Chapter 04



Everything was confusing I didn't feel anything for Khanyisa until today. 

I really don't know why she wanted to sleep with me after a long time of not wanting to. 

I even thought she was a virgin because she wasn't even interested in sex with me at all. 

Which was good for me because I wasn't even in love with her it was all part of the plan. 

Our kisses were so dry I don't know why she agreed to marry me maybe she just wanted to please Mr Jali and I was a perfect candidate. 

But today the way she was I was really taken back by it and the fact she went as far as sleeping with me. 

I really don't know what to do here because there's Lerato who I have known my whole life.

Lerato and I are what you call high school sweethearts we started dating back in high school since back then you could never separate us. 

This revenge thing started when someone set up my brother someone stole millions from the Jali's company using my brother's name and signature.

Lerato and Bonolo my little brother worked for the Jali's in fact Lerato is the one who found the job for him. 

Bonolo was happy to start working he worked there for about three years until they fired him and accuse him of fraud he was shocked because he didn't steal anything from that company.

He was later arrested for fraud charges they took everything we owned that's when my father suffered a heart attack and died. 

I was so angry at Mr Jali for using his power to torture my family everything they took from us belong to my father it had nothing to do with whatever crimes they were charging my brother with. 

I lost my brother and my father on the same day. 

I understand that Bonolo was arrested because they had evidence that was incriminating him but my father's death is something that it's hard to forgive he worked so hard for the house and the cars we had seeing them all being taken away killed him.

Lerato was saddened by this as she was my fiance at the time and I believed in something like an eye for an eye. 

I believed that taking away what Mr Jali values the most which is his company will surely kill him too that's how I started working for them. 

Of course they don't know I'm Bonolo's brother since I used my mother's surname. 

The reason I changed my mind about this revenge I have realised that it's actually not worth it it won't bring my father back nor will it get my brother out of prison. 

It is preventing me from being happy and living the life I already have with Lerato. 

It has consumed our lives so much that we forgot what matters the most. 

I invited Lerato over so we could talk about this. 

Lerato:"Hey" she said walking in by looking at her I already feel guilty for what happened between me and Khanyisa earlier on in this apartment.

Me:"Hey babe" I said baby kissing her. 

Lerato:"This looks amazing" she said settling on the table 

Me:"You look amazing" 

Lerato:"That's so nice of you what's the occasion" I sigh and sit down. 

Me:"I miss my fiance and miss the life we had before this I miss how happy we were before this life of lies. I miss spending nights and days together. I can't do this anymore Lerato" I said already holding her hand 


Me:"No Lerato I don't want this anymore I'm tired it's about time we start living the life we planned before this" 

Lerato:"I know this is hard for us Sechaba but what about your brother? Did you forget the reason your father died?" 

Me:"My brother is having his hearing in two weeks I found the best lawyer for him Zizipho Dlamini" 

Lerato:"The princess? How are you going to afford her?" 

Me:"Don't worry about that I have everything covered" 

Lerato:"So you are going to let Mr Jali walk just like that Sechaba?"

Me:"Yes I have so much to live for trust me I hate that man for what he did to my family" 

Lerato:"I'm sorry but I can't let him walk just like that" 

Me:"Yes you will Lerato if I mean that much to you then you will let it go" 

Lerato:"This is not about you Sechaba!!" I raised my eyebrows 

Me:"What?" She swallowed "What's your problem with him?" 

Lerato:"Nothing" I chuckled 

Me:"Is there something you are not telling me?" 

Lerato:"I'm not hiding anything from you" I looked at her then shook my head 

Me:"I slept with Khanyisa" she looked at me and laughed.

Lerato:"Yeah right that's how you got her to agree to marry you" I shook my head 

Me:"I slept with her here today" she blinked a few times 


Me:"It wasn't sup--" a slap landed on my face 

Lerato:"It happened she is the reason you don't want to do this anymore did you enjoy it?" 

Me:"Lerato listen" I said trying to hold her but she backed away 

Lerato:"Answer me Sechaba" 

Me:"It was different I loved it. I'm sorry" I see tears roll down her cheeks 

Lerato:"Different huh? Why does she always gets it all?" 

Me:"What are you talking about?" 

Lerato:"And now she has your heart too" she said that and ran out 

Me:"Lerato!!!" She was gone already. 

I slammed myself in the couch 'what was she on about?' that was the only question on my mind.

My phone vibrated it was Khanyisa texting me to meet her at some hotel. 

I took my car keys and left these women are going to be the death of me. 

I got there she was already waiting for me. 

Khanyisa:"That was quick" she was in a short summer dress she looked so simple than her usual self.

