Chapter 03


If Khanyisa knew I existed or she saw me before then what happened to her research what did she found out that made her run away? Does Sechaba know I'm the other sister and playing mind games with me? What was her real reason of running away from her family? 

I had so many questions on my mind yet not even an answer. 

I got home and ran inside the house I bumped into my father/Mr Jali. 

Dad:"Are you okay?" He said looking at me while I catch my breath 

Me:"I'm fine can we talk?" He nods and led the way to the lounge area 

Dad:"What's going on?" He said with concern all over his face 

Me:"Dad have I ever asked you about my real family before?" He sigh 

Dad:"Few days before you were supposed to get married" 


Dad:"Like I told you before the agency had no much information about your family all I know is your mother was the one who gave you up due to confidentiality we couldn't get her name she didn't want to be know" 

Me:"Okay thanks" 

Dad:"But if you need anything or you want to find your family I'm here to help" I nod 

Me:"For the past month you have been a great father I'm glad I got to know you better" he smiled faintly 

Dad:"Of course baby I'm glad that our relationship is getting better" honestly speaking I got attached to this man and his son they have been nothing but amazing towards me they are really good people and Khanyisa is blessed to have such amazing and loving people in her life. 

I stood I went inside my room and start looking around Khanyisa's things. 

There was a safe behind her mother's painting it wasn't hard figuring out the code because by the looks of things her world real evolved around her mother it must be the reason why her mother's passing hit her really hard. 

My eyes landed on the folder with my name inside. 

I sat on the floor and paged through it 

Me:"What the fuck?" It had everything on me the day when I was where was I born my mother's name where I worked. 

It was all the information about me nobody knew. 

Me:"Why were you investigating my life? Is it because you thought we are related?" I don't know why I even question that because we were born the same day and we are a split image of each other. 

A knock came through I quickly picked up the papers from the floor and put them away. 

Me:"Hey" I said opening the door to this brother of mine 

Luvo:"Should I be worried?" I chuckled 

Me:"Not at all I was just going through some company files to familiarise myself with everything again" I hate lying to him but I have no choice 

Luvo:"That's amazing lunch is being served" 

Me:" I'm famished let's go" he took my hand into his and we walked to the kitchen. 

Dad:"Now if I die I would die a happy man" he said looking at us walking in hand in hand. 

Luvo:"Unfortunately you are not going to die anytime soon" 

Dad:"I'm just glad to see you two like this it means the world to me" we sat down joining him.

Luvo:"Me too dad" they chuckled we started eating I have been avoiding feeling like a belong to this family but it's just how they are towards me it's drawing me in. 

Me:"There is something I want to tell you guys" they both looked at me. 

Dad:"What's going on?"

Me:"I know it's been great years working side to side with my family but I no longer want to work for the company I want to work at mom's boutique and mother extend it to another branch too. I think it is only fair that her business is given attention like yours dad. Luvo will run the company and I will run the boutiques" there was silence I hope they agree to this because I can run a multimillion dollar company with no experience at least a boutique will be easy to learn and figure things on my own. 

Dad:"That's a difficult situation you are putting us in but it makes sense that you want to run your mother's empire you are good with the company but I want you to do what you love now" I looked at Luvo 

Luvo:" I guess Sechaba will be taking your position" 

Me:" No!" They both look at me 

Luvo:"He is qualified for the job Khanyisa" 

Me:"You guys can't found someone new?" 

Dad:"I don't think the board would approve of someone new Sechaba knows how we run the business

we have been working with him for years now. I don't think your personal business should mix with how we run the company" this is going to be a problem I guess I need to find out about this Sechaba character especially now I had sex with him which I wasn't supposed to enjoy but I did. 

Me:"Okay can you give me a month then before promoting him" 

Luvo:"No we can't it has been a month with him already running your duties the position needs someone permanent as soon as possible" 

Dad:"A week that's all" I sigh defeated. 


I was sitting in the office thinking about what happened between me and Asanda this morning. 

I know it shouldn't have happened because of her amnesia I don't want her to think I'm taking advantage of her. 

And I also don't want her to think that I only took her just to take advantage of her. 

"Someone seems lost in their thoughts" I frowned looking at her 

Me:"Dolly can I help you?" She walked closer to my table 

Dolly:"I miss you Tom" I sigh because I was serious when I told her it was over between us.

Me:"I'm sorry there's nothing I could do to help you with that is there anything else you want me to help you with?"

Dolly:"Please gives us another chance I promise I will not mess up again" I chuckled and pulled her to my lap she smiled. 

Me:"Don't do this to yourself me and you are done sweetheart. I really liked what we had before but your insecurities messed that up for us you know. So from now on please treat the girls as they should be treated I would hate to give that position to someone else" she swallowed "Now be a good girl and get back to work" she stood up and walked away. 

One of my friends walked in just the company I needed.

Me:"Sechaba my man" I said with us bro hugging. 

Sechaba:"Hey man what's up?" He said sitting down I sigh 

Me:"Women problems" 

Sechaba:"Tell me about it" he said looking defeated

Me:"Lerato or the other one" he laughed 

Sechaba:"Lerato is worse she is caught up in this revenge plan against Jali's and I don't want to be part of it anymore" I chuckled 

Me:"I hate to say I told you"

Sechaba:"If it was up to me I would just leave this and focus on my brother out of that hell hole" 

Me:"Then do just that if she loves you that much she will let it go too" 

Sechaba:"Thanks bro then there's Khanyisa" I laughed 

Me:"I thought you said you didn't love her she was way too up tight for you" 

Sechaba:"Until today she slept with me then left I never felt so caught in a sex session before they way she moved and the---" 

Me:"Hey hey cut!!!" We laughed "I don't want to know about your sex life" 

Sechaba:"You have no idea how messed up I feel now. I literally fell out of love with Lerato at that moment" 

Me:"I think you should just end this stupid plan you had for once and all then choose the woman you love!" 

Sechaba:"Enough about my life what's going on with you?" 

Me:"Finally ended things with Dolly" he clapped causing me to laugh

Sechaba:"I feel like there is someone else" 

Me:"Yes" I said filling him on with Asanda and her situation.

Sechaba:"That's hard I think you should talk to her about what happened earlier on and make your intentions clear you can't have thinking the worse of you right now" 

Me:"That's surprising coming from you" he chuckled 

Sechaba:"Do you think I should tell Khanyisa the truth?" 

Me:"Are you planning to choose her over Lerato I don't see that ending well" he sigh 

Sechaba:"I don't know man" 

Me:"Lerato would be an easy choice but then again if you love this Khanyisa cheek then you might as well cross the fire" 


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