Chapter 05


The paramedics arrived a few minutes after she fainted on me. 

I was panicking because I wasn't sure what was happening to her. 

Not to mention the guilt I felt when I found out she was a virgin this must have been something significant to her because she kept it for so long and I just took it away from away just like that I wish I knew better and I wish I waited for her to remember who she was before anything happened between us. 

I have been sitting here waiting for her to wake up and my mother was right next to me I couldn't even looked at her but I was glad she is here.

Mom:"She is going to be okay?" She said looking at Asanda 

Me:"I know I'm just worried about her" she sigh 

Mom:"You should stop beating yourself up for what happened Senzo the only thing you could do now is wait for her to remember who she is and we will pay damages to her family we do the right thing" I sigh. 

Me:"My mother knew I was in safe hands when she asked you to look after me thank you for being my mom" she smiled 

Mom:" You are going to make me cry I miss your mother so much" 

Me:"Me too" I said holding her hand.

I see Asanda moving her head and slowly opening her eyes 

Me:"Hey" I said in relief she looked at me 

Asanda:"What happened to me?" 

Mom:"I will give you two some space" I nod 

A few minutes her doctor walked in

Dr:"So Asanda what happened? Do you remember anything?"she sigh 

Asanda:"I remember hearing voices in my head but they were not calling me Asanda" 

Dr:"And what were they calling you?" 

Asanda:"I'm not sure it felt so real but I sounded like a child in them" 

Dr:"These episodes will happen and are normal maybe you are remembering your childhood and you might have had a nickname back then this is a sign that you will soon remember who you are" she nods. 

Me:"Will she always faint when these episodes occur? I'm asking because it was scary" 

Dr:"No they will happen differently depends on how she reacts to remembering" 

Me:"Okay thank you" she nods and walked out.

We both looked at each other I don't know what to say. 

Asanda:"I'm sorry I scared you" I shook my head 

Me:"No you didn't scare me I was scared that something bad happened to you" she holds my hand. 

Asanda:"I don't know I feel like I'm living somebody's life" I sigh 

Me:"I wish there was something I could do to help you but one thing I promise I will be here with you every step of the way" 

Asanda:"Thank you for being this amazing person and being the best boyfriend" I placed my hand on her cheek 

Me:"I'm sorry for what happened last night if I knew I would have waited" she placed her hand on top of mine 

Asanda:"I'm not sorry it happened I might not remember anything about my past but Senzo I will never regret this moment with you because even when I remember everything I won't forget this moment with you. I don't regret what happened between us it was beautiful and magical" I pecked her lips. 

Me:"I'm glad to hear that" 

Asanda:"So why didn't you tell me that Mam'Marvis is your mother?" 

Me:"I was going to tell you trust me she is my mother but not biological my biological mother died when I was doing matric" 

Asanda:"I'm sorry to hear that" 

Me:"It's okay so Mam'Marvis was my mother's best friend before I was born so before my mother died she asked her to be my mother and since that day she became my mother" 

Asanda:"Now I'm embarassed to go back to the house after what she saw" I chuckled 

Me:"Don't worry she is very understanding" she sigh 

Asanda:"And that's supposed to make me feel better that I will be living with my boyfriend's mother" I laughed 

Me:"You are saying it like it's a bad thing and she doesn't even live there" 

Asanda:"It's not bad it's just scary" 

Me:"Once you get to know her it won't be that scary and besides I'm not going to let you live alone if you were even thinking of moving out forget it" she frowned 

Asanda:"I hate you" I laughed 

Me:"I love you too" she kissed me someone cleared their throat 

Asanda:"Indy hey" she didn't seem happy to see what she just saw 

Indy:"Hey girl Thomas" 

Me:"Hey Indy" she went to Asanda and hugged her.

Indy:"How are you feeling?" 

Asanda:"Better are you okay?" She nods 

Indy:"Yeah I'm fine i thought I should drop by but it seems like Thomas is doing a great job here" Asanda smiled looking at me 

Asanda:"Yeah it wasn't anything serious" she nods 

Indy:"That's great I will come by later on and can I speak to you" she said looking at me I nod.

Asanda:"Senzo please get me something to eat when you come back" I kissed her forehead 

Me:"I will be back soon Mom will be here" she nods nervously I wanted to laugh. 

I followed Indy out of the hospital I found her standing outside in the parking lot 

Me:"What's up?" She looked at me and chuckled. 

Indy:"What are you doing Thomas?" I raised my eyebrows 

Me:"What are you talking about?" 

Indy:"You kissing Asanda what was that all about?" 

Me:"We are dating" she laughed 

Indy:"Dating? Or you are just taking advantage of her?" 

