Chapter 09


I know I shouldn't be feeling angry at her for what happened but there's something telling me that there's more to her than coincidentally bumping into me that night. 

Since this has affected all of us in this room we might as well get the truth we deserve that much. 

When I got here I wasn't sure of what to expect but now I feel like I'm gonna found out more than I thought. 

Me and her are so identical that if you don't much about us you wouldn't be able to year us apart.

I understand why Tom and Indy were convinced I'm her I mean I only stayed with them for six months.

But her family have known her since she was child who the fuck doesn't know their daughter. 

She looked at Tom then back at me she was avoiding looking at Sechaba but when she do she will get red from anger disadvantage of being a light skinned person.

Khanyisa:"I know what I did was so stupid and I wasn't expecting it to affect so many people" she sigh leaving us even more confused. 

Tom:"This is making me more anxious please talk" 

Khanyisa:"When I met Sechaba It was never about love but about how goal driven of a person he portrayed to me and my family. Love for me is something that I don't believe....I mean it was something I didn't believe in" she said looking at Tom "For me it was all about marrying someone who was going to help build my father's empire Sechaba was an ideal guy and my father approved of him until I found out who he was" I looked at Sechaba he has no emotions and I'm scared of finding out the type of a person he is I think I like him a lot. 

Khanyisa:"One night I went to visit Sechaba to talk about the wedding stuff I found him in his apartment with a girl named Lerato they were talking about how their plan of taking my father's was just a few weeks to being fulfilled how my father will pay for putting her brother in prison and being the reason his father died I was so shocked by this but what shocked me more the two were engaged and both working for my father's company" I'm just dumbfounded to say the least. 

Khanyisa:"I knew I have to stop them but I have no evidence because it didn't click that I should record them. Luckily for me I saw you at the mall" 

Me:"Luckily?" She nods 

Khanyisa:"Then I started finding more information about you I was running out of time to let you in on the original plan because I had only a week it was going to be hard to convince you" 

Me:"Convince me to do what?" 

Khanyisa:"The fact that you were a stripper I figured you could use a few months of living my life and we would open an account where you would get my monthly allowance from my dad while I gather more information about Sechaba and fiance that would make my dad end their careers and save the company" Sechaba chuckled

Sechaba:"You were planning on me and her getting married?" 

Khanyisa:"Of course not I was planning on ended our engagement before she comes in but when I told my dad about ending things with you he didn't want to hear non of it he was worried about his reputation especially since both of us work at the company I had no choice but to run away" this was some tail for me "My brother followed me around that's when I decided to go near your work place I was praying that I bump into you and run away yes I knocked you down on purpose then ran away so my brother would catch you instead of me luckily it did happen but not the way I wanted it to happen because I was knocked down by a car" the room was dead silence 

Me:"Some tail you just told us wow" 

Khanyisa:"I'm sorry you got caught up in my mess I just wanted this bastard to not get away with what she was trying to do" 

Me:"Your plan had a flaw why didn't you just stay after ended the engagement?" 

Khanyisa:"Because I was going to tell him that I'm ending my engagement because I think we rushed the marriage not because I do not want him anymore" 

Me:"And I will come to pretend to date him while you are playing his downfall?" 

Khanyisa:"Yes and I didn't want him nor my family being suspicious of anything" I chuckled

Me:"Princess not everything is about money sometimes it's about morals" she chuckled 

Khanyisa:"Really? Are we talking morals? Says someone who trips for men where are your morals when you showcasing your body?" Is she really degrading me right now 

Tom:"Khanyisa!" She swallowed 

Khanyisa:"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that" I shook my head 

Me:"No we have different morals and values but I want you to know one thing this is life not everyone grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths this is life not everyone grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths not everyone have everything handed to them in a silver platter" 

Khanyisa:"Asanda I didn't mean it like that" 

Me:"I know exactly what you meant I will pick up all my clothes from Tom's place and you princess can go back to your castle forget all of this ever happened" I walked out I hear someone yelling my name. 

Khanyisa:"Asanda wait!" 

