Chapter 15


This is the betrayal I will never be able to forgive.

I have my flaws and I know I'm not perfect I may have hurt her with the chosen one wife thing but I didn't lie to her for two years.

It maybe been hard to tell her the truth at first but I did and it was something she already knew something she witnessed before I know it's not the same when you watch it happening to someone else.

It hurts when it happens to you but I can't help it I feel like I don't know the person I married the girl I fell for back then is not the one standing in front of me.

Maybe this is the price I'm paying for marrying her even though it was against the rules.

I got no one but myself to blame

Mel:"I can explain all of this Luthando" she said wiping her tears

Me:"You had nine years to tell me that you don't want to have kids but then you kept quiet and pretended that you were happy. You sold me a dream for years Melissa why?"

Mel:"Because I didn't want to bring a child only for them to be left in the cold they would be seen as half royalty and would never get the benefits of being royalty like the kids you would have with your chosen wife" I chuckled cause she is being ridiculous I walked close to her

Me:"Or maybe my ancestors would have changed if this right here" I said pointing in her heart "Was pure maybe they would have considered you as one of the own. They would have even make you my only wife" she swallowed because she knows what I'm saying it's true it has happened before with my uncle and many others.

Mel:"I love you Luu and I don't want to lose you are my whole life"

Me:"You should have thought about that before you did this" I said walking out.

Mel:"Luu please don't leave like this maybe we could make this polygamy thing work. I'm willing to accept you having another wife" I shook my head

Me:"I would have been better if you felt like that if you were not already in hot waters" I packed a few of my clothes

Mel:"I'm so sorry " she said trying to stop me from packing

Me:"I'm sorry too Mel" I kissed her forehead then her lips I pulled her close to me by her waist then pulled away from the kiss "Whats fucked up is I still love you"

I took my bag I will have to go home today and I will pick most of my things in a few days.


The king was sitting watching the doctor's attend to his wife.

He was wondering if the girl that Mnqophiso showed them was her daughter or something.

Could it be that his wife had a child that she had before they got married or could it be that her wife cheated on her but that was impossible to his mind because his wife has only been pregnant twice she never left home for too long that she could have managed to hide a whole pregnancy.

He had more questions than answers but only his unconscious wife would answer all of them.

He knew that his wife couldn't have reacted that one if she didn't know anything about the girl.

The doctor said that it was just panic attack it was nothing major indeed his wife did wake up in no time just an hour after the doctor left.

Khaya:"Naledi" he said walking close to his wife she swallowed she had hoped that was just a dream but it was just a reality.

Naledi:"My King" she said with a shaking voice and tears well building up in her eyes her husband held both her hands

Khaya:"Talk to me butterfly"

Naledi:"I'm so sorry I didn't know what else to do" she said with tears streaming down her cheeks

Khaya:"Please tell me what's going on? Put me out of my misery what are you apologizing for?"

Naledi:"I couldn't let my own child be killed like an animal"

Khaya:"Killed by who? What are you talking about?"

Naledi:"When I was pregnant with Mnqophiso I found out that it was twins I didn't know what to do I didn't want to sacrifice my own child. She deserved a chance to live even if it's far away from here. That's why I kept it away from you that I was carrying twins because I knew soon everyone was gonna found out you followed the rules and listened to your father so much. That's why my belly was too big with my first pregnancy it wasn't just one but two babies. On the day of giving birth our seer wasn't around because the babies were due in two months time. Only the midwives were there because you were not allowed to be with me during my birth and I had to convince them that my baby deserved a chance to live as women they understood the pain I was feeling. One of them offered to take the baby to a church that is far away from this kingdom. I don't know why the ancestors never showed anything to the seer but I'm grateful they didn't. I had to love my own daughter from afar not knowing where she was" The king was stunned by his wife's revelation he was lost of words for the first time he felt like he failed his wife and daughter who he never got a chance to meet.

Naledi:"I know this is too much for you but I won't apologize for protecting my own child she might hate me for separating her from us

she might hate me for separating her from us she will hate me for robbing her a chance to grow up in a home filled with love like our children but I hope some day she forgives me for that. I was just trying to protect her and I did try to find her but I had no luck the midwife that helped died a long time ago. I didn't even know where to start" she wiped her tears

Khaya:"Why didn't you say anything when you were looking for her?"

Naledi:"I was gonna tell you when I find her I searched everywhere. All I had was a name I gave her"

Khaya:"She is a princess butterfly she was bound to be brought home now that we know where she is.We could maybe try to find her and build a relationship with her I know it won't be easy but we should try. I'm so sorry I failed you and you did a right thing because I was probably gonna let my daughter be the sacrifice of this kingdom and if the ancestors wanted her to be a sacrifice there is no way you would have been able to hide her. It was meant to happen you did something I couldn't you protected our child" he said kissing her hands and buried his head on her stomach.

She placed her hand on top of his head

Naledi:"NO you didn't fail me buttercup. I just hopes she finds it in her heart and forgive me"

Khaya:"She will forgive you for now we have to find her and tell the kids about her" she nods

Naledi:"And knowing your kids they will love her and I hope she is just like them too" he smiled and joined her to bed

Khaya:"I don't know what I would do without you" she chuckled

Naledi:"You would probably die"

Khaya:"So full of yourself I love you"

Naledi:"I love you" they cuddled.


I was planning to go see my brother tomorrow but he came home he didn't seem fine and I didn't want to add more by telling him about me and his wife.

Unathi:"Your brother is here" she said busting in me I sigh

Me:"Not now Nathi did you see how he looks I can't add this on top of whatever is going on with him" she chuckled

Unathi:"Why can't you just for once stop being selfish and be there for your brother Mbuso. Mbasa is going through something and he probably feels alone he needs someone to talk to. This is your chance to come clean and mend your relationship with him" she bust out of the door.

I know how my fallout had affected our own sister and I know right she is going to cry herself to sleep if we don't fix things.

I decided to grow a pair and face my brother.

I knocked on his room a few times and he opened for me.

Me:"Hey bro can I come in" he nods and opened the space for me to come in "Are you okay? And please don't lie"

Mbasa:"NO I'm not okay my wife lied to me saying she is infertility only to found out she tied her tubes" I looked down

Me:"I knew she was not infertility but I had no idea she ties her tubes" he chuckled

Mbasa:"Of course you knew she wasn't because you were fucking her" I swallowed he was looking at me dead in the eyes 

Me:"You knew? I mean I didn't mean for it to happen"

Mbasa:"I'm not stupid"

Me:"She was pregnant with my child and aborted it" his face went red

Mbasa:"Wow Mbuso please leave my room"

Me:"Mbasa please I didn't mean to hurt you"

Mbasa:"And you did hurt me Mbuso you are my brother you were supposed to be the one to look out for me but you went and slept with Melissa. You betrayed me I didn't think our brotherhood meant so little to you" the look on his face made me realize how much I have hurt him and I don't think he will forgive me anytime soon. He sat down on the floor next to his bed and plug his headphones on I looked at him one last time.

I left wondering how come he knew about me sleeping with his wife and still stayed with her.


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