Me:"Look Indiphile I love your friend and I believe she loves me too no one is taking advantage of anyone" 

Indy:"No she doesn't love you and stop whatever you guys are doing" 

Me:"She is an adult if she didn't want to be with me she would have told me" 

Indy:"An adult that doesn't remember anything and here you are taking advantage of that no one is taking advantage of anyone" 

Indy:"No she doesn't love you and stop whatever you guys are doing" 

Me:"She is an adult if she didn't want to be with me she would have told me" 

Indy:"An adult that doesn't remember anything and here you are taking advantage of that I wouldn't be surprised that you lied to her about being her boyfriend since she doesn't know anything" I chuckled 

Me:"I will definitely pretend that you just didn't say that and I don't have time for this my girlfriend is hungry" 

Indy:"She is my best friend and I will make sure she sees that you are taking advantage of her"

Me:"And I believe you" I said that leaving her. 


I woke up with someone holding onto me like I was going to run away. 

I was pressed I tried to wiggle myself out of him he groaned holding onto me very tight.

Me:"I'm going to the bathroom" he let's go I quickly jumped out and went to the bathroom to empty my bladder after I was done I washed my face. 

I went back to bed I took my phone and checked the time it was still early I had tons of missed calls and messages from my father and brother.

I wrote them both a message telling them I'm okay and I will be coming home soon. 

I locked it and turned to Sechaba who was peaceful sleeping next me.

He is really what you call a beautiful man his face features were the most beautiful and his dark skin suited him.

Sechaba:"If you take a picture it will last" he said slowly opening his eyes I chuckled..

Me:"Good morning" he looked at me 

Sechaba:"Morning slept okay?" 

Me:"Yeah I did and you" he smiled.

Sechaba:"Yeah I did I hope I didn't snore" I laughed a little 

Me:"No you didn't" there was a little bit of silence we both looked at each other. 

Sechaba:"Last night was amazing" I closed my eyes just by thinking of what happened here last night my clit twitches.

He pulled me close to him and got on top of me we were both still naked I could feel his dick twitching as it came in contact with my skin. 

He brushed his lips against my ear and grabbed the sheet trying to breath.

Me:"I have to go home soon" that came out as whisper 

Sechaba:"I know" he whispered in my ear "Can we atleast have breakfast together before we both part ways" I sigh he had begging eyes 

Me:"Okay then I will soon leave" he smiled and kissed my forehead. 

I stood up and called for breakfast as I was standing there I could feel his eyes on me and for some weird reason it was doing something to me. 

Me:"They have a mouthwash in the bathroom" he nod and I went to the bathroom he followed me. 

He stood right behind me we were both looking at each other in the mirror. 

Sechaba:"I don't want this to end I know you feel something for me and what happened last night wasn't just sex we both know it" 

Me:"Sechaba" he turned me to look at him 

Sechaba:"Don't do that" I put my hands on his chest 

Me:"Yes last night wasn't just sex it was different but I wish it was just sex just for the sake of us" he sigh 

Sechaba:"If you could just tell me what's going on here" 

Me:"I wish I could but Sechaba you are not mine to have it is so wrong of me to feel this way towards you when I know I shouldn't" I could feel the back of my eyes sting with tears if I knew sleeping with him would be meaningful to me I wouldn't have he is my twin's ex fiance and when she comes back I don't know what will happen. 

Sechaba:"Don't cry please" he said pulling me to his arms I felt comforted and safe in them but I should stop doing this to myself.

We were disturbed by a knock I pulled away from him. 

He took a towel and went to get the door.

It was our breakfast I finished washing my mouth.

We started eating he looked at me and smiled.

Sechaba:"I might not know what's going on here and I'm not going to force you to tell me but what I'm going to tell you is sometimes we just have to let fate decide and play it's part especially when we feel like we don't have control of the situation" I looked him 

Me:" If you could just look at me for two seconds you would know" I said standing up and start wearing my clothes.

Sechaba:"Don't leave like this" 

Me:"Why?!" I said already taking my car keys 

Sechaba:"Because I love you" I gasped and looked at him 

Me:"No you don't love me" if he did he would know that I'm not Khanyisa 

Sechaba:"Trust me I do and I mean it" 

Me:"No Sechaba maybe the sex confused you you are not in love!" I screamed I was getting frustrated with him 

Sechaba:"You are getting upset" he said calmly 

Me:"I'm not upset you know what I'm leaving it was really nice knowing you Sechaba" 

I was about to open the door when he said something that made me look at him 

Sechaba:"Knowing her and the person she is I wouldn't have fallen for Khanyisa" 

Me:"What?" That came out as a dry whisper 

Sechaba:"You told me to look at you for just two seconds but I have been looking at you for the past 12 hours together. Haven't you noticed that I haven't called 'Khanyisa' ever since we woke up" my heart is beating so fast that it feels like it's going to jump right out of my mouth. 

I'm tongue tied he walked close to me and he was looking at me eye to eye 

Sechaba:"I was tossing and turning the whole night hoping that my mind is just playing tricks on me but it wasn't you confirmed it when you told me that I wasn't yours to have" 

Me:"I didn't mean to lie to anyone I had no choice Sechaba" he looked at me I couldn't read his emotions 


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