Chapter 01


After being hit by a car Khanyisa was quickly taken to the hospital she had received bad injuries.

Indy was worried about her because she was her friend atleast that's what she thought.

Tom offered to drive Indy to the hospital because he could see that she couldn't concentrate because of what just happened.

They spent hours in the hospital waiting for her surgery to be done.

It was the longest hours of their lives 

Indy:"You don't have to stay you know" she said looking at Tom who looked rather besides himself 

Tom:"No I will stay Asanda was one of us and you could use some company here" she nods because she knew Tom was right she would lose her mind if she was alone 

Indy:"It seems like we are going to be here the whole night so I might as well ask you something" he chuckled 

Tom:"Like what? Or rather why I'm people say I'm ruthless?" 

Indy:"Yes that" she was nervous and scared but she was also curious 

Tom:"I'm not ruthless and never had been just because I'm not so much of people's person people decided to start those rumours. Bare in mind that some people think stripping and prostitution is the same thing but it's not. I would never allow prostitution in my club because I myself are against all that" 

Indy:"And you believe in stripping?" 

Tom:"Stripping is some sort of entertainment I didn't start a strip club just for fun but it was because I saw how many women would sell themselves to men just to have something to eat so seeing that men love those type of things why not help women pay their bills without having to sleep with them. I know some people would say what I said just doesn't make sense but it is what it is" 

Indy:"Mmh" Indy said because she understood him and she knows the struggle of trying your best to make an honest living but still struggle and you end up doing things that you are against just to feed yourself.

Tom:"So why are you a stripper?" She sigh 

Indy:"Because I have a family to feed" he nods 

Tom:"I could offer you a different job" she shook her head 

Indy:"Stripping brings a better income and I can feed my family I will only leave it when I have saved enough money maybe then I would take the job you were going to offer" 

Tom:"Just ring me when you are ready for the job" she nods.

Tom has always wanted to help people because of the way he grew up he was never rich his mother had to sell herself to men just for them to have food clothes and go to good schools.

He never judged his mother because she was his hero.

Dr:"Asanda Tshangela" Indy and Tom stood up 

Indy:"How is she? Is she okay?" 

Dr:" Asanda hit her head hard there was some force trauma in her head and her brain has some swelling there is a possibility that she might suffer from amnesia" 

Tom:"Are you saying she might not remember who she is?" 

Dr:"Yes this may be a permanent or temporary we still don't know we have to run more tests when she wakes up" 

Tom:"That's hectic" 

Dr:"I will need some to sign these for me and cover the cost of surgery" Indy looked at Tom 

Tom:"uhh I will do it" he walked away with the doctor.

Dr:"Are you a family member?" He shook his head 

Tom:"I'm her boss" he nods 

Dr:"Okay I need you to sign these for me" he read through the papers and sign 

Dr:"ugh Sir Asanda will need some therapy after this and some family members to take care of her so do you perhaps know anyone?" he shook his head 

Tom:"Let me ask Indy" they called Indy in and asked her 

Indy:"Asanda has never said anything about family she is a private person" 

Dr:"Then that's a difficult situation" 

Tom:"Indy you are her friend you can maybe take care of her" 

Indy:"No I can't I have seven siblings in a two bedroom house Tom and an extra member would be inconvenient for us. I love Asanda but I can't do that and she would completely understand that as she already knows my home situation" he sigh 

Tom:"I will be the one taking care of her I guess" 

Dr:"That's settled then" 

Indy:"Can we see her?" 

Dr:"Not tonight how about tomorrow maybe she would be awake by then" they both nod and left the hospital 

Indy:"I'm sorry for putting this on you but it's hard for me I--"

Tom:"Indiphile I completely understand you" 

Indy:"Won't Dolly have a problem thou?" He sigh 

Tom:"I don't know but she will needs to understand and if she was in the same situation I would do it for her too" she nods and bids farewell after he drops her off.

Tom drove home and find Dolly cooking 

Tom:"Hey babe" he said kissing her cheek 

Dolly:"I thought you were only dropping that girl off at the hospital then come back you were not even answering my calls" Tom sighed 

Tom:"I had to stay and my phone was on silence"

Dolly:" You had to stay? Why?" 

Tom:"Because Indy needed me and Asanda too" she laughed 

Dolly:"There goes father Theresa trying to save everyone" 

Tom:"Dolly I'm in no mood to fight" 

Dolly:"I'm not fighting here" he sigh 

Tom:"Asanda got hurt and might suffer from amnesia I will be taking care of her for few months" 

Dolly:"This is a joke why can't her friends or family take care of her?! Why you?" 

