Chapter 17


Thank God I had a weekend off and yesterday was a blust with Luthando I really had a good one.

I don't want to date a married man because I have experienced this I know the pain of losing someone you love to another woman.

But there is something that keeps pushing me to him and I don't know why when I think of him I keep smiling and feel different.

I don't want to feel this way towards him because I don't want to be a home wrecker as much as they are divorcing but you could see that Melissa still loves him and the way she looked at me when we bumped into her she was full of hate and anger.

I got out of bed and took a shower then prepared breakfast for me and Junior since we were alone.

My phone beeped it was a picture from Luthando.

He actually had stolen a picture of me when I was playing around the beach "I can't help but admire this beauty" I smiled

Me:"Oh please stop go back to sleep" I texted back

He video called me and I answered

Luu:"Hey you"

Me:"Hey you slept good?" he smiled

Luu:"Well I didn't sleep me and Mbuso got drunk till dawn"

Me:"Seems like you guys are in a good place"

Luu:"We are getting there"

Me:"We will talk later" he nods

Luu:"Take care" we ended the call I shook my head because this guy has a wife and a chosen wife here I am getting myself in the middle of it all.

My phone beeped I opened the message on Instagram

"Hey Zizipho I'm sorry to just drop on you like this my name is Entle Dlamini from LITHALETHU Kingdom and I believe that we are sisters I know this message might scare you but I would like to meet and talk. Here are my contacts" by now my hands were shaking I was pacing up and down.

It beeped again it was a picture of her I almost fainted I felt like I was looking at myself in the mirror but our complexion were different she is mellow.

I logged out of my account and called Kuhle but she didn't pick up then I tried Kopano cause I was avoiding calling Luu her phone went straight to voicemail.

I decided to call him he picked up on the second ring

Luu:"Don't tell me you miss me already"my breath was so heavy and deep" Zizipho are you okay"

Me:"Please come over" that's all I could manage to say at the moment

Luu:"Okay I'm on my way please try to breath" I hear things shuffle "Just breath fuck!" I hear him say the line went dead.

Junior:"Mom are you okay?" I just nod and tried to breath I sat down and Junior was rubbing my back tears kept falling from my eyes I don't know if I'm like this because I will finally found where I belong? Maybe for the first time I will not be mistreated? Maybe for once in my life that void of not knowing what love is will be filled? What about the mother's love I never got to experience? The normal childhood I was robbed of?

Junior:"Mom please don't cry" he said wiping my tears with his little hands

A knock came through the door my son went to open

Luu:"Hey buddy where is mommy?" he said walking in you could hear he was short of breath as soon as he laid his eyes on me he came to me rushing

Luu:"Hey whats wrong?" He said cupping my face "You need to breath okay? Just breath" I breath a few times he placed my head on his lap and brushed my back.

Luu:"Hey buddy get mommy some water" Junior quickly walked to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water "Drink this" I drank the water.

Luu:"Now talk to me what's wrong? What got you like this?" I took a deep breath

Me:"Someone reached out to me and said she is my sister"

Luu:"And you panicked?" I nod "It's okay"

Me:"They want to meet up and talk"

Luu:"And what do you want to do? I know this is a scary thing for you you are used to being alone and the thought of having someone who truly loves you scares you. You think they might advantage of your vulnerable self like others did from your past. But not everyone is out to get Zee some are here to stay. Yes people like Tshepo and Mpumi messed up your life and the way of seeing things. The fact that they reached out to you says a lot" I sigh realizing that he is right about everything.

Me:"Okay I will text her back" he nods I took my phone

"We could meet today around 11 am if that's okay with you"

Luu:"I will babysit Junior and if it gets too much for you and you feel overwhelmed by everything I'm just a call away" I nod

Me:"Thank you for coming here"

Luu:"Anytime I will be here" my phone beeped she sent me a location of the place we were going to meet at.

Me:"This is creepy she is my duplicate" I said showing the picture to him

Luu:"Whoa this is the mellow version of you" I laughed "Get dressed I will drop you off"

Me:"What will I wear?" he chuckled

Luu:"You look good in anything Zizipho" I rolled my eyes and picked something to wear.

Luthando drove me to the restaurant and as we were getting close my palms were sweating

Luu:"Hey you got this" I nod and jumped out "Call me when you are done"

I slowly walks to the restaurant Luthando was watching me I nod at him to go he drove off.

I got inside I immediately saw her she looked at me as I approached her

Me:"Hey you must be Entle" she smiled

Entle:"Hey please sit"I sat opposite her" How are you?"

Me:" I'm good I guess considering the situation I could be worse how are you? " she nods

Entle:"I'm just glad you came so I'm feeling good" we both stared at each other without saying anything

Me:"Okay this is creepy I feel like I'm looking right back at me"

Entle:"Tell me about it you are my duplicate. I'm sorry if I caught you off guard with everything but I really wanted to talk to you

you are my duplicate. I'm sorry if I caught you off guard with everything but I really wanted to talk to you I know you have a lot of questions but those questions only mom can answer them" I felt a lump in my throat when she said 'mom' I never got that I don't know what a mom is in my life.

