fall into place you won't have to wonder when your next meal will be" i kept quite for a moment blinking for a few minutes my arms still folded onto my chest his words kept echoing on my mind don't you dare don't you dare give me that look i was desperate stuck onto a rock and a hard place.

"If i agree i have terms and conditions one you pay for my school fees each and every of them two i live my life the way i want whenever i want" i say what what was i thinking what am i actually thinking for christ sake he was a murder he was nothing but a monster logic can you reason with the heart i found myself battling with the logic part of myself and stupidity but stupidity won.


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