Chapter 08


Tom woke up anxious of how will this day play out he was hoping that the night dragged for a few hours just to give him time but that was impossible.

He looked at Khanyisa who looked so peaceful on the next bed the thought of losing her stings as she is the only girl that she fell in love with. 

He messed up so much and he can't help but feel like this is the end of their relationships.

He was not sure if she will forgive him for keeping this secret of knowing her identity for too long there is so much to forgive him that scares him.

He decided to go home and get a few clothes for her before she wakes up. 

There was one thing bothering him though it's how Indiphile has suddenly become a thorn in his relationship yes Tom was wrong but it was not Indy's place to tell Khanyisa. 

He got home and took a shower then packed a few clothes for her. 

He was rushing out when Marvis saw and called him.

Marvis:"You can't leave this house without eating breakfast" 

Tom:"I can't leave her alone what if she ups and leave again" 

Marvis:"Please eat Tom" she said handing him the food one thing he cannot do is not eat his mom's food "So how is she?" He sigh 

Tom:"She is hurt and confused I broke her heart" 

Marvis:"She doesn't deserve what you did to her Tom" 

Tom:"I know Ma and I'm willing to make it right I know it won't be easy as I broke the trust" 

Marvis:"Just be patient and show her how much she means to you truth is the best ground to stand on" 

Tom:"Thank you Ma now I have to go. I love you old lady" he said kissing her cheek and run out leaving his mother smiling and thinking of how happy he has been since Khanyisa moved in with them she could only pray for their relationship for now because her son's happiness means the world.

Tom got in the hotel and Khanyisa just came out of the bathroom looking all beautiful with a short towel wrapped around her slim body. 

If it was up to him he would make love to her before their guests arrive as it might change everything. 

He clears his throat doing away with the thoughts he just had.

Tom:"Hey I got you some clothes and a few things you might need" 

Khanyisa:"Hey. Thank you" 

Tom:"You can change while I order you some breakfast" she nods and went to the bathroom to change Tom was disappointed when he realised that his girlfriend can't even change in front of him anymore but he knew that's all his fault.

She came back a few minutes later and fixed her bed then sat down. 

She hasn't even took a minute and looked at Tom. 

Tom:"Babe" he said touching her hand she brought up her face and her teary eyes were glistening. 

Khanyisa:"It hurts so much Senzo it hurts that I can't get away from you because you are the only person I'm safe with it hurts that I love you and you broke my heart" she said letting her tears fall "You don't know how many times I woke up at night thinking of running away from this place but I just couldn't because I'm scared of the life that awaits me without you I wish you didn't say you love me after we had sex and asked me to be your girlfriend Senzo just maybe it wouldn't hurt this much I wouldn't feel so betrayed by you like this" she said wiping her tears.

Tom:"I can't apologize enough for what I did saying I'm sorry won't hurt any less. I love you and I regret what I did I was so stupid you deserve better than what I did to you. I understand your pain but I don't want you to stay here because you are stuck with me. I will leave to give you space and time" 

Khanyisa:"I don't want you to leave I don't know what to do" she said looking at him she knows she loves him and he hurt her so much. 

Tom:"You have to eat" she nods and took the food 

Khanyisa:"Can you take away the eggs they smell terrible" 

Tom:"You love eggs though" 

Khanyisa:"Well not anymore" he nods and removed the eggs then she starts eating. 


The thought of what Senzo did stings honestly I know I love him but the trust between us has been broken. 

I think taking a break and figuring out our feelings will help me. 

I know that's not what he wants but he respect me and he knows this wouldn't be happening if he kept it inside his pants. 

He came back with my phone and I had thousands messages from Indiphile I wasn't sure if I wanted to answer them so I decided not to open them at all. 

I feel like there's bad blood between her and Senzo I don't know how me and her will be friends while I'm in a relationship with him.

Tom:"Hey we are meeting some people in two hours" he said coming out of the bathroom.

Me:"People? Why?" He sigh and sit next to me 

Tom:"I know this amnesia has taken a toll from you I'm bringing in someone from your past life I hope it will trigger you and make you remember" 

Me:"I don't understand I thought you didn't know anyone from my life except Indiphile" he sigh 

Tom:"That's what I thought too until two weeks ago. I found out that you are not...." He stops and looked at me 

Me:"I'm not what Tom" I don't know why my heart is beating so hard as if I'm about to be told something I already knew 

Tom:"You are not the person I thought you were your life is completely different from who I thought you were. I didn't know how to tell you this as I was sure how it's going to affect you

I was warned not to tell you too much about your life that was easy because I knew nothing about Asanda...." 

Me:"Why are you referring to me as a third person?" 