Tom:"She has no family Dolly" 

Dolly:"I don't trust that girl I will move in here too before she takes you away from me" 

Tom:"Okay Dolly I don't need your trust issues right now me and you are still dating not married" she wasn't engaged to him she just lied about it 

Dolly:"So you rather stay with someone else not your girlfriend? Wow Senzo!!" He scoffed he hated being called Senzo 

Tom:"Seems like it please leave Dolly because clearly you can't trust me when you decide to grow up then maybe you could come back if it's not too late" 

Dolly:"Tom you are breaking up with me" 

Tom:"Yes it was long overdue" he said opening the door 

Dolly:"Are you for real?" 

Tom:"Maybe I'm a clown" she looked at him walked out furious.

One thing about their relationship it was always on and off.


I woke up feeling disoriented I looked around the room I'm in a hospital.

I try closing my eyes and to remember what happened but I have no recollection of anything.

The doctor walked in and looked at me.

Dr:"Hey do you know where you are?"

Me:"Hospital" he nods 

Dr:"That's good do you remember what happened to you?" I close my eyes again trying to remember 

Me:"Uh no" he nods 

Dr:"Okay can you tell me your name?" I looked at him 


Dr:"What's your name?" I look around how could I know everything in this room but not remember one thing that's important to me 

Me:"I..I don't know" I said with tears already threatening to fall "What happened to me?" 

Dr:"You don't remember anything? One thing about your life?" I shook my head because I'm blank there is nothing I remember about myself .

Dr:"You are suffering from amnesia Asanda?" 

Me:"What? For how long?" He sigh 

Dr:"We will run some tests only then we will be able to tell" I just sat there quietly and try hard to remember "I wouldn't recommend that. You trying to remember so hard might cause serious brain damages. So take it easy your friends are here to see you" 

Me:"I don't want to see anyone" 

Dr:"They have been here for you and they have been worried about you so don't you think they deserve to see that you are okay?" I just nod I was seriously not in the mood to see anyone.

Dr:"I will let them in" I wasn't sure what to expect 

Two people walked it was a female and male.

Girl:"Hey I'm so happy that you are okay" she said hugging me I cringed and my body tensed up "I'm sorry" she said stepping now I feel bad

Me:"It's okay" there was awkward silence 

Guy:"I'm Tom your boss and this right here is your best friend Indiphile" the guy said walking close to me

I'm so happy that you are okay" she said hugging me I cringed and my body tensed up "I'm sorry" she said stepping now I feel bad

Me:"It's okay" there was awkward silence 

Guy:"I'm Tom your boss and this right here is your best friend Indiphile" the guy said walking close to me I feel bad for not hugging her back when she is my best friend 

Girl:"You call Indy" I nod 

Me:"Thank you for being here" 

Indy:"It's okay I'm your best friend after all" she seem sweet and the guy wasn't saying much 

Tom:"I will sign discharge papers then we will go home!" He said then quickly walked out 

Me:"Is he okay?" 

Indy:"He is just like that and you will be staying with him" 

Me:"Don't I have any family that could take me in?" I don't want to be anyone's burden I don't even know this guy 

Indy:"You never told me about your family" she said sitting next to me 

This leaves me wondering who I am? Why was I secretive about my family? 

I was later discharged and we went to Tom's house.

Tom:"You are going to use this room and if you need anything just tell me or the maid" 

Me:"Thank you" he nods 

Tom:"Tomorrow you have a session with Dr Moodley" 

Me:"Noted and my clothes?" 

Tom:"Indy will drop them by later" I nod he was about to walk out 

Me:"Why are you helping me? What do you expect in return?"he chuckled 

Tom:"Nothing I'm only helping because I can I guess" 

Me:"So you have a good heart?" 

Tom:"Not really" I chuckled 

Me:"Do you have another name either than Tom?" 


Me:"Try again" he sigh 


Me:"Sounds better" he scoffed it was pretty much obvious he didn't like it 

Tom:"I prefer Tom" 

Me:"That's obvious" 

Tom:"Asanda get some rest" I nod 

Me:"Thank you for doing this for me I know it's a lot and might be inconvenient for you I appreciate it" he smiles it's the first time I see him smiling 

Tom:"Don't worry about it just focus on getting better" I nod and he walked out.

I threw myself on top of the bed God this feels like I'm basically a toddler I have so much things to let about Asanda.


I was locked up inside this huge bedroom this one bedroom was the size of my apartment.

I looked at the wall it had pictures of me I mean of this girl that looks like me.

