Chapter 10


The drive to my house felt like the longest drive of my life.

My life is complicated as it is right now this will just make matters worse for my wife and I as we are already going through a lot as it is.

Why Zizipho? Out of all the people in the world.

My phone beeped it was a text from Mbuso

"I'm taking her home but bro you can't run away from this"

I banged the sterling taking out my frustration.

Me:"Fuck you Mbuso!" I screamed.

As soon as I pulled over I ran inside the house.

Me:"Melissa!" I yelled entering the house "Melissa" she appeared on the stairs ran to hug me

Mel:"I'm so sorry Luu" she said kissing me all over my face.

Me:"I wanna fuck you right now" she froze for a second. I kissed her roughly and pushed her against the wall.

I ripped off the dress she was wearing.

She was well exposed her yellow thighs were in display.

I turned her so she could give me her back.

I unhooked her bra and bite her back she moaned.

Mel:"Luu!" I pulled her underwear down and part her legs then pulled her ass close to my firm standing dick and inserted it I had no time for foreplay not today.

She screamed as I pumped inside her I grabbed her hair.

Me:"I only love you do you get that?" she nods

Mel:"Yes and I love you too" I quickly went in and out faster and harder until I reached my orgasm.

That was the most dry sex we ever had it must be painful to her.

I fixed myself and picked her took her to the bathroom.

I fixed her a bubble bath she was dead quiet.

She got inside the bathtub.

Mel:"That wasn't you Luu you do fuck me but this time you were not fuck me it was more than that fucking is supposed to be pleasure and pain you gave me a dry sex it was painful" I closed my eyes

Me:"I'm so sorry Mel" I had no come back from this one.

Mel:"Were you punishing me for not wanting us to adopt a child"

Me:"Of course not Melissa I just fought with my brother that's all and about the child thing it can wait" she widen her eyes

Mel:"What changed?"

Me:"Let's wait until you are ready my love I need our baby to have a happy mother" I lied cause I do want a child I'm only delaying the adoption thing because I need to fix my house affairs before I bring a child.

Mel:"Thank you for understanding babe" I smiled

Me:"I will do anything for you" I kissed her forehead and walked out.

I feel like right now I'm in a stationery point I have no direction my life is slowly becoming a mess and I don't know what to do where do I even begin?


As we drove home it was so quiet he wasn't saying anything either.

I sat there wondering who am I? How the hell did I end up in an orphanage if I'm royalty?

I have so many questions yet no answers.

Mbuso:"You are over thinking?"he said disturbing me from the trail of thoughts I had.

Mbuso:"So do you even know the orphanage you grew up I ?"

Me:"I was moved to many orphanages as a child so I don't even remember the first orphanage I stayed in" he nods then smiled

Mbuso:"So my grannies?" I looked at him confused "Thuso and Sandile"

Me:"You mean the ghosts what about them?"

Mbuso:"You do know that they are still gonna appear" I screamed and he hit the brakes making me hit the dashboard with my forehead 


Mbuso:"What in the hell? why would you scream like that?" is he kidding me right now

Me:"You told me about them appearing again" he laughed just great

Mbuso:"I thought you love them"

Me:"Before I knew they were haunting me duh!"

Mbuso:"Are you always this extra!?They are harmless"

Me:"Nothing starts with a G is harmless"


Me:"Yes wow" he just looked at me and continue driving.

Mbuso:"We are here" I quickly jumped out "Your life is not gonna be easy Zizipho I feel like you are not taking this seriously"

Me:"Okay what do you want me to do cry and tell everyone that my life is a mess. Mbuso I'm still coming in terms with what I just discovered about myself. Not only did I discover that I'm from a royal family but I also see ghosts. I know you are trying to help here just give me time to digest everything"he nods

Mbuso:"Okay I understand have a good night"

Me:"Goodnight" I walked inside then he drove off.

I opened the door and went to check on Junior he was peaceful sleeping in Kopano's arms.

I went to my room my eyes widen as I saw Thuso sitting on my bed

Me:"Please go away" I said stepping back.

Thuso:"Now you know the truth I will never harm you Zizipho"

Me:"Please go not tonight I'm tired"

Thuso:"Go ahead and sleep"

Me:"I will have to take off my clothes"

Thuso:"I'm harmless Zizipho" I sigh cause this is not how I have pictured my life I'm now talking to ghost.

I blinked a few times when I no longer see him.


I don't know how I'm gonna face Zizipho today and I don't even want to go to work but I have to I can't neglect my restaurant that's my baby

Mel:"You seem distracted and you are even messing up your buttons" I sigh

Me:"I'm just tired"

Mel:"Was your fight with your brother that big?"

Me:"Yes it was massive I don't even want to talk about it right" she nods.

How did a become a liar? How long will I keep lying to my wife.

I took my bag and walked out.


Mbasa aka Luthando is one difficult person to deal with.

He knew that Melissa is not his chosen one but he decided to stay with her regardlessly and went as far as marrying her.

I don't even see this playing out well.

Unathi:"Something is bothering you bhuti" says my sister disturbing me from my thoughts.

Me:"Nana can you excuse us" we were having breakfast

Unathi:"Okay I will have my breakfast by the pool" she walked out

Mom:"What's wrong Mbuso?" she gave me a worried look

Me:"Mbasa's chosen one is here" she gasped and looked at my dad who just shrugged his shoulders

Mom:"You knew and didn't say anything"

Dad:"She doesn't know that she is the chosen one?"

Mom:"What do you mean!?" 

Me:"She didn't know that she is a princess she doesn't even know that Mbasa is gonna be her husband"

Mom:"Can't you help her find her family?"

Me:"I don't even know which Kingdom she belongs to mom and my grandpa has been the one guiding her and knowing him he will block me from doing anything worse part is he has show himself to her as a human form"

Dad:"What?!" I nod

Mom:"Who is she?"

Me:"The girl who passed out yesterday" she gasped in shock

Mom:"Wow" I closed my eyes

Me:"There is a problem in all of this"

Dad:"What do you mean?"

Me:"Mbasa is married"

Mom:"Maybe he could be married to both"

Me:"NO mom your history is gonna repeat itself on them and I won't be able to stop it" Mom eyes quickly get filled with tears

Me:"I'm sorry" Dad buries his head in his hands


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