Chapter 20


Sechaba went home hoping that Indy will end things with Asanda. 

He knows he wants Asanda for himself and he also wants to stay with Lerato he doesn't want to pick between the two. 

He got in Lerato was sitting on top of the bed holding something on her hand. 

She looked at Sechaba and she sigh she was about to leave the room when Sechaba grabbed her arm softly. 

Everything between them was intense lately especially after Asanda came to their home and dished up some dirty on Sechaba. 

Sechaba:"Can we talk?" She sigh 

Lerato:"I don't need this right now Sechaba" he sigh 

Sechaba:"I know I fucked up but I love Asanda and I also love you if the three of us could have an understanding we could make it work" she chuckled 

Lerato:"Like some polygamy relationship?" He nods Lerato laughed 

Sechaba:"I know it sounds crazy but--" she cuts him off 

Lerato:"It doesn't sounds crazy Sechaba it is crazy. I'm not desperate for love or any relationship we might have been together for long but I won't settle for this. After everything we have been through together now you choose to betray me like this. You can stay with her I don't want to be part of this anymore" she said opening her closet 

Sechaba:"Are you leaving me?" She wiped her tears 

Lerato:"No I'm choosing myself and my baby we don't deserve this" 

Sechaba:"What baby? Are you pregnant?" She just kept quiet and continue packing her clothes "Lerato I'm talking to you" 

Lerato:"Yes I am pregnant" she said looking at him 

Sechaba:"Babe we are---" she cuts him off 

Lerato:"No I am having a baby not we you don't have a say to what I do anymore me and you are done I have been nothing but the best partner to you. Where was this Asanda when your father died and I was comforting you putting the pieces together where was she when I was the one making sure that your brother was safe in prison not recently I have been the one breaking my back for your brother's funeral doing all the preparations and comforting you. Now you want her I deserve better than this I have been picking up your shit Sechaba not even once have you appreciated that and now this was a last straw I'm done" she said closing her luggage 

Sechaba:"I'm sorry that I have been unappreciative Lerato I can make things right" she chuckles 

Lerato:"By bringing a second woman to our relationship who was clear that she doesn't love you" 

Sechaba:"Please don't leave" she dragged her bags and walked out of their room "Lerato wait I will give up on her" she shook her 

Lerato:"Why because I'm pregnant so in the future you will say I trapped you with a baby no thanks" 

Sechaba:"I don't want to lose you and our baby" 

Lerato:"Then you should have thought of that" she got inside her car and drove off. 

Leaving Sechaba thinking so hard about everything Lerato was right she had been there for him through thick and thin she never asked him for anything in return but now he has hurt her in the worse possible way and he may never see his child. 


I was beyond angry it was like I suddenly went deaf when Indy told what Sechaba did to her because he doesn't want to accept that I have moved on and I am happy. 

I looked at Indy who was peaceful sleeping next to me the red marks on her neck were visible that just made me feel guilty because if I didn't sleep with Sechaba none of this would have happened to me. 

Indy barely said anything when we got here she didn't even eat she just wanted to sleep. 

That was very scary on my part will she end things with me just to protect herself from Sechaba.

Indiphile is so much feminine she wouldn't be able to defend herself against Sechaba. 

I wouldn't blame her if she would want to end things with me but it hurts to even think about us ending this way. 

I wiped my tears and leave the bed I tried watching TV but it wasn't doing me any destruction. 

I hear footsteps then she appears rubbing her eyes. 

As soon as she saw me she sigh in relief.

Me:"Hey"she sat next to me  

Indy:"Hey" I laid my head on her shoulder and cover her with the blanket. 

Me:"I'm sorry" she looked at me 

Indy:"This is not your fault" I shook my head 

Me:"But if I didn't give him the idea that me and him could be a thing this wouldn't be happening" 

Indy:"No people break up everyday but don't go around attacking their next partners. Sechaba is just crazy" I sigh 

Me:"You are not going to leave me right?" I said with my voice already shaking she keeps quiet "Indiphile!" I said with tears glistening in my eyes

Indy:"And where else will I go? We can't let Sechaba play God in our lives. You deserve to be happy I will only leave if you want me to not because someone tells me to" I hugged with a huge relief 

Me:"So what do we do?" 

Indy:'I don't know let's hope he backs off" I nod. 

I don't know when will I ever get break not so long ago I thought my life was finally becoming what I always wanted but now everything seems to be falling apart yet again I must be. 

We must have falling asleep in the couch Indy was sleeping on top of me. 

I slowly shook her she opened her eyes. 

Me:"Hey I need to call my boss I'm staying at home today" 

Indy:"You know you don't have to" I sigh 

Me:"I want to be here with you I will work from home" she nods and move. 

I called my boss and she allowed to stay in. 

I made breakfast for us my phone chirped from the table. 

I wiped my hands and read the message. 

"Hey Asanda

I know I messed up can we meet up and talk please. Sechaba" I click my tongue and blocked his number he has some nerve to even think I would meet up with after he threatened my girlfriend. 