I don't understand why she looks like me are we related?

She looked so sophisticated class and educated they are also many certificates of her on the wall.

But she looked like a girl who didn't have any sense of humour she looked Like the uptight type.

We might look alike but we are very different people I don't understand how her family don't see I'm not her.

A doctor came over and started asking me questions and then decided that I have personality disorder which is a very fancy sickness for a basic girl like me.

A knock came through I didn't answer I pretended to be asleep but the person came in anyways 

"I know you are not asleep?" It was Sechaba the girl's fiance I kept quiet 

Sechaba:"Khanyisa" I sigh and sat up

Me:"What do you want?" 

Sechaba:"How are you feeling?" 

Me:"You can see I'm fine Sechaba" he nods looking all sad but I don't care I'm not his fiance.

Sechaba:"Why did you run away?" 

Me:"Maybe I just realised that I don't love you so I didn't want to commit to someone I don't love" Khanyisa probably ran away from him for a reason and now I have to be involved in her mess 

Sechaba:"So everything we been through was a lie huh?" 

Me:"When you say everything what do you mean?" He chuckled 

Sechaba:"Never mind but remember you are the only who has too much to lose here" 

Me:"Lose?" He looked at me 

Sechaba:"We will talk in the office" he stood up and walked out. 

As if I didn't have enough visitors Mr Jali walks in 

Mr J:"Khanyisa Jali you are testing me you better get your act back together because you have a company to run a multimillion company depends on you" 

Me:"Can you just take a second and look at me please?" He sighed and looked at me 

Mr J:"Now what?" 

Me:"I'm not Khanyisa why can't you see that?" He sigh and sat next to me 

Mr J:"I know I have been hard to you I'm sorry I know your mother's death has affected you so much you have never been the same. I remember the first time we brought you home she was so happy she always wanted a girl but couldn't get any when you came into our lives she was so happy you brought light in our lives that's why we named you KHANYISA you know how close you two were. I know you always hide behind your work just to avoid emotions. I know this sickness was caused by the void you felt when your mother passed. Your brother will be handling the company until you get better. I miss her too sweety" he said pulling me to his arms.

I felt some type of way I never had a fatherly hug before this strange feeling was overwhelming I just bawled my eyes out.

MrJ:"It's okay" he said wiping my eyes and kissed my forehead. 

Me:"I'm sorry it's--" 

Mr J:"There is nothing to apologize for" I honestly don't know what to do here I don't want to be an imposter.

Me:"I'm hungry" I haven't eaten anything since I arrived here

MrJ:"Let's go make you something to eat" I nod we went to kitchen the maid made us some sandwiches.

I looked at the pictures around the wall Khanyisa really looked happy when she was younger and her mother looked like a good mother.

I saw a piano and went to sit down I sigh before playing 

Mr J:"That's a beautiful piece you always watched your mother play I didn't know you can play too Khanyisa" he startling me

Me:"I learnt from school" he smiled and sat next to me. 

Mr J:"Can you play again?" 

Me:"Uh..yeah sure" I started playing he looked at me as if I'm the most precious thing he ever saw. 

I need to get out of here before I become attached to this family 


I drove back to my apartment and I found Lerato watching TV. 

As soon as she saw she frowned if looks could kill I would be dead.

Lerato:"Better be a good reason why you are here when you are supposed to be marrying Khanyisa Jali" she said standing up 

Me:"The wedding didn't happen" she chuckled 

Lerato:"I knew you wouldn't pull through Sechaba you always mess things up" 

Me:"I didn't mess up okay Khanyisa found out about the male you hired to drug her bridal shower she found about all our plans that's why she ran away" 


Me:"Look she hasn't said anything to her father I don't know why we just have to found out"

Lerato:"We don't have time Sechaba" I sigh and sat down 

Me:"I need to get my brother out of prison soon" 

Lerato:"We need that company or all this we be for nothing and I don't know how but you still need to marry that girl" 

Me:"She has no proof of anything that's a good thing we can just let this go and start our lives somewhere far" she shook her head 

Lerato:"Let it go? We are poor because of those people your father died because of them and your little brother is in prison because of what they did and you are telling me to let it go" I sigh 

Me:"I just need my brother out of prison" my phone starts ringing I answered and my heart drops to my stomach tears fill my eyes.

Lerato:"Sechaba what's going on?"I end the call 

Me:"My brother has been beaten up in prison Lerato" 

Lerato:"You see what's going on Sechaba and you want us to just drop this" I stood up and took my keys I need to see him. 


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