The decision we make in life can affect our well being and there is no turning back. 

This is me today crying because of a betrayal I didn't see coming. 

I thought he was happy with me I saw the signs but I choose to ignore them. 

I looked at the divorce papers one last time he took everything we owned I can't dispute that because when he found me I was nothing. 

I lost my job because of him I have nothing in my name because of him he made sure that I suffer without him. 

My qualifications are doing me no justice as long as he is alive. 

The only thing I have now is my son and yet I have nothing to feed him because his father stripped everything away from us without giving care about his own son.

I didn't know that he was heartless until a few months ago I didn't know that the man I thought was my soulmate was my own downfall he stripped me off everything even the last dignity I had. 

My son is the only thing that's keeping me alive at this moment he is innocent in all of this. 

I pack the last bag as my son was sitting there play with his toys the thought of not being able to provide for him breaks my heart. 

Me:"Boy boy let's go" he stood up and launched his tiny hand into mine. 

There is my husband sitting in a couch sipping on one of his expensive whiskey not bothered at all. 

Me:"Here are the divorce papers" I said placing them on them on a table he stared at us before saying something. 

Tshepo:"You should be thankful that I even let you kep those clothes with you this is a proof that you are nothing without me I made you and I can destroy you Zizipho"

Me:"And you proved your point" 

Tshepo:"Did you say something?" He said walking towards me and grabbed me by my hair. 

Junior:"Let Mommy go" he said grabbing his father's leg Tshepo just pushed him and he fell on the ground then start crying. 

Me:"You are hurting me please let me go" he slapped me across the face I hold my cheek he grabs my throat "Please stop!" he just squeezed it tight. 

I hear him groan and letting me go I fell on the ground and start catching my breath. 

Tshepo:"Leave my house" I quickly composed myself and grabbed my son and our luggages and ran out of the door. 

The rain was getting heavy we walked towards the shelter to shield ourselves. 

Our clothes were wet my son was shivering I undressed him and put him on dry clothes.

Junior:"Mom I'm hungry" I feel tears sting at the back of my eyes 

Me:"Let's wait for the rain to past I will get you something to eat okay?" He nods and I pulled him to my arms to keep him warm. 

I still can't believe that Tshepo did to us my first love who promised to take care of us forever. 

It all started about few months ago when I found out that he was cheating on me with someone I thought was my best friend. 

When I confronted him about it he beat me up and that was the first time my own husband layed his hands on me. 

He started bringing Mpumi my so called best friend to our home and they treated me like a servant if I didn't burge in to their demands he would threaten to make Junior pay for it or beat me up. 

I had to do everything they say I should do in order to protect my son and myself. 

I was glad that I was finally free from the abuse I was subjected to. 

The divorce came with a lot of consequences I lost a home

I lost a home I lost my job because I worked for his friend I lost the cars because he bought them for me I was just left with a few thousands which I saved for myself I don't know how long is it going to last us. 

We spent more than thirty minutes on the shelter I was starting to get worried about my son it's rare to find any taxi here especially at this time. 

It was starting to get dark outside. 

Me:"Baby we have to keep walking" I said taking his hand a petrol station was just ten minutes away atleast it wasn't raining that hard anymore. 

Ten minutes later we managed to get to the petrol station the stares I got were too much I'm sure people are asking themselves what's the wife of the well known business tycoon doing here looking so terrible some were even taking pictures and I know I will be all over social media in a few seconds. 

I just bought some food for us then coffee to keep us warm I know it's not ideal for a child but I have no choice. 

We walked out after finishing our meals there is no way we are finding a place at this time and hotels and B&B's cost a fortune in this place but I can't have my son sleep outside the closest B&B is about twenty minutes away and I have no phone with me. 

I saw two guys approaching us I know they are going to rob us with each step they take I feel my heart pounding. 

Guy1:"My sister where are you going?" He said looking at my luggage 

Me:"Nowhere I'm just waiting for a friend to pick us up" my voice was trembling that's how scared I was. 

Guy2:"This is not a safe place to stand alone we can wait with you" I swallowed their faces and clothes they were wearing you could tell they are homeless. 

Me:"I'm fine" 

Guy1:"Sister we know you are lying so how about we do this. We walk you to where you want to go and you give us some catch" 

Guy2:"Even if you refuse we are taking the cash anyways" 

Me:"Uuh okay I need a B&B or hotel" I don't trust them 

Guy1:"Okay we will walk to a nearby B&B for 10 tigers" that's R100 if I'm not mistaken I just nod. 

Guy2:"Let me help you with that" he took the luggage I picked up Junior but the other one stops me 

Guy1:"You look exhausted come here ntwana" he said taking Junior from me but I don't let him "I don't hurt kids my siblings are the reason I rob people I wouldn't dare hurt your son" he takes Junior who falls asleep on his shoulder immediately. 

God please be with me right now because I'm scared. 


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