For me life have never been easier but that didn't mean I should be sad about it.

I don't remember much about myself growing up or maybe I choose not to remember because it will bring bad memories about all the terrible things I was exposed too.

My shift was about to end boy I was happy to be out of here it's not an easy thing to entertain men for money.

No circumstances made me decide being a strip but I choose it because it is an easy way to make money and it pays more than people think because your fathers are tasty for a sexy nice time since your mothers don't entertain them enough anymore.

So the minute you shake your body to the pits they go wild and end up spending your school fees on us.

And to me this is an easy thing to do because I have no boyfriend love for me is so overrated.

After entertaining the old men I went back to the changing room.

I found Dolly preparing the other girls for the night she is more of a manager of this place and she annoys because she treat us like trash

Dolly:"Well done Asanda I love how you entertain these man you girl are going to be successful who knows you might end up taking up to my position since I'm gonna be married to the boss soon" I want to roll my eyes but that would be me digging my own grave she would make my life miserable if I show some attitude towards her.

Me:"Thank you remember your promise?" She looked at me confused "I'm getting a weekend off this week" she sigh

Dolly:"No Asanda we can't give you a day off we have important customers coming tomorrow and you are one of our best girls so we will need you at work" 

Me:"But Dolly you promised"

Dolly:"Well my dear this is life promises can be broken so I need you here tomorrow before your shift begins" mxm I want to scream I really wanted to rest this weekend 

Me:"If I don't do well tomorrow don't blame" she quickly gave me an annoyed looked 

Dolly:"Maybe I should tell that to Tom" I shook my head Tom is her boyfriend and our ruthless boss.

Me:"I will be here" I wouldn't want Tom being involved if you don't behave around he would sell you to a brothel I don't know how true is that but that's what I heard I haven't had any encounters with him yet since I just started working here six months ago and he is barely here .

Dolly:"Good girl girls let's go" she said to the girls they follow her and leave 

Indy:"I hate her God!" Indiphile is the only girl in close with here even out of this club she is my only best friend.

Me:"I'm leaving this place I'm not coming back!!" 

Indy:"But we need the money Asanda and besides where will you go it's not like it's easy to get a job in this country"

Me:"I will figure something out I'm the one breaking my bones to entertain these old men and Dolly doesn't appreciate it! Even Tom can go to hell" I see a horrified Indy looking at the door Tom was leaning by the door looking like he is ready to murder me 

Tom:"Nice hearing how you feel about me" I kept quiet "You are Asanda right?" He said walking close to me 

Me:"Yes" I was already shaking on my boots 

Tom:"Mmh beautiful excuse us Indy" she looked at me I looked at her with begging eyes not to leave with this guy but she was also scared of him so she quickly walked out 

Me:"I didn't mean what I just said I was just mad"

Tom:"Don't you want to quit this job?" He said looking at me 

Me:"I do" he chuckled 

Tom:"So which part didn't you mean of what you said?" I swallowed 

Me:"The one that I said you can go to hell" he gave me a devious smile 

Tom:"You are free to quit" 

Me:"Just like that" I said looking at him I don't believe him from all I know is that Tom has been labelled as this monster of a boss 

Tom:"Of course I mean it was your choice to work here and it is your choice to leave no one is going to keep you against your will" 

Me:"For all I know you are said to be a monster" he side smile 

Tom:"Well I don't know what people tell you and it's up to you what you believe" 

Me:"Well then I quit" 

Tom:"Good luck then

no one is going to keep you against your will" 

Me:"For all I know you are said to be a monster" he side smile 

Tom:"Well I don't know what people tell you and it's up to you what you believe" 

Me:"Well then I quit" 

Tom:"Good luck then it's a pity that you want to leave too early because I would have loved knowing you a little bit more" he was really handsome but not the type I would go for and he already has Dolly the witch 

Me:"Sorry" I said packing my things 

Tom:"I hope to see you again" 

Me:"Not happening!!" He chuckled and walked out Indy quickly walked in after he left 

Indy:"I'm sorry I left you but he scares me" I laughed at this coward 

Me:"Don't worry anyways he gave me a go ahead to quit" she gasped in shock 

Indy:"You are lying. I know you are lying" 

Me:"No I'm not he let me go and trust me that was my reaction too I thought he was a monster" 

Indy:"Wow so what are you going to do now?"

