Chapter 19


The mood has changed even Luthando didn't know that Zizipho had it this hard in her life.

A part of him was breaking because the pain Zizipho felt its something he didn't even begin to imagine she went through she masked it very well.

Naledi couldn't help but cry because it seems like her trying to protect her child made it worse to her daughter's life she suffered greatly in her life and she wasn't there for her she was all alone.

Mnqo felt guilt that his mother chose to give his sister away instead of him he felt like as male child he would have survived the world better than his sister.

He believed female child was more easy to attack on and easily taken advantage of. 

Khaya felt like a failure he failed his wife and children.

If only he changed the law of sacrifice immediately when he became the king his wife wouldn't have been in a position she was in when she chose to give away Zizipho and Zizipho would've had the childhood her other siblings had.

All you could hear was Zizipho's painful sob and Naledi decided to take a chance and sat next to her.

She slowly pulled her for a hug she was prepared for rejection but Zizipho went all in instead.

She sobbed to a point that her twin brother couldn't take it he walked outside.

Khaya found himself shredding a tear it pained him to see the two women he loves crying so much but he was happy that Zizipho was letting Naledi comfort her.

Naledi:"I'm so sorry" she said as she was brushing Zizipho who was slowly calming down

Zizipho:"It hurts so much" for the first she was letting her past hurt her instead of acting strong.

She was letting her past hurt she was allowing herself to feel the pain she went through.

Naledi:"It's okay just let it all out" Naledi said wiping her daughter's tears for the first time.

Entle:"You are not alone now" she said sitting next to her sister too.

Luthando walked out to found Mnqophiso who had his head buried in his head.

Luu placed his hand on his shoulder and Mnqo quickly wiped his tears but he was too late.

Luu:"It's okay man after that heartbreaking moment I found myself in tears too and it must be worse for you. You shared the womb"

Mnqo:"How is she still standing after all she has been through?"

Luu:"I guess she is stronger than the both of us combined" they both walked inside the ladies have finally calmed down

Luu:"Hey feeling better?" he said looking at Zizipho and she nods

Zee:"I don't hate you for what you did because if you didn't choose to save me Junior wouldn't be here and he is only that matters to me he is the reason I took it all and survived. I don't want to force a relationship with you yes I want to know you but I would appreciate it if you let me do things in my own pace"

Naledi:"Of course we will respect your wish" she couldn't believe it that Zizipho was really saying all that she was saying right at that moment

Khaya:"How about you stay here?" Zizipho looked at him "I know you are not doing well financially and you don't want to ask for help. We will give you the space you need and while you found your own feet"

Zee:"Can I think about it?"

Naledi:"Yes of course when you are ready you will tell us" she nods

Entle:"Can I warm the food now?"

Junior:"You look like my mom" he said looking at Entle he has been quiet the whole time Entle smiled at him.

Entle:"Me and your mom are sisters so that makes me your aunt"

Junior:"Okay I'm hungry aunt

can I please have some food?"

Entle:"Okay let's go make you some food" they walked to the kitchen hand in hand

Naledi:"You are doing a great job with him" Zizipho smiled

Zee:"You think so?"

Khaya:"He is well mannered that says a lot"

Zee:"Thank you"

Mnqo:"So how do you know each other?" he asked looking at Luu and Zee.

Zee:"He is my boss and my friend too"

Naledi:"I think I know you from somewhere ain't you a prince from Manzini Kingdom"

Luu:"Yes I am"

Entle came back with food and the servants were helping her.

They ate brunch and it wasn't as awkward they all thought it would be but Zizipho was kinda reserved.

It was time to go back to Manzini Kingdom for them

Entle:"Hope to see you soon" she smiled


Junior:"I don't want to go" they all looked at him shocked

Zee:"Junior we have to go I promise we will come back again" he just shook his head and tears formed on his eyes

Naledi:"He can stay I know this is still new to you but he is connected here tomorrow you will pick him up" she sigh

Zee:"Oh my God he is gonna be the death of me I just don't want him to bother you"

Junior:"I promise I won't cause trouble I swear" he said raising his pinky swear finger

Zee:"Wow. I never seen such tomorrow I will be fetching you little man no stories" he quickly nods

Junior:"Aunt Entle can I have some cookies" Zizipho laughed

Entle:"Of course" she went to hug Zizipho "I will see you tomorrow I love you"

Zizipho:"See you tomorrow I love you too" she went inside with Junior

Naledi:"Thank you for hearing me out"

Zee:"It's something we both needed" they hugged and Zizipho hugged his brother and father then left.

Naledi:"I can't believe it's her"

Khaya:"You better believe it butterfly she is here and she has a forgiving heart just like you she has more of your qualities and Thank God for giving us a chance to be in her life"

Naledi:"I feel like I'm dreaming let's go be with our grandson" she said smiling.


I didn't know that Zizipho was so strong she more strong than I am.

I know why my ancestor chose her for me they knew she would make a strong Queen for this kingdom.

I'm glad she was finally able to meet her family and realise the anger she had harbored in her for years but I know it won't all go away she will need some therapy.

We drove home with her complaining about how much Junior is quickly to get used to people.

When we got home my mom was already waiting for us she was worried about Zizipho.

Mom:"You guys are back? How did it go?"

Zee:"It went well and Junior stayed behind" she smiled

Luu:"Can we talk?" I said looking at Zizipho

Zee:"Sure" I led the way to the garden

Luu:"How are you feeling about everything?" she sigh

Zee:"I feel so exposed and naked I never been able to put my feelings out there till today. And I'm glad she didn't give me up for selfish reason or something. She was protecting me and I can't blame her for all that has happened to me. I don't want to hold grudges and I want to build a relationship with my parents and siblings"

Me:"You been through a lot and honestly I wouldn't even survive half of the things you were through" she smiled

Zee:"I don't know how I'm still standing either"

Me:"That's why I'm glad that I will be ruling this Kingdom with you" she laughed

Zee:"You such a joker" she said still laughing but stopped when she realized I wasn't laughing "Wait what did you just say?"

Me:"You are my chosen wife Zizipho I just didn't have the courage to tell you. The reason you were seeing my grandfathers its because you are destined to rule this with me. I tried running away from all this but at some point they bring us together. And I'm done running away from it all"

Zee:"You are not joking?" I shook my head

Me:"NO I'm not" she just kept quiet "Say something please"

Zee:"Why me?"

Me:"Why not you?"she shook her head 

Zee:"Wow I need water haibo" she said that and ran inside

My phone beeped "You are not getting a divorce Luu over my dead body!" that was Melissa

Me:"I guess I will be a widow then" I texted her back the nerve of this woman 

"Are you threatening to kill me?"



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