Chapter 10

I had managed to calm the raging men the man who had demanded i return with immediate effect but he hasn't stopped calling the whole week Gatsha and Mongameli came for the weekend just to see me they were excited when mom called and let them know about me coming home even after i told them they didn't have to return they did and yes i hadn't told my father even after mom had been pressuring me in telling him but knowing him he wasn't exactly gently like my mother. For the first time in years i felt peace for the first time in my life being home spending time with family and being spoilt i couldn't help wondering why had i stayed away for so long Gatsha was doing his last year towards his Law degree while Mongameli was doing his second year in Human Resource Management i was proud of my brothers no matter what. Regardless of everything the relationship we had formed in just few days was amazing the boys had grown so much Gatsha didn't even consider me as his older sister while i was 2 years older than he was but because i was a girl he was the oldest to him it was now second week of being home and the last week before the Maphumulo family sends the letter.

"Liyana" the shouting from my parents made me stop what i was doing and approached them in the sitting room Phila and Langa were at school Mom patted the space next to her and i settled perfectly next to her the look and mood around told me i wouldn't like what was to happen next something made me nervous as my heart pumped furiously my ribs preventing it from pumping out of my chest.

"Liyana do you have something to tell me" Baba asked i looked at my nails shaking my head at him immediately  he looked at me attentively knowing or i assume am lying.

"Your mother has already told me i just need to hear it from you" he says i take a deep breath why was it so hard to tell him i was getting married not going to become a stripper for goodness sake.

"It's just baba i was scared i thought you wouldn't approve of it i mean i haven't been the best daughter and now i finally am home and i couldn't risk losing you again" i say he takes a deep breath.

"We your parents Liyana we wouldn't tell you what to do all we want is your happiness coming first" he responds clasping his hands together i nod my head before baba asking ma to excuse us baba comes and settles next to me he opens his arms before i happily launch myself on them. "What happened to you Liyana am happy you home but something in my gut tells me you not as pleasant" i shook my head.

"Am happy baba i promise you" i say immediately he kisses my forehead not letting me go off his arms the warm embrace makes my tears roll down immediately 3 years that's how long

the reminder of how many dangers i had put myself along the years being beaten to pulp once am satisfied i give him a smile wiping my tears "am happy to finally be home i regret not doing this 3 years ago i shouldn't have let my ego get in the way" i say he chuckles.

"I loved your independence even after having 4 boys you still the most capable child i have but it will bring problems along the way when you need help sometimes will always be here yezwa" i nod my head at him earning a smile "so is the something you want to tell me" he ask with the same smile.

"The is a guy his 17 years older than me and has two children" i make sure to put everything in one sentence he nods his head surprising me. "He said he wanted to pay Lobola in the next coming weeks" i say.

"Has he hurt you in any way before " he askes yes absolutely yes 1st he chased me for a whole mile second he forced me to be naked while he locked me in the room okay from all these things i provoked him.

"Cha baba he has never done something uncomfortably to me" i lie before immediately slapping my mouth widening my eyes immediately.

"Yini"(what) dad asked seeing my face looking in horror i had been a complete pain in the butt for years on Noni and now i just ghosted on my best friend who has been so helpful to me.

"I completely forgot about Noni i haven't even called her to say am okay" i say baba releases me from his arms. 

"I don't like your friend akagqoki"( she doesn't dress properly) baba says i know he means it he hasn't failed in telling that. Before leaving dad he makes sure to remind me we not done with the topic.

"Hey Nyoni " i say annoying her on purpose she scoffed at me.

"Look who decided that she has a best friend after a whole freaking week" she says i know she is about to lecture me.

"Am getting married" i cut her short she laughs like literally laugh at what i said when i thought she was done she restarted all over again until i was annoyed.

"Yeah right and am a virgin " she said when she was done laughing "if your virgin man-less ass i didn't know properly i would have believed you" she says.

"Am serious dude remember the wallet guy yeah we decided to take things to the next level" i say i can feel her breathing increasing over the phone.

"Whoa whoa back up you meet a guy what week ago and already you planing a whole damn wedding Liyana uyahlanya like are you really okay upstairs wait is he threatening you because i swear I'll squeeze his balls..."

"Nyoni please no nothing like that happened i just decided that why not" i say shrugging my shoulders. 

"And you decided to not only date him like what normal people do but decide to marry him" she said. "Wait the Liyana i know is matured you doing this for money ain't you" i remain quite for a moment "Liyana are you really that crazy how could you stoop so low" she shouts 

"Oh like sleeping with married people for money isn't " i shout just as equal regretting the words that spew out of my mouth.

"Wow that was low of you" she says before dropping the call i sigh regretfully at what i had said she was right that was low of me.


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