Me:"What do you want?" She sigh 

Khanyisa:"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that" 

Me:"Yeah right before you judge somebody try to walk on their shoes" she nods 

Khanyisa:"Look Asanda we can't just pretend that the other doesn't exist we are part of each other it might be 23 years later but we still have time. I would like to get to know you we both deserve the answers of why we were separated? I would like to know why our mother chose to give me up?" The mention of my mother just give me chills 

Me:"If you want answers you can go find them on without me" she raised her eyebrows 

Khanyisa:"Why? What happened to you?" I swallowed "Okay look can we work on our relationship?" I sigh 

Me:"Fine as long as you promise not to be a snob" she chuckled 

Khanyisa:"As long as you are not a bitch" I frowned 

Me:"I'm not a bitch" she chuckles 

Khanyisa:"So you and Sechaba? Not that I want to be involved but you should be careful" 

Me:"There is nothing going between us the fact that he has a fiance screams a lot" she nods 

Khanyisa:"Where are you going to stay?" I didn't think of that 

Me:"Uh...I will crash at Indy's place" 

Khanyisa:"How about you spend a night in my room then tomorrow we will figure something us because I'm to blame for you not having a place to stay" 

Me:"Yeah right you trying to play some sort of movie with my life now I'm homeless!! You are lucky I'm not kicking your ass" 

Khanyisa:"You woke up and chose violence" I laughed 

We walked back inside the two men were talking about something but they immediately shut up as we walk in. 

Khanyisa:"Asanda is spending some time here with me" they looked at us 

Tom:"Can we atleast talk?" He said looking at Khanyisa 

Khanyisa:"Can we talk another time I just need sometime to myself a lot has happened" he sigh 

Tom:"Why does it feel like this is the end of us?" She blinked a few times 

Khanyisa:"I'm just asking for some time Senzo" he nods then walked out. 

Sechaba:"Can we talk?" 

Me:"Sure" we walked out and went to the packing lot.

Sechaba:"I know you heard a lot from Khanyisa and everything she said it's the truth" I nod 

Me:"I would have liked if I heard it from you" 

Sechaba:"I know that but unfortunately you didn't" 

Me:"I think this is it for us" he sigh 

Sechaba:"Yeah I guess so but I do love you it's just that there's too much that comes with us being together" 

Me:"I know" I honestly don't know how I feel at the moment. 

He came close to me and kissed me this kiss carried so many emotions I backed away before I start crying.

Sechaba:"it was perfect right? What we had?" I shook my head.

Me:"It started on a lie so it could never be perfect Goodbye Sechaba" as soon as I turned away from him my tears fall freely I quickly wiped them. 

I got inside the hotel room feeling like shit this shouldn't hurt it was bound to happen but it does. 

Khanyisa:"Are you okay?" She said sitting up 

Me:"Uh..I'm hurting" I said sitting down 

Khanyisa:"I'm sorry" 

Me:"It's okay" 

Khanyisa:"No it's not okay I shouldn't have done what I did.. now you can't be with someone you love because of me" 

Me:"I don't love him" she looked at me 

Khanyisa:"Then if you don't love him why are you crying?" I sigh 

Me:"Because I lost a good dick maybe that's why I'm crying" she laughed 

Khanyisa:"You're so in denial" 

Me:"What about you and Tom?" She sigh 

Khanyisa:"I love him"

Me:"I sense a but there" she just close her eyes 

Khanyisa:"Yeah my father would never approve of him so Senzo was right this is the end of us" 

Me:"Khanyisa you can't jus--" she cuts me off 

Khanyisa:"I don't want to talk about it so we have a whole hotel room to ourselves what do you want to do" she said changing the subject. 

Me:"Invite Indy over" she frowned 

Khanyisa:"Not happening try something else" 

Me:"You are so bossy this is not your office" she chuckled 

Khanyisa:"Mmh I know how about shopping and lunch you can tell me about your life with my family" 

Me:"Fine but we are inviting Indy for a slumber party tonight" 

Khanyisa:"Still not happening keep her away from me" I roll my eyes 

Me:"What did she do to you?" 

Khanyisa:"She is not my friend and she is possessive of you" 

Me:"She loves me you know nothing of our friendship" 

Khanyisa:"If you say so" 

I don't know what life might bring after this moment but I have a twin sister after all..


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