Chapter 06


He haven't said anything he has been standing next to the window. 

I wanted him to say something but I was also not ready for him to tell him that I was a bad person. 

For the first time in my life I was scared of what someone thinks of me.

I decided to sit down cause it seems like it's gonna be a long day. 

He turned and looked at me I avoided eye contact with him I was literally sweating. 

Sechaba:" I don't care that you lied to me I have my own skeletons in my closet I want to know how did you ended up trading places with Khanyisa why did you do it? Was marrying me the reason she ran away?" I looked at him 

Me:"One thing I'm going to tell you Sechaba I don't know why she ran away me and her trading places was a coincidence" he sat opposite me 

Sechaba:"Coincidence? How?"

Me:"I was coming back from work when Khanyisa came running towards me as if someone was chasing her we fell on the ground I stood up dusting myself when I brought my eyes I was surprised to find a split image of myself even the hair. I couldn't even say anything thing to her because she ran away . Then all of sudden her brother grabbed calling me Khanyisa and forced me to the car I tried explaining it to him that I wasn't her but he just laughed. Even her father thought I had some identity disorder even you Sechaba" he sighed 

Sechaba:"Can you blame us though? I thought you were her until yesterday a lot didn't make sense but I just didn't think much of it" 

Me:"Well I'm not her I tried convincing everyone but no one believed me" 

Sechaba:"So your name is?" I wanted to laugh 

Me:"Asanda Tshangela" he looked at me like he just so a ghost 

Sechaba:"Wait a damn minute" 


Sechaba:"I think I know where Khanyisa is" I looked at me 

Me:"Where is she? She needs to come and get me out of this mess!" All of a sudden I'm fuming "Have you been hiding her?" 

Sechaba:"Don't be ridiculous" I chuckled 

Me:"Where is she then?" 

Sechaba:" She is staying with Tom" 

Me:"Tom? My previous boss?" He nods "the bitch is crazy she is living my life why?" 

Sechaba:"That's where it gets complicated she is not there because she wants to be there she believes that she is you" 

Me:"What are you talking about? Why would she thinks that is she crazy or what?"

Sechaba:"Asanda Khanyisa got into a car accident and lost her memory I believe it was the same day you guys met. Now Thomas and everyone who knows you believe she is you because the accident occurred infront of the club where you work. She is made to believe that she is you she doesn't recall anything about her life" to say I'm dumbfounded would be an understatement 

Me:"I saw the accident" that came out as defeated as I was. 

Sechaba:"What are you going to do now?" I sigh 

Me:"She needs her family Sechaba especially now" he looked at me 

Sechaba:"So you want to bring her home" I nod 

Me:"Yes and her family will know the truth" he shook his head 

Sechaba:"If Khanyisa comes back home now that man won't hesitate but throw you in jail for identity theft" 

Me:"What? No I didn't steal anyone's identity" 

Sechaba:"I know but he is ruthless Asanda he will look beyond that he would just think you were there for the money and everything. Remember you had every chance to leave but you stayed and pretended to be Khanyisa. You don't know Mr Jali" that alone scared me 

Me:"No if anything they kidnapped me" he touched my hand 

Sechaba:"Look I'm not going to stop you or anything but I just don't want to see another person going to jail because of him

he would just think you were there for the money and everything. Remember you had every chance to leave but you stayed and pretended to be Khanyisa. You don't know Mr Jali" that alone scared me 

Me:"No if anything they kidnapped me" he touched my hand 

Sechaba:"Look I'm not going to stop you or anything but I just don't want to see another person going to jail because of him but it's your call" 

Me:"What do you mean another person!? What did he do to you?" He chuckled 

Sechaba:"I can't tell you that now but Asanda you need to be careful" he said kissing me I backed away 

Me:"We can't do this you are Khanyisa's fiance" saying that alone somehow breaks my heart a little bit 

Sechaba:"I'm sorry" he didn't dispute it that hurts 

Me:"Do you love her?" He looked at me I don't know why I'm doing this to myself. 

Sechaba:"I love you not her Khanyisa and I were complicated. I want to help you through this just tell me what to do" a part of me is happy that I atleast mean something to him 

Me:"I don't know what to do" 

Sechaba:"Can I suggest something?" I nod "It's just a suggestion I think we should tell Tom the truth first because he is in love with her thinking it's you then maybe when Khanyisa comes face to face with you her memory will come back" 

Me:"When do we do that?" 