Me:"I thought it was urgent" she nods 

Khanyisa:"You can make yourself at home" I sat down on the couch she sat on the opposite couch then looked at me I kinda felt intimidated by her 

Me:"So what's going on?" She poured a drink and handed it to me 

Khanyisa:"How would you feel about taking my position at work?" I choked 


Khanyisa:"I'm not going back to the office the position need to be filled in my brother and father think you are the best person for the job" 

Me:"And what do you think?" I said looking at her she chuckled 

Khanyisa:"You already know what I think" 

Me:"No please enlighten me" 

Khanyisa:"I don't think you are the best person for the job" I chuckled 

Me:"Atleast we are on the same page I don't want that job either and please tell daddy dearest I will be handing in my resignation in a day or two" she looked at me 

Khanyisa:"Why is that?" 

Me:"Your father might be your night shining armour but to me he is my worse nightmare" she stood up and settle right next to me 

Khanyisa:"And what am I?" I looked her exposed thighs I swallowed and moved my hand to them and squeezed them tight. 

Me:"You tell me" she looked at me then stood up 

Khanyisa:"Figure it out " she dropped her dress leaving her naked body showing she was wearing nothing underneath. 

I stood up right infront of her I ran my fingers on her arm to her stomach 

Me:"Stop doing this to me" she looked at me and walked to the bed. 

She got on top and laid on her back then opened her thighs for me she was exposed to me.

I could feel my dick twitching and pounding against my pants

Me:"Fuck!" I took off my t-shirt and pants in speed and got on top her.

She attacked with a hungry kiss and I responded with the same energy. 

Khanyisa:"Fuck me" I bite her neck she moaned .

Whats going on? This woman has on me on her mercy she is messing with everything in me.


I was in the good mood and good spirit after the great day I had with Indiphile she is really a fun person to be around she told me about all the good times we had with each other.

Even though I don't remember any of those I just loved how we were tied hip to hip and I'm ready to be her friend again she deserves that much. 

I decided to let Mam'Marvis go early and I will try to cook hopefully it will taste good. 

I was making something simple like cheese and chicken pasta.

It was nice very easy to make and it tasted good. 

I knew Tom would come in any minute now and maybe we could talk about what happened in the morning instead of avoiding it.

Speaking of the devil he walked looking all sort of tired.

He looked at me then looked around then back at me again 

Tom:"Uh where is Mam'Marvis?" 

Me:"Hi Senzo Mam'Marvis left earlier on" he looked at me blankly "I made dinner" he chuckled 

Tom:"And the house didn't burn down" 

Me:"Wow that's how much you think of me" 

Tom:"No offence but You don't look like the cooking type Asanda" 

Me:"Well I'm offended" I said laughing 

Tom:"Let me get comfortable then" he said laughing going to his room a few minutes later he came back in track pants vest and a robe on top without shoes just socks. 

I fixed the table for us and dished up we sat in silence then started eating 

Tom:"I'm shocked" he said looking at me "This taste really good" 

Me:"I guess I'm not that bad of a cook then" he chuckled and continue eating. 

He ended up having two plates I guess the food was really good. 

Tom:"Just leave the dishes for morning" I nod and packed the dishes in a sink. 

I went to sit next to him we looked at each other. 

His eye contact always burn my skin I cant maintain it for long. 

Tom:"Asanda" he said still looking at me I swallowed. 

Me:"Senzo.... I..I mean Tom" 

Tom:"Call me Senzo" I nod that was a shocker to say the least "About this morning" he sigh 

Me:"I'm sorry I came onto you like that" It was embarrassing for me to do that to a guy

Tom:"All I want you to know is that I'm not taking care of you just to take advantage of you. I'm not using this situation just to get inside your pants. I'm not like" 

Me:"I know Senzo I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable in your own home" 

Tom:"No you didn't we both participated in everything and I enjoyed what happened between us" he said biting his lip 

Me:"I don't know what to say" we were now an inch apart from each other 

Tom:"I cant control myself around you you give me such blood rush I want you so bad" he was breathing heavily 

Me:"I want you too" that came out as whisper from my part. 

Our lips are against each other I was waiting for him to initiate our kiss this time. 

As if he read my mind he bite my lower lip and started kissing me slowly.

He gently pushed me to lie on my back on the couch. 

He unzipped my dress and took it off I was now left with just my underwear no bra. 

He looked at me before kissing me from my neck down to my belly button his trail of kisses left my body shivering.

He slowly removed my underwear and parted my legs he brushed my floods until he reached my clit he started rubbing it slowly and this is something I never felt before it was intense and pleasuring. 

I opened my legs a little more for him while moaning. 

I felt the moisture of his tongue as he swirl it around my hole up to my clit 

Me:"Senzo!" I moaned his name while I hold his head deep inside of me. 

He pushed his tongue inside my vagina hole while his finger rubs on my clit. 

My body was starting to tense up and I was shivering. 

He stopped and looked at me 

Tom:"Not yet" he dropped his robe and took off his vest and track pants. 

