Chapter 2

"The city isn't for faint hearted mntanami I've heard a lot about the cities please behave this Liyana am seeing must be the Liyana that returns home with a degree at hand we love you Liyana the are people here in this place who want to see you fail but dissappoint them my child when the city tries to swallow you when temptation gets the better of you kneel down and pray my child be the first example in this family show your brother's it's possible show them how to work hard cause they looking up at you" the last words rang on my mind the words my mother uttered as i stood at the bus station while she shed tears tears of joy because she was proud of me yet again tears of pain no parent wanted to see their child escape the clutches of their warm embrace no parent wanted to see their child leaving home for a whole new lifestyle a place known as the devel's dean.

"Mama i promise i promise i won't let you down Johannesburg is not going to take me away from you" those were the assurance words i said to her as i placed a hand over her shoulder i looked at her eyes just so she can see the sincerity in them yet i lied to her i lied to her that i wouldn't let this city eat me. I let the smoke off my mouth as it visibly flowed out of my mouth the lights shone brightly this was taboo night club the hotest place in braamfontein i was distressing with the nicotine trapped between my lips i wasn't much of a drinker but my prey lay in these clubs the one i spent every night of my life in this was becoming a job my hustling it was something i did when i wasn't out there burning in the hot weather of Johannesburg  or catching flu while job hunting it was a waste of time really but it wasn't like i had any other option really it was either i lived on daily hope or wake up and make a plan Nyoni couldn't fed and clothe a whole grown women really while she hustled for herself as well as much as she was okay now it would be a problem in future i would overstay my welcome someday this was a hobby that started small a hobby i was good at

i was like a ghost able to pick your wallet without you noticing but sometimes i was unluckly you wondering about the gentleman earlier right he looked like he was rich or i assume because of the type of car he drove he was impatient because of Joburg traffic well it wasn't traffic really because the drivers in CBD were bad drivers they didn't have control when he left his car to knock on the front driver i took that as a chance unfortunately for me he saw me his car wasn't even locked yet he had the audacity to chase me from Albertina sisulu road till Bree street yeah you can imagine and lucky for me this was Johannesburg CBD everyone minds their own business even if i could be held at gunpoint i still wouldn't get help i still wonder what was inside that so much held importance only if i had a laptop to look inside.

"Johnny walker on the rocks for me and bloody mary for the girl" the man besides me said he was dressed neatly and his cologne was amazing i squashed the head of the nicotine before disposing it i turned looking at him fully he had a smile the bar man pushed the glass onto me i sipped the bitter alcohol.

"What is a beautiful lady doing here by herself" he said i noticed the ring in his finger it was no secret this was a sport for slay queens but i was nor dressed the part i had the maroon dress that showed more than i liked really and black heels clothes that had ruined my life before i was here for business but also Nyoni made sure to emphasise i was to be scarce today her boyfriend was coming since he couldn't book hotels anymore.

"Can't a girl enjoy her own campany around here" i say folding my legs together he gave me a smirk his 'girlfriend' interrupted the eye contact moment he was undressing me with his eyes but the girlfriend who wore a dress close to non existence made sure to show me he was hers.

"Babe what are you doing with this thing"  she said pushing her hands on his chest i rolled my eyes as they turned to walk away i push my fingertips on the wallet at his jeans before pulling it just to spite him the women shouting at him made the disruption and for my job to be easy.

"Missy" the bar man said folding his arms looking at me he raised an eyebrow these were male species nothing a little charm couldn't help.

"Oh please i know you were annoyed by the women just as equal as i was besides..." i said going onto my feet i cease his jaws before he swallowed hard "Can't you do this women some favors" i said now whispering in his ear and just like that i left leaving him in daze i was a women in this city yet i trusted myself to be able walking alone in this time of the night today was my day to relax to let myself distress but that wouldn't be possible.


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