Chapter 12


Sometimes I could be impulsive.

The decision of wanting to send Zizipho away was so impulsive I saw an easy way out.

Mbuso was right I always run away from my problems.

And Zizipho gave it to me like it is without sugarcoating anything.

After she left my office I couldn't help but think about the way she rubbed my arms when I was wiping her mouth how she blinked so many times avoiding staring at me with her brown eyes.

This is wrong a married man can't be thinking of such things when his wife just witnessed that moment.

The last thing I want is to hurt Melissa we have been together for years I don't want to lose her.

Before driving home I text my brother to meet me at some bar I want to apologize to him for the way I spoke to him.

Mbuso and I were inseparable growing up we looked more identical than we do now.

Our differences started when I started dating Melissa he never hid it that he does not like her.

I was hurt that my twin brother wasn't supporting me.

When I arrived at the bar he was there Mbuso is the punctual one.

Me:"Bro" I sat next to him

Mbuso:"Mbasa" does he always have to call me Mbasa

Me:"Can I have the usual" I said to the barman he nods and prepared my drink.

Mbuso:"I'm not trying to control you" he said breaking the silence between us

Me:"I know I wouldn't be here if I thought you were controlling me. This is difficult for me I wish I could just trade places with you"

Mbuso:"Did you just say you wish you could be me?" he said amused

Me:"Did I?" we both burst out of laughter "NO I take that back I wouldn't last a day in your life"

Mbuso:"I know you wouldn't"

Me:"I don't know how to do this Mbuso I don't want to hurt Melissa she is my whole life" he chuckled and I know what's gonna come out of that mouth

Mbuso:"What makes you think you love her that much?"

Me:"Because I stayed with her for years she has b--" he cuts me off

Mbuso:"You are scared to lose her because of what she brings not for who she is. You love her but you are not in love with her you see when you love somebody you are only concerned about how they make you feel but when you are in love you are concerned if you make them feel what you feel for them. I know you are stuck between a hard place and a rock but you are old now Luthando you have to face who you are and stop running because your life is a mess and it will soon get messy" I don't like the look on his face when he says the last part I just gulped down my drink

Me:"This is fucked up and I'm a lost soul who doesn't know what to do. As if that wasn't enough I still have to face Mel who walked in on me and Zizipho in a position I wouldn't like to find my wife on with another man"

Mbuso:"And she is still gonna walk into more of those moments if you don't tell her what's going on"

Me:"Can you talk to your ancestors man I need time" he laughed

Mbuso:"They have no time especially Thuso"

Me:"That one is so needy he loves attention"

Mbuso:"At least you know" I just shake my head

Me:"Let me go man. Hope to do this again"

Mbuso:"I would loved that

he loves attention"

Mbuso:"At least you know" I just shake my head

Me:"Let me go man. Hope to do this again"

Mbuso:"I would loved that see you" I walked out at least there is one thing that's promising that's a relationship with my brother.

When I got home the lights were still on which means Melissa is still awake.

I walked in she was sitting on a staircase with a bottle of whisky next to her and a glass on her hand she stood up as soon as she saw me

Mel:"He is finally at home must be nice to have a mistress" I thought she was drunk but she is still much sober.

Me:"There is nothing going on between me and her" she laughed

Mel:"So you are saying I'm crazy cause what I saw was nothing"

Me:"Melissa that was nothing I was just wiping something on her face that's all" she looked at me

Mel:"Since when do married man do those acts the way you looked at her you never looked at me like that. Were you gonna kiss her if I didn't walk in? " Thuso appeared behind Melissa I became pale

Thuso:"Say yes or I will push her" I swallowed

Me:"Uh yes" she threw the bottle at me luck enough I was able to dodge it

Mel:"How could you?" she threw the glass at me

Thuso:"Tell her to stop with her colored shit" I shook my head he got close to her

Me:"Stop with your colored shit Melissa" she looked at me shocked

Thuso:"Now leave?!" I looked at her I never seen her so hurt her face was full of tears I doubt she could see me properly "I said leave" I walked to the door she sank on the floor and sobbed I quickly walked out I couldn't bare the sight in front of me.

I got in my car I didn't even know where I was going

"To the hospital" I jumped then hit the brakes

Me:"What's wrong with you people?" I screamed at him he just smiled.

Sandile:"You better drive to the hospital right now"

Me:"What's going to happen to my wife? What will he do to her?" I yelled he gave me a death stare I quickly composed myself

Sandile:"That's what I thought. Nothing is gonna happen to your wife? Now if you know what's good for you drive" he said calmly yet so demanding I drove

Sandile:"If I were you I would driver faster than this because she needs you" my heart starts beating faster

Me:"What did you do to her?"

Sandile:"To her? We did nothing to her. It's just something that's gonna make you do the right thing " I drove as fast as I can

Me:"You are one fucken crazy dead people"

Sandile:"So we have heard"


I was able to get to the hospital faster.

Sandile:"Go to ward 3 room 9" I nod and ran pass the reception.

When I got there she was pacing up and down.

You could tell she had been crying.

Me:"Zizipho" she noticed "What's going on?" she bite her lower lip try so hard not to cry.

Zee:"Junior he..he" she couldn't even finish she just sobs I pulled her to me

Me:"I'm so sorry" my heart sank to my stomach

"You do the right thing or they suffer the consequences" a voice said to my ear.

They sure got my attention.


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