I could see his boner standing firmly against his boxers. 

He picked me up and walked me with to his room. 

He placed me on top of his bed I looked at him then looked at his penis it was huge I swallowed 

Tom:"We can stop" I shook my head 

Me:"No I don't want to stop" I said running my hands on his boner and I dropped his boxers I started moving my hand around it rocking it up and down he groaned while closing his eyes. 

I pulled him on top of me and directed his penis on my entrance. 

He starts rubbing it against my clit I could feel my clit throbbing

Tom:"Fuck you are so wet" he said positioning himself and pushed himself in.

It was uncomfortable and painful.

Tom:"Are you okay?" He said looking at me 

Me:"It's kind of painful but don't stop please" 

Tom:"If it hurts more tell me to stop okay?" 

Me:"Okay" he nods before thrusting in me again until he was fully in. 

Tom:"How are you this tight?" I didn't know how to answer he starts thrusting his strokes were slow and gentle. 

This was painful but pleasurable he started moving faster and deeper.

Me:"Senzo....I'm going---" I didn't even get to finish what I was about to say I exploded on him and he kept going until he shoot his load inside of me and collapsed. 

We were both panting heavily we stayed in that position for a good thirty minutes. 

Until I was slowly dozing off he moved and placed on his chest then I fell sound asleep.

I woke to a sun hitting on my face I groaned in annoyance I hear someone laughing a little from the background. 

I slowly opened my eyes it was Senzo looking at me. 

Tom:"Good morning" I looked at him annoyed "Come on its almost midday Asanda" 

Me:"What?!!!" I said looking at the time "It's 11:47 Senzo" 

Tom:"That's why you have to eat and drink these" he said handing me a tray of food and some pills. 

Me:"Why didn't you wake me up? Ain't you supposed to be at work?" I said sitting up I flinched realised how painful it was. 

Tom:"I'm sorry I'm not going to work today" I started eating while he watches me I looked at him thinking about what happened last night it gives me goosebumps. 

Me:"What are these for?" I said looking at the pills

Tom:"Preventing you from being a mother" 

Me:"What if I want to be a mother" he smiled 

Tom:"Then don't drink them" I chuckled and drank the pills. 

Me:"Well not now" he sat next to me and looked at me then gave me a passionate kiss.

Me:"What was that for?" He chuckled 

Tom:"For making me feel how I felt last night" I looked at him "I know this might be risky considering the fact that you have a past maybe there is someone who is special in your life but I want you to be mine Asanda I want you to be my girlfriend" 

Me:"Are you sure? What if my past hurts you? I don't want that for you and me what happened last night was magical I want to be yours but--" 

Tom:"But nothing we will cross that bridge when we get there" I nod and kissed him 

Me:"Then I will be your girlfriend Senzo" he smiled. 

Tom:"Thank you" 

Me:"Are you sure that there is no one in your life?" 

Tom:"I broke up with my ex a month ago" I nod 

Me:"Okay then" 

Tom:"Let me fix you a bath" he stood and disappeared to the bathroom. 

I stood up when I heard the water running it was really painful to stand up must be the fact that I haven't had sex in a long time or maybe Senzo is just too gifted with the size. 

I finally managed to stand up and start fixing the bed until I noticed blood stains. 

Me:"Uh Thomas!!!!" I yelled his name so loud that he came out running from the bathroom.

Tom:"Hey what's wrong" I just looked at the blood he looked then looked at me in horror "Are you on your period?" I shook my head 

Me:"I had my period a week ago" 

Tom:"I will be damned" he said pacing up and down 

Me:"Senzo what's going on?!" He looked at me then went to the bathroom came back with a body towel. 

Tom:"Put this on I will be back" he ran out of the room leaving me confused.

In a few minutes he came back with Mam'Marvis who looked at me then at the sheets 

Marvis:"Senzo Thomas Klas" she said looking at him 

Tom:"Mom I swear I didn't know" 


Marvis:"You took her virginity and you are telling me you didn't know need to talk to the both of you I'm giving you 30 minutes" she walked out 

Me:"Mam'Marvis is your mother?" 

Tom:"That's not important right now babe why didn't you say that you were a virgin? I should have known though you were way too tight yesterday God I'm so sorry Asanda" he said pulling the confused me to his chest

Me:"Excuse me" I said pulling away from his hug and went to the bathroom. 

I looked at myself in the mirror and screamed.

"The guy you were having sex with" I hear Indy's words echoing in my ear.

"Khanyisa get away from the water" another voice 

"Come on Mom I'm a big girl now" I said giggling 

Me:"I'm not Asanda I'm not Asanda" I said getting light headed I was about to hit the floor when Senzo caught me 

Tom:"Asanda!! Ma help!!" 

Me:"I'm not---" everything became very dark it was lights out.


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