Chapter 11


I wasn't looking forward to woke up to my reality.

Being an orphan didn't real bother me that much because I was told that my parents died when I was three months old.

I have accepted that but now not knowing that what I have been told may not be true

I don't even know the deepest of myself.

Where do I even start looking for my home.

I felt very tired when I woke up my life had changed so much.

I dragged myself to prepare Junior for school I was done

Kopano:"Hey what's going on with you?"

Me:"I'm okay I'm just tired that's all"

Kopano:"You know what I will take care of Junior the whole week. You seem really tired" I sigh cause I don't want to be a burden to them more than I already been

Me:"Thank you Kopano"

I walked to work I was the last to arrive.

Luthando arrived right after me he didn't even say good morning to his employees like he usually does.

He really seemed pale yesterday when he left.

I decided to do my own work it's the all thing that could distract me

I walked to the table and put down the food

Lady:"I'm sorry but this isn't what we ordered" I sigh this is the third order I'm getting wrong.

Me:"I'm so sorry mam"

Lady:"It's okay my dear" thank God she is one of the good ones cause I can't afford to be yelled at today I am a ticking bomb.

Tony pulled into a corner.

Tony:"Are you okay? This is the third order you are getting wrong"

Me:"I'm fine" he shook his head

Tony:"Take a break" I looked at him

Me:"The boss wi--"

Tony:"I will cover your tables and also handle him get some fresh air okay?" I nod

Me:"Thank you Tony" he nods I took off my apron and walked outside where we usually have our lunch.

I just sat there and broke down I couldn't hold back my tears.

I never felt so lost in my life not even when Tshepo dumped me I feel so alone.

I felt hands touching both my shoulders his cologne hit my nostrils.

I tried wiping my tears they just flew more I ended up sobbing

He came in front of me and gave me a hug I just hold onto him tight then bawled my eyes out.

Luu:"Let it all out" he said brushing my hair and my back

Me:"It hurts so much"

Luu:"Nobody told you life was gonna be easy Zee it's not always sweet sometimes it gotta hurt" I just shook my head.

I don't know what is it about his hugs that gives me a sense of comfort and peace.

I was finally able to calm down and pulled away from him

Me:"I'm so sorry about your shirt " I said wiping my tears his shirt was wet because of my tears.

Luu:"Let's not worry about the shirt right now

it's not always sweet sometimes it gotta hurt" I just shook my head.

I don't know what is it about his hugs that gives me a sense of comfort and peace.

I was finally able to calm down and pulled away from him

Me:"I'm so sorry about your shirt " I said wiping my tears his shirt was wet because of my tears.

Luu:"Let's not worry about the shirt right now let's worry about what's going on with you" I sigh

Me:"Everything is just too much for me I guess" he nods

Luu:"I don't even know what to say right now. I hope it works out for the best"

Me:"I hope so too" the was this quiet moment

Luu:"I got some ice cream in my office it lightens up the mood" I sigh

Me:"I don't want other employees thinking I'm special or doing anything inappropriate with you " he smiled

Luu:"Everybody knows that I'm happily married Zee"

Me:"Could have fooled me I will go back to work" I stood up and walked back inside


I feel like Zizipho could read right through me.

To see her cry like that was troubling for me I thought I was gonna try keep my distance from her but no I saw myself going to hug her.

I let her walk away from me and an idea suddenly hits me.

I quickly walked to my office and took a look on her CV Zizipho is a qualified lawyer and my friend has a law firm.

Mbuso:"I wouldn't do it if I were you" he said walking in

Me:"What are you doing here?"

Mbuso:"Here to stop you from doing something stupid" I looked at him annoyed

Me:"This is my life stop interfering" he chuckled

Mbuso:"I will interfere because you are just a boy in a man's body you always run away from your problem. If You think sending her away will make all this disappear you are more stupid than I thought"

Me:"Okay perfect guy how about you leave my office" he chuckled

Mbuso:"You clear don't know shit about being royalty this is gonna come back and bite you in the ass" he walked out I groaned in frustration I took the file I threw it at the door it hits Melissa in the face.

Mel:"What the fuck? Why would you throw a file in my face" she said holding her face and I had my eyes wide open in shock

Me:"Did I hurt you?" I said walking towards her

Mel:"Your brother bumped to me and I almost fell then you hit me with a file" I sigh

Me:"I'm so sorry"

Mel:"Are you guys fighting again?" I nod.

Thank God she wasn't bruised or anything.

Me:"Can't you come back later I have a meeting in 20 minutes?" she looked at me like I had a penis on my forehead

Mel:"Wow!" she walked out and I slammed myself in a chair then close my eyes.

"Seems like you are pissing off everyone today" Zizipho said walking in.

Me:"I'm not in the mood" she walked into my mini fridge and took out the ice cream.

Zee:"It lightens the mood" I chuckled as she sits down on my couch I took the spoon in my drawer and went to sit down next to her.

We started digging in.

Zee:"What happened between you and your brother?" I sigh

Me:"I have to marry someone else" I looked at her for a reaction

Zee:"But you have a wife"

Me:"This one is the chosen one for me by my ancestors"

Zee:"That's hectic"

Me:"Trust me I know" she looks at me

Zee:"She doesn't know!?does she?" I knew who she was talking about.

Me:"NO she doesn't" she sigh

Zee:"Just tell her before she hears it from someone else"

Me:"I don't know where to start" she sigh

Zee:"Okay she married you knowing that you were royalty and she was a commoner she knew that Princes marry princesses unless the ancestors say otherwise. You guys grew up in the same kingdom you both knew the laws but you still went against it. What did you guys think iwas gonna happen? You were gonna live happily ever and your princess will never show up?"I kept quiet because she was telling me like it is" And I know for sure your family did tell you that she wasn't the one for you but you decided otherwise I don't know what you are gonna do but good luck"

Me:"Okay I know I messed up now please stop pouring salt in my wound" she chuckled

Zee:"Friends tell like it is" I widen my eyes

Me:"So now we are friends?" I said smiling she laughed then hit me in the chest.

I wiped her side of the mouth and she put her hand on my arm while I wiped her.

The door burst open Melissa walked her eyes welled up with tears

Me:"Mel it is not what you think"

Mel:"This is your meeting huh? She is the reason you chased me away I'm sorry I disturbed you I forgot my phone" she took her phone and quickly walked out.

Me:"Melissa!" she was already gone I looked at Zee who seemed to be minding her business she looked at me

Zee:"If your wife walks in on you in such situation don't explain yourself you are just pouring more fuel to the fire and giving her more reason to doubt you" she pant my shoulder and walked out.


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