Chapter 09


I ran after her she was faster than I thought I was wondering what happened with her after seeing my grandpa and his brother on a picture 

I was finally able to catch her.

Zee:"Please let me go" she was really panicking

Me:"Hey calm down what's going on?"

Zee:"I think I'm gonna pass out" she said that then passed out on me I smiled

Me:"Thank you for the heads up cause I wasn't gonna be able to catch you" I picked her up in bridal style and took her to one of our rooms.

Mom:"What's going on?"

Me:"She passed out please call a doctor" she looked at me "Fine call him"

Mom:"Okay I will go get him" she said walking away I put her down.

She looked peaceful her dark skin really wasn't doing her any justice.

I never noticed that she was so hairy her face had hair.

He walked in and looked at me then looked at Zee

Mbuso:"Mbasa" it's the first time I'm seeing him since I got here

Me:"Mbuso" he flinched a bit and sat next to Zizipho placed his hand on her forehead

Mbuso:"She is okay she just panicked" I nod cause I could see her breathing just fine.

Zizipho slowly opened her eyes and looked around then her eyes landed on Mbuso


Mbuso:"Zizipho" she smiled I couldn't help but feel some type of way when she smiled at him like that I cleared my throat.

Me:"You guys know each other" she nods her eyes haven't left Mbuso

Mbuso:"I will leave now" he stood up and walked out without look at me.

Me:"I didn't think you knew my family that much"

Zee:"I don't know your family I just know Mbuso" I just nod

Me:"Someone will escort you out when you leave" I said standing up I don't know why I'm mad that she knows my brother and she even looked at him like that

Zee:"Ain't you gonna ask why I was like that" she said with a breaking voice


Zee:"Why are you mad at me?" she said almost yelling

Me:"I'm not mad at you"

Zee:"I will leave then" she said then put her shoes she was about to walk out

Me:"I'm sorry" she looked at me without saying anything "I'm just going through phases in my marriage"

Zee:"Do you want to talk about it?" I smiled she stared at me "Are you jealous?" I choked

Me:"What? About what?"

Zee:"Mbuso?" I swallowed

Me:"There was just something about the way you looked at him"

Zee:"That was not my question but okay then" I shook my head

Me:"Can you not leave yet and tell me what happened with you before you passed out" her face went pale immediately.


I do not know if I'm losing my mind or what but why would I see dead people.

The thought of them not being real but just ghosts is just too much for me.

I try to breath if not I will panic before I even I answer Luthando.

Me:"I know your grandfather and his brother I met them few weeks ago there are the one who helped me find a place to stay in town they walked with me the night Tshepo kicked us out

they made sure I was safe that day" he looked at me as if I was some sort of clawn

Luu:"Zizipho those two people died when I was very much young what you are saying doesn't make sense"

Me:"I bumped into your grandfather again last week he told me that the one for my heart is near I don't know what he meant"

Luu:"Okay Zee what did they say their names were "

Me:"Thuso and Sandile" he swallowed

Luu:"Those are their names" I feel tears stinging at the back of my eyes

Me:"I don't understand any of this why would I see dead people? Why would they even help me? I thought ghosts eat people or something" he burst out of laughter "At least you found humor in all of this"

Luu:"You seriously thought ghost eat people" I joined him in laughter

Me:"Yes but I'm worried" he sighs

Luu:"My twin brother will help you out" I looked at him "Mbuso"

Me:"How could he possibly help me out?"

Luu:"he is a seer"

Me:"what?" he nods

Luu:"Yes he surely knows what's going on with you and my grannies he met you for a reason"

Me:"I want to go home"

"That's not your home I have been telling you" Mbuso said walking in

Me:"Won't you stop talking in riddles? I told you I don't have a home. I grew up in an orphanage so if you are telling me to go home you are being ridiculous.

Mbuso:" Your blood is blue"

Me:"NO my blood is red blood is red" they both looked at each other then burst out of laughter I couldn't help but notice the resemblances I didn't see before.

Luu:"Wait. Are you saying she is royalty?" he said as if he just realized what Mbuso said and took it seriously

Mbuso:"Yes she is royalty but she is the only one who can find her way home or her home will find a way to her" he stared at Luthando and nods

Luu:"What?! NO! " he said looking at mehe was pale.

Me:"What's going on?"

Them:"NOTHING!" they yelled in unison making me jump a little

Luu:"This is ridiculous. I'm going home to my wife" he quickly walked out.

Me:"What's wrong with Luthando and please don't yell" he chuckled

Mbuso:"Nothing I just told you something serious like being royalty" I looked at him and started jumping around 

Me:"Oh my God I'm royalty! I'm royalty" I stopped "Happy now? Take me home"

Mbuso:"Sarcastic much. You should be a clown" I walked out.


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