Chapter 18


I really had a peaceful night on Luthando's home he didn't want to leave me alone because of the emotional state I was at with Junior.

His family is so welcoming and they are good people now I understand were Luthando got his good heart.

Junior refused to spend a night in the same room with me he was so clingy to the king don't ask me why.

I woke up and took a shower when I got out of the bathroom the queen entered the room

Queen:"I'm sorry I have been knocking for a while" she is really beautiful and with a beautiful heart too

Me:"It's okay Ma please come in" she placed the food on my dresser I was surprised that she cooks for her own family other Queens barely touch the pots.

Queen:"How did you sleep?"

Me:"I slept okay I hope Junior wasn't troublesome" she chuckled

Queen:"That one is a sweetheart" I nod "I heard you are a princess"

Me:"Luthando and his big mouth" she laughed

Queen:"You are truly beautiful you remind me of my high school friend"

Me:"If she is a Queen too then she might be the woman who gave birth to me and gave me away"

Queen:"Please sit" she said panting a space next to her I sat "Are you angry that she gave you?" I nod feeling the lump on throat

Me:"I'm angry that she gave me away and continued living her lavishly life while I suffer in the cold you know what pains me is the fact that she kept the other child and gave me away? Why me?" she wiped the tears that kept falling from my eyes

Queen:"I know it hurts right now and I understand why she gave you away but it's really not my place to tell how about you hear her out? The 'Why' question will finally be answered. The anger you are feeling is justified but it is not good for you. The only way that it will go away its when you decide to face your parents" she was now hugging me

Me:"Thank you"

Queen:"We are here for you letting people be there for you it does not mean that you are weak or they will take advantage of you. Some of us are just the real ones" I nodded we were disturbed by the knock

Luu:"Hey its me can I come in"

Queen:"NO she is not ready unless you want to get it on" I widden my eyes and mouth

Luu:"Arrg mom! I will be in the kitchen" he left she just laughed

Queen:"I hope I did not cock block you" I swallowed

Me:"We are not dating he is married" she shrugged her shoulders

Queen:"Mmh okay. Get dress I already bathed Junior" she walked out did she just.. I just laughed

The Queen and King went to attend some meeting on the village hall with Junior who was suddenly clingy to them.

I was just left with Mbuso Luu and Unathi.

Unathi:"So you were married to Tshepo?"

Luu:"Unathi you are just nosy"

Unathi:"I'm just getting to know her" I just chuckled

Luu:"You will get to know her later on cause me and Zizipho are going for a stroll around the kingdom" Mbuso was soo quiet

Me:"We are?" he nods

Luu:"Bro are you okay?"

Mbuso:"We will talk about it later on"

Luu:"Okay Zee let's go" he took my hand we walked to the jeep.

As we were driving I couldn't help but admire this place it had beautiful valleys and fields.

The car stopped I looked at Luu.

Luu:"Come I'm taking you to my favorite place" we walked until we reached a big rock 

Me:"Is this your favorite place?" he nods "how do you get on top of the rock?" he climbed and helped me climb

Me:"This is a beautiful view" you could see the whole kingdom and its valleys

Luu:"Yeah I can't believe I will rule this whole kingdom someday"

Me:"It's scary"

Luu:"At least my chosen wife is smart woman" I swallowed I felt a little bit jealous

Me:"You met her already?" he nods "I have to go"

Luu:"We just got here. Where are you going?"

Me:"I'm going to meet my family right now maybe I will meet my chosen husband" I jumped off the rock I fell "Ouch fucken stupid rock"

Luu:"Zizipho are you okay?" he said helping me up

Me:"I'm doing just fine! In fact I'm great. Ouch" I said feeling the pain on my ankle

Luu:"Okay come on I will attend to that ankle" I chuckled

Me:"NO I will go to the clinic tomorrow right now I'm going home"

Luu:"Why are you mad?"

Me:"Let's go" he shook his big head which I didn't found attractive at the moment.

We drove to the palace in silence he kept stealing glances at me.

As we got there his parents were around I leaped even more I refused him helping me

Queen:"Zizipho what happened?" I looked at Luu

Me:"Ask your son"

Luu:"Why me? She jumped off the rock and fell" I chuckled and shook my head

Me:"He pushed me off the rock" he choked on his saliva

Luu:"Zizipho!" his parents were looking at him for explanation "I don't know why she is lying"

Me:"Ouch!" he rolled his eyes "I'm swelling"

Queen:"Wena Mbasa!! Come here Zizipho I will help you with that"

His mother attended to my ankle which wasn't even that much painful.