I continue cooking my phone rings It was an unknown number this guy is testing my patience.

I picked up the phone and I was ready to give him a piece of my mind. 

Me:"Sechaba stay the fuck away from me I don't want you stay away from my girlfriend and I do you hear me?" I was fuming Indy looked at me 

"Did I catch you at the wrong time?" Her voice echoed in my ear. 

My tears build up from my eyes and Indy stood up. 

Me:"Khanyisa!!!" Indy stopped on her tracks. 

Kay:"Hey sis" 

Me:"Hey where are you? Are you okay?" I said quickly 

Kay:"I'm fine I'm somewhere safe I'm sorry I left you just like that" I shook my head as if she could see me

Me:"It's okay I understand as long as you are safe when are you coming back?" She sigh 

Kay:"When I'm ready sis" 

Me:"Okay I have you talked to Tom he is miserable Kay he misses you" she sigh 

Kay:"I know I haven't spoken to him yet" 

Me:"Please do. How is my baby treating you?" She chuckled 

Kay:"Morning sickness are my worse nightmare" I laughed 

Me:"They say first trimester are the worse" she laughed 

Kay:"that's right they truly are" 

Me:"I miss you so much" 

Kay:"I miss you too sis so Sechaba? The girlfriend what's going on there?" I sigh 

Me:"Sechaba has gone crazy Kay he attacked Indy because he wants me back and I have moved on" 

Kay:"Wait what? Indy is your girlfriend" I looked at Indy and smiled 

Me:"Yes I know that you---" she cuts me off 

Kay:"No now it makes sense Indy was in love and if she makes you happy then me and her will be good I promise" 

Me:"Thank you so much" 

Kay:"So what are you going to do about Sechaba?" I sigh 

Me:"That I don't know and I'm scared he might harm Indy" Kay 

Kay:"Uhh..be careful guys I love you talk soon say hi to Indy" 

Me:"I love you too" the phone ended "My sister says hi" I said looking at her 

Indy:"Is she coming back?" She said sitting down 

Me:"Not yet but she will" she nods 

Indy:"I can't wait to meet her" I looked at her "Officially you know" she says laughing.

Me:"I can't wait for you guys to meet too" she smiles atleast one good thing happened hearing from my sister was really good and has lifted up my mood too. 


After getting off the call I wiped my tears I miss my sister a lot and I'm missing a lot in her life so is she with mine. 

I hate Jali for separating us yet again. 

I walked out of the bedroom and I found Pablo eating he looked at me. 

Me:"Thanks for letting me use your phone" 

Pablo:"That's why I wanted to get you yours so you won't use mine" I just sigh I'm getting used to him right now. 

Me:"Why waste money if I could use yours" 

Pablo:"Because what's mine it's mine" I roll my eyes "I got something for you"

Me:"What is it?" 

Pablo:"Follow me" I followed him to an underground basement 

Me:"Are you going to kill me?" He chuckled

Pablo:"I don't kill women atleast not myself" 

Me:"Okay I thought training was starting in a week" he sigh and turned on the lights. 

A cute puppy was sitting in his little mat.

Me:"A dog?" He frowned 

Pablo:"It's a puppy a trained puppy for that matter" 

Me:"Yeah that" he sigh

Pablo:"You don't like puppies" 

Me:"I do I just didn't think you got some love for puppies in that cold heart of yours" 

Pablo:"It's not mine it's yours" I squad and pick it up "What are you going to name him?" 

Me:"I don't know is it a boy or girl"he shrugged his shoulders 

Pablo:"I don't know and I don't care" 

Me:" I will call Gumblebee" 

Pablo:"Mmh that's.. you know what whatever" 

Me:"Thanks Pablo" he chuckles

Pablo:"Alright I will bring his things up" I nod and walked away but he held my hand. 

Pablo:"What's bothering you Irina?" I sigh "You could just end how you are feeling by just a phone call"

Me:"It's not him" he looked at me 

Pablo:"Then what's wrong?" 

Me:"my sister is going through the most right now and I can't help her" 

Pablo:"Help her? How?" 

Me:"Her ex is threatened to harm her girlfriend" 

Pablo:"She dates women?" He asked surprised 

Me:"She is the first woman she dated I believe"

Pablo:"So the guy's ego is bruised to be replaced by a woman" he said amused 

Me:"He is ego didn't just get bruised he attacked my sister's girlfriend" 

Pablo:"Okay now that's stupid he is pushing your sister away and she will love her girlfriend more so what are you going to do?" 

Me:"What can I do when I'm here" he looked at me 

Pablo:"I'm here use me" I looked at him

Me:"You can help while you here?" 

Pablo:"Pablo can do anything" I nod 

Me:"Please don't kill him" he sigh 

Pablo:"That's boring but okay" 

Me:"Thank you so much" 

Pablo:"Okay now let's get your Gumblebee set up" I smiled and nod 


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