Tom:"Because you are not Asanda you are identical to her an---" 

Me:"What?!" I feel like my whole just trembled and fell right infront of my eyes 

Tom:"Please calm ---" 

Me:"Is this some sort of a joke? Are you pranking me?" I said with my eyes already burning with tears I don't know why I'm always crying but the look on his face said something else. 

Tom:"No I would never do something like that" 

Me:"You found out about this two weeks ago right?" 

Tom:"Yes I found out two weeks ago I was confused" 

Me:"Is that why you were distant? I wasn't the girl you always wanted I was just someone who looked like her that's why you went to sleep with your ex girlfriend. It's always been her not me" he shook his head I was hurt but everything else started making sense this explains how disconnect I was with this life I have been living how I couldn't connect with the girl who was supposedly my best it made sense. 

Tom:"Yes I was confused that you were not here I questioned my feelings for you if they were based to the fact that you looked like her I slept with my ex girlfriend because I was hurt that I have been living a lie too. But then I realised that Asanda was the girl I was attracted to but you were the girl I fell in love with you are the one whose personality captured my heart" I don't know if this is supposed to make me feel better 

Me:"Then who I am? How did I end up exchanging lives with Asanda?" 

Tom:"That's what we are about to find out you are the only person who can tell me that" we sat in complete silence.

Tom:"I just want you to know that you not being Asanda doesn't change anything for me" I don't know if me not being Asanda will change everything for me.

A knock came through he looked at me I'm not sure if I'm mental ready for what I'm about to see but I know that I have to get back my life and I have to remember who I was before this. 

Tom opened the door a guy walked in then my identical figure followed I'm looking at myself in the mirror but that's not true I'm looking at the girl in front of my eyes. 

I feel like I'm hyperventilating she is just looking at me and stuck in one place.

Asanda:"I didn't think we looked this much alike" she said looking at the guy she was with 

Tom looked at me worried he holds my hand 

Tom:"Are you okay?" I shook my head which is now spinning and I feel hot. 

Me:"I feel---" I couldn't even finish I started feeling like I'm having panic attack.

Asanda rushes to me and hold my arm then looked at Tom who let's me go. 

We were now standing face to face 

Asanda:"Hey you need to breath" I just do as instructed staring at her felt like I was looking at me life in the reflection of her eyes every moment of my life came back flooding like a wave it was like someone was playing fast forward of my life in her eyes everything until this moment. 

Me:"I want to sit down" she helped sit down 

Tom:"Here drink some water" I gulped down the water "I'm sorry I thought this was going to help" 

Sechaba:"There should be something else that could be done" I looked at him and remember how this bastard tried to trick me into marrying him just to steal from me. 

Asanda:"I feel so defeated" Sechaba holds her are they dating or what?

Me:"Okay Sechaba cut the bullshit now" they all looked at me 

Tom:"You remember?"

Me:"I do remember I just need some air" Asanda looked at me and chuckled 

Asanda:"That's not happening who knows you might run away" she was suddenly angry at me but she was nice just a minute ago 


Asanda:"No Daddy's princess here ran away and now we all suffered the consequences"

Me:"What are you talking about? Wait have you been living my life" 


Me:"I didn't mean to put you all through this" 

Asanda:"Oh really what a coincidence that a week prior to your wedding day you had people stalking me or you were doing it yourself. You knew my work schedule then boom you show up just when I knocked off and you bump into me then run away then a minute later your brother shows up and take me and that's a coincidence looks like a perfect plan to me" I swallowed 

Me:"I didn't plan to get hit by a car and lose my memory" 

Tom:"You planned all of this? Wait what exactly did you plan Khanyisa? Was the amnesia even real?" 

Me:"I could be a lot of things but I would never fake being sick" 

Asanda:"Then explain what was the plan?" I sigh and looked at horrified Tom. 


The woman walked in and settled on the chair in the visitors area. 

The inmate she was waiting for walked in and settled in front of her. 

Her:"Nice to see you" he chuckled 

Inmate:"We are not friends lady what do you want?" She chuckles 

Her:"I heard you run the shots here" 

Inmate:"You are not wrong now I'm not here to make friends with you it's either you tell me why you wanted to see me or I leave" 

Her:"Okay straight up to the point I want you to do some damages on Bonolo" 


Her:"You don't have to know why as I will be paying you very well" 

Inmate:"Okay I will need 15k sent to my family and a piece of whats under those clothes" 

Her:"I will send the 10k to your family but you will have a piece of me when the job is done and I will also send the 5k too" 

Inmate:"Me and you have a deal mamacita" she nods 

Her:"I want it done before the end of this week" 

Inmate:"Money talks"

Me:"I want to leave a note next to him after it's done"

Inmate:"You got it" she nods and left. 

She drove out of the prison feeling relieved she have come far too long with this plan for it to just fall apart like that.


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