Chapter 5

"Angiyishayi intombi mina kodwa makudingeka ngifundisa isifundo"( i don't beat up a women but if needed i teach them a lesson) he says rolling the belt on his hand am trembling did i mention that i was brave Liyana i was joking how does one men instilled so much fear in me my naked body is trembling am scared in a matter of seconds minutes he had turned from the charming man i thought he was back in the car to a living nightmare. " Now Ntokazi asiphinde futhi uthi into zami ziphi" ( Lets go again where did you say my things are) he says pushing his knee on the bed its all it takes i let the urine that filled my bladder to flow down it stained bed i was sitting on his voice was gentle his words held no threat yet something in him told me how dangerous how he kept his promise the belt in hand wrapped around my neck bringing my face closer to his i blinked twice before rolls of tears came rolling down something told me his next action would scar me for life i close my eyes i anticipated what was to occur but it didn't happen.

"Ngikhuluma ngedwa na Ntokazi "( am i talking alone) he asked i shook my head immediately at that continuously at what he said i wiped my tears with the back of my hand.

"It's in my apartment i swear i saw nothing i was bluffing" i said immediately to him he breath a sigh untangling my neck. He gave me one last look before walking out i heard the click of the door indicating he locked it i hugged my knees on my hands rocking myself back and forth the odour of my pee filled the entire room was displeasing on my nostrils i shivered at the coldness of the room the cold air radiating through the room hitting my raw skin. I should have listened to Nyoni i should have never took my bravery there curse you Liyana now here i was Naked in a room a man i didn't know what his plans where i didn't want to find out something deep within the pit of my stomach told me i didn't want to find out something about trapped alone made you reflect on yourself made you reflect on life choices you had taken where had my life turned so bad or i know the moment i started drinking from monday to sunday the moment i missed my classes and failed the first semester of my second year and here i was gambling with my life

this was a jungle of the fittest or so i had believed and i fought to survive forgetting that the were lion's on the jungle i should have dropped the wallet the moment he chased me half a mile. My eyes roam around the room landing on my clothes he had just laid them so perfectly there i glanced at the door before walking to them i searched but did not find what i was looking for i came with the last Cigarette on my pockets this was enough to bring back warmth on my body enough to make the tremors dissappear i trapped it between my lips before bringing the lighter i dare not touch my clothes since he had made a command of me getting naked here but before i could even light it up it was snatched away from my lips he squashed it with his hand before dropping it on the floor.

"I need that within the next 10 days" he said i was curious yet bitten my lower lip to prevent my mouth from throwing me deeper into the darkness something had told me that i didn't want to see him angry more than what he was now.

"I'll bring it i won't say anything to anyone i promise" he chuckled lightly shaking his head at me like what i said was funny.

"Uthe intokazi eyakwabani ngithembe uzokhuluma iqiniso lodwa"( what did you say your name was lets hope you are honest)

"Liyana Liyana Nkosi" i said my voice coming in a whisper and trembling too i folded my hands on my chest hiding my erecting nipples no it was because of the coldness.

"Oh MaNkosi" he dipped his body on the bed tilting his head as his finger trailed on my visible thighs i grimace at his fingers. "Umdala kangaka usayimoshela"(you this old yet you mess yourself up) he said i should be embarrassed but i couldn't the fear he instilled in me was too much for me to think about anything else than fearing him i didn't answer but kept my mouth shut. "uLiyana uthi ubuyaphi ekhaya"(so where does Liyana come from) he asks.

"Emhlabathini" i respond yet again he took a deep sigh rubbing his head furiously as his phone continued ringing uncontrollably on his pockets he glanced at it before clenching his teeth tightly i thought they will shutter.

"Muzi" he answered the call before rubbing his eyes together at that "Chabo ngithe khuluma nosis'wakho nibuyele kimina...Muzi ungazongidina yezwa"(i told you to talk to your sister and get back to me...Muzi Don't piss me off) he took yet another loud breath "uMaNxumalo yena uthini"(what does MaNxumalo say) "okay othi ngiqedelele la bese ngiyeza ngizokubona"(okay let me finish up here and I'll come see you) he says before dropping his phone "teenagers" he shakes his head looking yet back up to me his next words that followed would forever leave scars on my mind and my heart.

"You would make a great wife you know that" he says cupping my face i feel a cold water running down my back making me shiver yet again he couldn't could he i was just 22 years of age to be a damn wife especially to a cold blooded murder.


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Ayana 2022-01-14 16:23:50

Interesting story line, but too many errors so far.