Chapter 13


I honestly don't know what happened to Junior he was fine when I got back from work.

Then later on he fell asleep I had him scream in his sleep he was soaking wet I tried waking him up but no luck.

He then went silent that's when we drove him to the hospital with Kopano.

He wasn't responsive when we got him here if anything happens to him I would die.

Kopano had to drive back home and Luthando arrived maybe Kopano called him here.

The doctors were there with him for the longest time.

Me:"They are taking too long what if something serious happened to him Luthando" I said with tears threatening to fall

Luu:"You can't think like that Zizipho I know he is fine. Trust me on this one" Thank God he is here cause I could barely keep it together.

There is nothing torturous like seeing the doctors and nurses moving up and down updating other families but no one is coming to you.

"Junior Mokoena" I quickly stood up.

Dr:"Your son is doing okay but we can't find anything wrong with him. At the moment we will run few more tests on him then he will go home"

Me:"You mean he just passed out and there is nothing wrong with him"

Dr:"He didn't have any signs of panic attack or suffocating his heartbeat is normal and he was breathing just fine when you got him here"

Luu:"Can we see him?" The doctor nods and led the way.

He was sleeping peaceful God what's happening with my son the doctor left us with him.

I walked close to his bed and touched his face

Me:"My baby" I looked at Luthando who looked so pale with tears welling up on his eyes.

Me:"Hey what's wrong" he quickly wipes his tears

Luu:"I need to do something" I looked at him "I promise he will be fine"

Me:"I feel like you are hiding something from me" he walks close to me "You are crowding me" I said trying to breath

Luu:"I will be back" he kissed my forehead and walked out.


As much as this is hard for me I have to do what's right.

Junior is an innocent soul I don't understand why would they involve him in my problems.

I drove home with a heavy heart cause I honestly don't know what's waiting for me at home.

I got in she was not in the living room.

I went to our room she was standing by the window looking outside.

Me:"Hey" I said as gently as I could she turned she looked at me without saying anything "Melissa what I said earlier hurt you more than anything and I can't take it back. Please believe me there is nothing going on between me and Zizipho"

Mel:"And why should I believe you? Did you go to her?" I sigh

Me:"Yes because her son is not okay he is in hospital" she chuckled

Mel:"What's going on Luthando?"

Me:"Please sit?" she sat on the couch opposite me "The princess I'm supposed to marry has arrived"

Mel:"What?Luthando you are my husband"

Me:"i know Mel but innocent people are gonna suffer or even worse"

Mel:"I don't care Luthando

you think I'm gonna accept that my husband will marry someone else thats bullshit!" she screamed

Me:"I'm sorry but if I have to be crowned King I will have to marry them"

Mel:"Then you won't be King if I can't be Queen!" she stood up she was walking out when Sandile pushed her she fell.

To make the matters worse I was right behind her

Mel:"Did you just push me?" Sandile laughed

Me:"Why would I push you Melissa" I said helping her get up "Melissa I'm royalty and you knew I was royalty from the get go. You didn't found out over night that I was destined to marry a princess at some point of my life but we ignored all of that because we were in love we broke all the rules just to be together we were both young and naive. I'm not expecting you to accept this easily but the truth is my love my destiny have finally caught up with us like it or not. I'm not gonna sugarcoat things you know if I marry the princess she will be my first wife the Queen her son will be the one next in line. I tried choosing you trust me and if I had superpowers I would do it again but this time around my hands are tied. God knows I love you and I have sacrificed my life just for you but have you asked yourself why we can't have kids? I have you asked yourself why is our marriage suddenly falling apart?. Unless I take the princess as my wife nothing will go right" she shook her head with tears streaming down

Mel:"NO Luthando I can't accept that. Where was she all this time?"

Me:"I'm so sorry this hurt and this hurt me too but we can make this work"

Mel:"How? By sharing you? You know that's impossible I will be side lined in everything just because I'm a commoner I have no royal blood on my veins" she ran out I hope they don't push her this time around.


I have been sitting next to Junior for hours and he hasn't wake up.

And Luthando hasn't showed up what was I expecting the guy has his own life.

Thuso appeared next to Junior and touched his forehead

Me:"What are you doing?" he didn't answer me but he just walked out.

I followed him but he was walking why too fast I couldn't even yell his name because I doubt anyone could see him except me.

He disappeared into thin air I looked around but I couldn't see him anywhere when I turned I bumped into someone.

I wonder why do I always bump into people

"Maybe it's because you clamsy"

Me:"Did I say that out loud" I looked at this guy he was staring at me and he was wearing a white coat which meant he is a doctor.

Dr:"Yes you did"

Me:"I'm so sorry Dr Dlamini" I said looking at his tag

Dr:"Call me Mnqophiso and you are?" I nod

Me:"Zizipho" he nods

Dr:"If I didn't know better I would say you were my sister" I laughed

Me:"Why?" he shrugged

Dr:"You are her look alike it's creepy"

"Zizipho" it was Luthando.

Me:"It was nice meeting you" he nods I walked towards Luthando

Luu:"Junior is awake" his eyes haven't left Dr Dlamini who was looking at us

Me:"Let's go" I dragged him to Junior's room


I woke up to someone banging my door.

I wonder who it was in the middle of the night cause I was having the most peaceful night

I opened up the door she walked in.

Me:"Fuck what are you doing here?"

Mel:"You are gonna make sure that your brother doesn't marry the so called princess" I chuckled

Me:"Why would I do that Melissa"

Mel:"Because I will tell him everything"

Me:"You wouldn't dare Melissa" she laughed

Mel:"Try me" I grabbed her arm

Me:"You know what go ahead and tell him yes he will hate me but he will forgive me I'm his brother . What about you?Do you think he is gonna forgive you for sleeping with his brother? Do you think he will be happy when I tell him that you aborted my child? How about when he hears about your so called infertility problem?"she swallowed" I think it's time I told him myself"

Mel:"Mbuso please I can't lose Luthando"

Me:"Yet you have no problem opening your legs for his brother. Leave my house Melissa Luthando is gonna marry that girl and I will make sure he does nx!" I pushed her out and banged the door



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