Me:"So you are suggesting that I meet your whole family? I'm not ready for that it was even hard for me to come here"

Entle:"I know I'm not saying meet them any time soon but when you are ready" I just nods "You have a twin"


Entle:"Yes you do have a twin he doesn't look anything like us thou"

Me:"Where is he now?"

Entle:"At home" I felt tears threatening to fall

Me:"So I was the only one who was abandoned"

Entle:"NO Zizipho mom didn't abandon on purpose " she said touching my hand

Me:"Then what do you call it abandoning one child and keeping the other?"

Entle:"I wish I could tell you everything but it's better you hear it from our parents instead of a third part believe me they love you and did everything to protect you" I felt my intestine becoming a knock

Me:"Well they have a good way of showing their love"

Entle:"You are angry and hurt I understand that but jus--" I cut her

Me:"And you are psychoanalysing me"

Entle:"Just hear them out"

Me:"No Entle your parents robbed me of everything they gave you because of them I don't even know what a parent's love is I have a son but I don't even know what I'm doing with him I don't know if I'm parenting him right or just ruining his life" she was looking at me with tears in her eyes "And next time you want to spend time with me let it be about you not your parents" I walked out feeling like I've been stabbed in a heart a thousand times 


Entle couldn't get over the hurt in her sister's voice.

Her tears kept falling because she never thought Zizipho didn't have anyone growing up.

She got home and everyone was waiting on her with the update of how everything went.

Naledi:"Entle" she said as soon as she entered the door

Khaya:"What's wrong?" she sat slammed herself on the couch and shook her head

Entle:"She is broken Ma she doesn't want anything to do with you guys"

Naledi:"I didn't expect her to at least I thought she would try to get to know you"

Entle:"I believe she does want to know me but I have to keep you off the topic with her" Naledi nods she didn't want to show that she is hurt but she was hurting her daughter hates her.

Naledi:"Go rest baby and thank you for meeting up with her"

Entle:"Don't worry mom she will come around. And she does that thing you do with your eyebrows when you speak" Naledi smiled as Entle walked away

Khaya:"We were expecting that I know you are hurting but she is your daughter she will come around let her build a relationship with her siblings and then we will see"

Naledi:"What about Mpumi? Your child will be the death of me Khaya"

Khaya:"I know she is hard to deal with but" Naledi cut her off

Naledi:"Your daughter is a devil Khaya she tried killing me but if she tries anything stupid with my daughter she will know me. Please keep her in check because I will do it myself if you don't and I won't be so nice this time around" she walked away leaving Khaya worried about his daughters. Mpumi is her first wife's child that died giving birth to her. He raised her alone until Naledi came around but Mpumi didn't like her stepmother she believed that her children will steal her dad from her she went too far to even try killing her with poison.

Now his daughter is dating her other daughter's ex husband.


After yesterday night I could really say that Mbasa and I are trying to build our relationship.

We got so drunk yesterday and mom was even amused and happy at the same time.

Unathi was the one who took us to bed.

Luthando just texted me and said that he is coming over with Zizipho and Junior.

Me:"Mom!" I yelled

Mom:"What did I say about yelling in this house?"

Me:"Luthando is coming over with his chosen wife and her son he gave me an instruction to tell not to act weird try to be normal"

Mom:"I act normal"

Dad:"NO you don't"

Mom:"Fine I will act normal"

Unathi:"Who's that with Mbasa ?" she said walking in

Mom:"My future daughter in law"

Unathi:"Damn she is beautiful" I chuckled

Me:"Act normal people!" they laughed and sat down quietly "Now you are all awkward"

Dad:"Mbuso what do you want us to do?" he whispered Luthando walked in with them.


Mom:"Hey you must be Zizipho?" she smiled

Zee:"Yes My Queen" mom chuckled

Mom:"Just Ma" she nods

Dad:"Ntokazi nice to meet you again?" her eyes widen I guess she didn't notice him

Zee:"You are Luthando's dad?"

Dad:"Yes welcome to our home"

Zee:"Thank you"

Unathi:"I'm the older sister" she hugged her no one is extra like Unathi. 

The young man went to sit on my dad's lap


Dad:"Let him be I guess I'm his favorite"

Mbasa:"In your dreams" we all laughed and settled down the servants came with our food and we dished up

Me:"So Junior was born on the 25th May?" They all looked at me.

Zee:"Yes how did you know?" I shrugged my shoulders "oh never mind"

Mom:"Oh my God he - - -" I cleared my throat

Me:"Yes we share birthdays with him" Mom and Dad looked at each other

Zee:"Oh really?"

Mbasa:"Yes so we are triplets" now I understand why Zizipho is the chosen one for Mbasa


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