Chapter 08


I kept thinking of Melissa I can't believe she could just be this selfish does she even want to have a child and her being infertility was an escape goat.

All the wild thoughts kept ringing in my mind how did our marriage become like this just for a child.

Being here at home was some how peaceful for me the surrounding beautiful nature gave me peace I felt a sense of belonging.

Melissa was blowing my phone I was just  not ready to say anything to her she probably think I would cheat on her but thats just not me.

My phone beeped I knew it was her

"Please come home so we can talk about this babe" this was probably the 100th message she left on my cellphone.

I decided to take her out of her misery and texted her "I'm back at home I will be back next week".

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" I turned it was my dad

Me:"What are you talking about?" he smiled and took a sit next to you.

Dad:"Does she know that someday that you will have to come here and be with the chosen one for you? Does she know that she will never be the queen of this kingdom when you get crowned as a king" I look at him

Me:"Dad I love Melissa and I don't want to be the next king can't my brother be the crowned one" he shook his head

Dad:"You know why we didn't want you to be with her at first?" I shook my head "because we knew that you are gonna hurt her someday you are gonna love the one chosen for you and that's gonna break her trust me I been through that I had to learn the hard way I thought I was protecting you from making the same mistakes I made

we didn't choose any of this the throne chose us. We could try to be like everyone else but the truth is we are different"

Me:"What do you mean that you been through this?" he sigh

Dad:"I mean your mom is my second wife I didn't listen to my dad just like you and that led to bad consequences but that's a story for another day there is a different between loving someone and being in love with someone and you son you still don't know the difference"he said that standing up "I just want you to be happy If you are happy with your wife then there's nothing I can do but remember we are different" with that said he walked away.

Leaving me wondering what happened to his first wife? Why he never mentioned that he was married before?

I wonder who is my chosen one? Is she nothing like Melissa? Why am I even thinking of that cause I will never be a king.


I slept through out the night the Mbuso guy left me with a lot of questions and I didn't even know how he find out where I lived? What did he mean I have to go home?

Something tells me that he knows more than he was letting on.

I had to go to work and Luthando wasn't around.

Melissa even came around looking for him I guess there's some trouble in paradise and that's none of my business.

Around my break I got a call from Luthando

Me:"Boss" he laughed

Luthando:"I thought we were friends"

Me:"Not a chance what can I do for you?"

Luthando:"I need you to get some files in my office and drop them off where I am right now?"

Me:"What? I'm not your errands boy" he laughed

Luthando:"Please Zee I need those papers by this afternoon" I sigh

Me:"Fine where will I find them?"

Luthando:"Second drawer in my office"


Luthando :"A driver is waiting for you outside" I choked


Luthando:"Thank you bye" unbelievable

I went to his office and got the files indeed the driver was waiting for me outside.

We drove for like an hour until we reached our destination.

Me:"Where are we?"

Driver:"Manzini Kingdom mam" wait what?

We got inside the place this is a castle or a palace what's going on?

Driver:"My Prince here is your guest" my eyes popped out

Luu:"Thank you" the driver walked away "Ask no question hear no lies!" I looked at him

Me:"You are a Prince?"

Luu:"I thought I said ask no questions"

Me:"And I did"

Luu:"Stubborn much yes I am a Prince now give me my files" I handed him the files

Me:"This place is beautiful I want you to give me a tour" he widen his eyes


Me:"Please" he sigh

Luu:"okay what do you want to see first?"

Me:"The house"

He nods and led the way the house was very big and vintage I liked everything about it until something caught my eye

Me:"Who is this?"

Luu:"Well that's my grandpa"

Me:"Huh? No way"

Luu:"What?" he looked at me confused

Me:"Where is he now?"

Luu:"He died" I was getting numb

Me:"And this one?"

Luu:"That's his brother?"

Me:"And he is dead too" he nods I was now breathing heavily

Luu:"What's wrong?"

Me:"NO I have to go" I said running out

Luu:"Zizipho!" I ran as fast as I could.

It can't be! No ways!


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