Sechaba:"Go home and assure your family you are okay then we will meet later on I will come with Tom in my apartment we will all meet there"I nod 

Me:"I will see you later" I said standing and walked to the door I turned to look at him.

Sechaba:"Call me when you get home" I just walked to him and attacked him with a kiss he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. 

We stopped kissing he hugged me tight we stayed like that for a minute. 

Sechaba:"Do you want me to drive you home?" I nod "Okay " he put me down and took his things and we left the hotel in his car I came here by a cab. 

The drive was silence he has his hand on mine. 

It felt like the shortest drive ever as we pulled outside the gate. 

Sechaba:"You will be fine" I nod and opened the door. 

I walked inside the house the first thing I see it's both of them 

Luvo:"Jesus Khanyisa where were you?" 

Me:"I'm sorry I had a late meeting with the boutique staff and I decided to sleep at the hotel" 

Dad:"You scared us I was about to call the police" I chuckled nervous 

Me:"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to scare you" he sigh 

Dad:"It's okay just tell us next time" I nod 

Me:"I will shower and start working on some work" I said walking away. 

I got in my room and finally breath I texted Sechaba I'm okay. 

I took a shower and looked into Khanyisa's things I need something that's going to convince Tom that I'm Asanda and she is Khanyisa. 

It felt like time was traveling slow I need to act normal and go join family for lunch then in two hours I will sneak out and leave.

I sat at the table at my usual spot and start eating 

Me:"Guys about Sechaba it's okay you can give him my position" they both looked at me surprised 

Dad:"What changed your mind?" I sigh 

Me:" We all know that he is good at his job and is qualified for the position so I can't let the company lose a good employee because of my personal issues with them" 

Luvo:"Talk about growth little sis I'm proud of you" 

We sat there eating for an hour over a light conversation. 

After that I left and took everything I needed. 

I went downstairs and checked if anyone is around no one was. 

So I used the backdoor and back entrance to leave the house.

I saw Sechaba's car near the corner of my house. 

I went to it and go in as soon as I got in I sigh in relief.

Sechaba:"Tom will be at the apartment in five minutes" 

Me:"I'm so nervous" 

Sechaba:"You will be fine at least you won't have this in your chest anymore" 


We got in his apartment and I settled in a few minutes later a knock came through.

Sechaba went to get it and Tom came in.

He didn't notice me until he turned the other way.

Tom:"Asanda!" He said looking at me confused.


Tom:"What are you doing here? What's going on" 

Sechaba:" Sit down and we will explain" he sat down.

Me:"First of all I'm Asanda" 

Tom:"I know that obviously" 

Sechaba:"I don't think you understand man this is Asanda and the girl you have been staying with its not her" he laughed 

Tom:"I don't like this game" 

Me:"No it's not Tom the girl you have been staying with its Khanyisa and I'm Asanda the girl that was working for you as a striper" 

Tom:"Wait you guys are serious?" We both sighed "How? I don't understand who is Khanyisa? Why was she near my club? Why does she look like you?" 

Sechaba:"Khanyisa is my ex fiance the girl I was supposed to marry remember?" These two know each other very it seems like it but I won't ask how for now. 

Tom:"Okay you took me from bad to worse now" 

We had to explain everything from the beginning to now and by the time we were done I could barely read his emotions.

Sechaba:"I know this hard an---" 

Tom:"Hard? This is beyond hard Sechaba!!" He said cutting Sechaba off 

Me:"I'm sorry Tom" he looked at me and shook his head 

Tom:"You are sorry? You had a thousand chances to come to me and explain this but you waited two fucken months. Look at what happened Asanda" he was really mad 

Sechaba:"Tom calm down you know this is not her fault!" 

Tom:"Easy for you to say because you are not in love with someone you thought was someone else who also thinks she is someone else I fell in love with you Asanda and I have always wanted you" he said looking more hurt than angry. 

Sechaba:"I know this hurts but you didn't fall in love with Asanda it wa-" 

Tom:"Fuck you Sechaba! And Fuck you too" he said that and left 

Me:"Wow!" I said because I was left with no words.


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