Queen:"He did not push did he?" I shook my head

Me:"NO he wouldn't do that"

Queen:"Don't worry he will be in trouble with his dad and I won't tell that you were lying he deserves it for letting you fall" I laughed 

Me:"I think I'm falling for him" did I just say that to his mother? I'm stupid

Queen:"That's a good thing... I mean. Oh my God I have to go" she quickly rushed out of the room.

That was awkward I decided to call Entle.


Entle was watching a movie in her room when her phone from a number she couldn't recognized she answered then kept quiet

Zee:"Hey it's Zizipho"

Entle:"Zizipho hey" she said quickly sitting up straight

Zee:"How are you"

Entle:"I'm good how are you?"

Zee:"I'm good I want to apologize for that day" Entle smiled

Entle:"NO it's okay I'm just glad you reached out"

Zee:"I was wondering if I could come there tomorrow to meet them " she immediately stood up

Entle:"What?!Of course"

Zee:"Please don't tell them anything I just want to know the truth. I don't want them preparing a speech to say to me" she quickly nods

Entle:"Okay I won't I promise"

Zee:"Thank you see you tomorrow"

Entle:"See you tomorrow Goodnight"

Zee:"Goodnight" Zizipho hanged up leaving Entle smiling to herself.

Entle:"Thank you God" she said to herself.

Morning came and Entle wake up so early prepared breakfast she was nervous but happy for her parents at the same time.

She noticed the guards about the visitors so they won't keep them waiting Naledi walked in and smiled.

Naledi:"What did you do with my Entle?" she laughed

Entle:"We got visitors?"

Naledi:"We?" she said raising an eyebrow. Khaya walked in

Khaya:"Two cars just pulled in our driveway what's going on?"Entle bite her lower lip

Entle:" Zizipho is here"

Parents:"What?!" the twin brother just stood there too.

The bell rang and the parents looked at each other Entle went to open the door.

Zizipho was with Luthando and Junior.

Entle:"Please come in" Zizipho was too nervous she was tapping her foot.

Entle led the way and they followed her.

Entle:"Mom and Dad this is Zizipho and Zee these are our parents" Zizipho nods as she didn't know what to say to them at the moment.

She looked at her twin brother and smiled

Zee:"Nice to meet you all this is Luthando" she was clutched onto Luthando's hand.

Naledi:"Please sit" she said with a husky voice.

They all sat down there was an awkward moment for a second.

Mnqo:"Nice to see you again" Luthando looked at him he mentally slapped himself for being stupid.

Zee:"It's nice to see you again" Naledi sigh she had glassy eyes

Naledi:"Zizipho I know you are here because you have some many questions about why I get you up and I understand that you might hate me"

Zee:"You are wrong I never hated anyone I just want to know why you did it?Did you ever think of me when you lived this lavishly life of yours"

Naledi:"There is no day that I didn't think of you I tried even looking for you but I had no luck. I gave you away just to protect you from being the sacrifice of this Kingdom your father did not anything about you please don't hate him or hold anything against. I could not live knowing that I gave you up to be killed. I couldn't do it"she said with tears Entle went to her and hold her hand "I don't expect you to understand me or forgive me cause I have no idea of how your childhood"

Zee:"You know how my childhood was? I was moved from orphanage to orphanage? At the age of fifteen I was kicked out of the orphanage because they said I was old there are some kids who needed that bed I slept. I had to sleep on the streets because I had nowhere to go. For a year I had to sleep on the streets with the fear that someone will come rape me kill me or kidnap me. I had to check dirty bins for food just so I had to eat. One night I bumped into an angel who turned my life to a nightmare my so called ex husband who verbally abused me and made sure that I knew that I am who I became because of him. I soon turned to being his punching bag. I had no one to protect me you think giving me away was protecting me but you gave me to the wolf to feed onto me. I stayed in an abused marriage because I thought it was normal for a husband to do what my own husband did to me. How was I supposed to know anything when I have no mother to teach me about marriage? A dad to set straight a man who abuses his own daughter?A brother to protect me? A sister to be there for me? You robbed me of all that. If you let them kill me I wouldn't have went through all of that" Naledi and Entle couldn't hold back their tears.

Khaya:"Don't say that Zizipho I know we can't take away the pain but we are willing to make it up for all those years you have a child now please let him get to know us. Your mother loves you and I love you your siblings are here and they love you. We are not asking for you to forget everything that has happened to you but we are asking you to let us be there for you through your healing process"

Zee:"All I needed was to be loved that's all I ever longed for" she said that and broke down.


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