Me:"Indiphile I'm tired of being a strip honestly it is fun and paying well but I think it's time I stop working in these clubs and entertain man I mean I'm just 23 years old I can do a lot in life than just entertaining man" 

Indy:"I'm happy for you but I can't just leave I have a family that depends on me for income" I sigh 

Me:"I promise if I don't like what I'm getting as a job I will come back" she nods 

Indy:"I will see you" we hugged and I left.

The distance from the club to my apartment is walkable and safe so I decided to walk since I'm jobless I can't afford to take ubers for a walkable distance.

I hear my phone ring I look on my purse but someone knocked me out as I was still looking for it.

The person knocked me hard to a point that we both fell.

Me:"Get off me!! What the hell!" I said pushing off the person 

"I'm so sorry" 

Me:"You are a woman strong woman you are!!! Get off me" she stood up I quickly stood I dust myself off 

"I'm so sorry I wasn't looking!" I haven't even looked at her face yet my purse was still on the ground

Me:"Next time look where you going before you give a spear to a wrong person" my eyes land on her shoes "Who the fuck runs in high heels?" I said looking at her but I was ready to what I came face to face with.

"You ...you" she didn't finish the sentence but ran leaving all sort of confuse 

Me:"What?" That came out as whisper as I see her disappear in thin air.

I was brought back to earth by someone grabbing me

"What the hell Khanyisa!!" He said looking at me confused 


Him:"Get in the car!" 

Me:"What? Why would I get in the car with someone I don't even know!" 

Him:"Stop with these games Khanyisa first of all you run away just few hours aways before getting married now you say you don't know me! Dad is so furious you better have an explanation for all this trouble you are causing us" 

Me:"I am not Khanyisa! I don't have a father nor a brother and I'm not going anyway with you!" He laughed

Him:"unfortunately you are!" He said dragging to the car 

Me:"This is a mistake I swear I'm not her I saw the girl you are looking for" he locked the car.

Him:"Stop it Khanyisa!"

Me:"I'm Asanda I work in a strip club" he laughed 

Him:"Oh Lil sis I didn't know you were such a character! Driver please take us home" I start crying as the car drove off.

What did that bitch get me into who is she? Why does she looks like me!

We pass by the strip it seems like there's was an accident that just happened.

Me:"Are you going to kill me?" 

Him:"I'm your brother why would I kill you? But my father will surely kill you for embarrassing us like that" 

Me:"Please listen to me you got the wrong person here I'm Asanda Tshangela I'm not Khanyisa. I bumped into her before you picked me up she seemed like she was running away from someone. She looks exactly like me" 

Him:"That's an interesting story and she happens to be where you were how convenient?" 

Me:"What's your name?" 

Him:"Luvo" I nod 

Me:"Okay Luvo please call my friend she will tell you I'm not the girl you are looking for!" 

Luvo:" Khanyisa stop it you are getting married like it or not Sechaba is a good guy and I thought you said you loved him" I just close my eyes because this guy won't believe any words I say it's useless.

The car stopped we are in a big beautiful mansion an old man rushing to the car we are in.

Old Man:"What's wrong with you Khanyisa?" He is ready to murder me

Me:"I'm sorry sir but i---" 

Old man:"That's good because the wedding is going to happen right" 

Me:"I think we should postpone this wedding" I said hoping they agree

Old man:"No th---" another guy cuts him off 

Him:"It's okay Khanyisa is right I think we rushed into getting married without really getting to know each other" I assume that's Sechaba

Me:"Hell I don't even know any of you!"

Father:"Are you on drugs or something" I looked at him and then quickly ran to the gate but Luvo caught me 

Me:"Let me go!" 

Father:"Luvo lock your sister up and call a doctor! She is not okay" 

Me:"I AM NOT KHANYISA!!" I yelled but no one listened they looked at me like a crazy person.


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