Chapter 4

"No Liyana absolutely No do you know how dangerous taxi drivers are what if they shot you" Nyoni says pacing up and down in her pink gown i roll my eyes at her tying my sneakers tightly. "Are you even listening to me Lia this is not worth it are you willing to lose yourself over money " she repramands i stand up grabbing my bag.

"Noni you need to relax and let loose for once" i said hanging the backpack on my back holding it tightly i was lying myself terrified i was i was shaking off my boots wait sneakers actually but in order to get my education and go back home i needed money a lot of that actually.

"Relax the is no reasoning with you is it" she said pushing her hands on her waist shaking her head at me she knew my stubbornness it was worth it i lose my life so be it the isn't anything in life for me anyway. "For your sake i hope you don't poke a snake in it's tale" she says walking away i took a deep breath. After that night i just couldn't let a golden opportunity leave just like that what my eyes had seen couldn't be unseen Mandla was the man murdered i had leaned when the wife called the police to report the missing man ofcause my best friend here knows everything happening in this neighborhood she couldn't wait to spill the beans and i didn't mind though she didnt even know what i had seen and i kept my mouth shut for now i had R1200  and it wouldn't last long i had to make a plan fast too. Whistles smiles was what welcomed me as i approached a group of men they were sitting on the chairs around some standing i felt self coscious nervous scared at the same time am stupid i know am brave who on earth fetches a lion in its cave or so i had led myself to believe but this moment made me realise how much i was a scared little girl i wanted to turn back but i didn't have that privilege as his eyes met me lucky me right it's not so hard to find him considering his type of work i knew most street people around here i wouldn't call them friends but we did exchange favours considering i was a street person myself. The were murmurs around that i didn't put much effort hearing.

"Sanibona" i greet them and they greet back their eyes haven't left me but my eyes are stuck on one person him he has a smile on his face.

"Cha oMaphumulo banami namhlanje bangilethela igolide ezandleni zam" (the Maphumulo ancestors are with me they just brought gold to my hands) he says brushing his beard i clunch my backpack still waiting for him.

"Singakusiza Ntokazi"(can we help you) one men asks me he is standing and his bald unlike the others around here he is sitting on the quantum. 

"Can i talk to you" i point at him he stands up today he looks different wearing jeans and a black gold tshirt he is wearing a hoodie and left it unzipped we walk a little distance away from them.

"Chabo ngikuncoma isibindi ntokazi"(i must say you brave) he says brushing his beard

we walk a little distance away from them.

"Chabo ngikuncoma isibindi ntokazi"(i must say you brave) he says brushing his beard he looks good but the beard makes him unattractive at all "ngiyathemba ungilethele okwami"( i trust you brought what is mine) he says burying his hands in his pockets his voice commands respect without even asking any.

"I do have it" i say he brings his hand forward for me to place it on his hand i bring my eyes up back at him he is atleast 2 inches higher than i am i took my father's height yes he is shorter than my mother. "But it comes with term and conditions" i say he laughs lightly.

"Mameshana naku ngivelelwa isikhova emini" (you unbelievably) he says still chuckling he glances back at the guys behind us.

"I know what you did" i am bluffing my only balancing point is that he killed a man and i know that other than that i don't know what is in this USB something in me told me it's something i wouldn't like at all. "Mandla Khoza ring a bell and ofcause the USB how do you leave evidence behind " i ask he folds his arms cocking his head to the side.

"Mandla Khoza" he says releasing a huge sigh "threathened me blackmailing me for 1 million" he said my mouth dried out immediately at that i was scared scared out of my life my knees were getting weak. I gawk at him counting my next words.

"If i have to do you a favour then you have to return it" i said he yet again brushed his beard looking down at me.

"Hmm in my wallet the are some valuable documents Ntokazi so where is it and also for you own information you know nothing you've seen nothing " he says leaning forward cupping my cheeks into his hands he pressed them together before turning. "Lets take a trip" he says leading the way i follow behind him awkwardly it's different this time he is driving a different car BMW old school model. Did i mention how this was a bad idea if not allow me to it was a bad i should have continued with my life like i saw nothing but yet again this is life it's either you bite or get bitten you choose your own path a path you think is good for you and i choose me desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Awungitshelanga igama Ntokazi"(you didn't tell me your name) he commented i felt like laughing in his face because i wouldn't tell him anything i pressed my lips together as we sat in the car him expecting an answer. "Chabo ngikhuluma ngedwa yini"(am i talking alone) he ask no man should be allowed with such a voice that one that makes you submissive yes that one that when he speaks you go on your knees just to serve him I've never been one interested in Zulu man yes am a zulu women myself kodwa cha those guys will be demanding a wife a mother a prostitute a submissive and a cleaner in one women its their way or the long way.

"I become another Mandla khoza sure you can silence me but am the only person who knows where you stuff is so no i know you bluffing" i say folding my arms "besides am not afraid of death i have nothing to live for anyway" i admit the bitter truth i had a purpose and i failed now what was my purpose in this life again suffer loneliness.


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