Chapter 07


It's been a week since the encounter with the king.

Tshepo hasn't stopped bothering me on my social media I decided to ignore his threat because he wasn't going to get my child no matter what.

I was hoping to see Thuso and Sandile today but those two you can't find them unless they come looking for you.

I decided that I would chill alone listen to music and drink some wine.

I was getting into my own zone when a knock disturbed me.

Me:"Can I help you?" I said as soon as I realize who was by the door he just walked in without saying anything "What the fuck!?"

Mbuso:"Are you talking to me" I looked at him in awe

Me:"Is there anyone who just barged in my apartment uninvited? What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?" he just looked at me then shook his head

Mbuso:"You are so full of yourself Zizipho" he said that walked to the kitchen. Wait did he just call me by my name? I followed him

Me:"How do you know my name?"

Mbuso:"You are pretty much famous you don't need an introduction" I just rolled my eyes "They will stuck and never get back to normal"

Me:"What are you looking for? Why are you here? How did you get in the building?"

Mbuso:"Why are you so chatty" I frowned

Me:"I need you to leave my house" he chuckled

Mbuso:"When are you going home?" I looked at him confused cause last time I checked I didn't have a home.


Mbuso:"I thought I wasn't stuttering"

Me:"Well I guess you didn't get your facts straight because this is my home I would like it if you leave"

Mbuso:"Don't worry I'm on my way" he kissed my cheek I froze as I feel the back of my hair standing "Keep well" he left



As a man your dream is to have many biological children as a soccer team.

With my wife's situation I can't have that but I still want to be a father to many children.

Today I finally decided to ask her to consider other options to have a child.

At some point I need a big family and I don't see myself going out to impregnate someone who's not Melissa.

So today I decided to go all out for us and prepare dinner for us.

All though it wasn't romantic cooking a dinner for us its a thought that counts.

Mel:"It's nice seeing you cook"

Me:"You know I have to spoil you sometimes" she smiles and sit down I served her dinner

Mel:"This looks delicious"

Me:"I hope it tastes as good as it looks" she took her first bite.

Mel:"it tastes better than it looks"

Me:"I'm glad how is the boutique doing now?"

Mel:"I'm working on things and I got two new big clients so I can't complain and the restaurant?"

Me:"It is running smoothly" she nods I suddenly feel nervous "Babe"


Me:"I have been thinking about something and if it wasn't important I wasn't gonna ask" she looks at me confused

Mel:"Okay it sounds serious"

Me:"I know we been through a lot lately and not only has your situation affected you but our marriage too. I know you want children and I also do with my whole life. How are about we consider adopting a child or getting a surrogate?" she looks at me blankly there is dead silence you could hear a needle dropping

Mel:" So you want another woman to carry your child something that I cannot do?"I sigh

Me:"Out of this long sentence I just said you only heard about surrogate I also mentioned adopting you know"

Mel:"I'm not ready to have a child Luthando" I looked at her

Me:"Not long ago you were ready to have a child Melissa

you wanted a child and now I'm giving us a chance to be parents and you saying you are not ready " I'm confused

Mel:"I was ready to have my own child not to raise another woman's child"

Me:"This is not right. What about me? What about what I want? Why does everything has to be about you? Not once have you compromised for this marriage. Don't you think it's about time you also consider my feelings"

Mel:"Luthando you jus--" I cut her off

Me:"Don't be the one crying when I come back with a child that's mine in this house"

Mel:"Are you saying you are gonna impregnate someone else?" she said with tears streaming down her cheeks

Me:"We will just have to find out" I grab my keys and drove off I found myself going to a place where I thought I will never be at again.

Next Morning 

When I got here I told the guards not to tell anyone that I was here.

I could not sleep through the night I ended up drinking a few shots of headache I feel like Melissa is being inconsiderate with this situation.

I tried to be the best husband to her and I love her more than anything in this world but here she is denying me of only one thing I ever ask of her.

I woke up with a heavy headache I stumbled my way to the dining room I could hear everyone chatting a storm as soon as I appeared the room went silent.

Mom:"Mbasa!" she said looking shocked "Is that you?" I looked at her without any emotions I don't know why I came here because I'm not ready to face them.

Me:"I'm sorry to disturb family time I just needed something to eat I will leave" I could see my mom face changing she is hurt by me not acknowledging her

Dad:"Son please"

Me:"Mama I'm mad at you" she smiled

Mom:"I do rather have you mad at me than for you not to feel anything for me"

Me:"I'm staying for a week"

Unathi:"Are you serious bro?" she said smiling I nod.

Me:"I'm not gonna pretend that what you guys did to me didn't hurt but I don't know who to run to at this moment I need both my parents not King and Queen of this kingdom" my mom engulfed me in a hug

Mom:"And we here both of us"

Me:"Where is my brother?"

Dad:"Doing his duties" I just nod cause I'm seriously not here for anything than to be away from Melissa for a while and clear my head.


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