Chapter 06


This play day was everything I wanted it made me realize how much I want to have kids I don't care if the children are not biological mine  but I will be their dad.

Junior was having a lots of fun and he is really smart because we won about three mind challenging games and he was working on them like a pro.

I wish this day did not end but unfortunately it did and we have to go back.

But before going back we had something to eat and he was telling me a lot of stories about his mommy and a few ones about his dad.

You could tell he does miss him but Zizipho is managing to play both parents in his life she is really doing an amazing job with this one here.

Junior:"Uncle Luu thank you for today I really had an amazing time" well I still get surprised that he is seven years old

Me:"Anything for you buddy" I said messing his hair he just laughed

We drove to the restaurant Zizipho was already waiting for us we got out and Junior ran to his mom he was telling him what happened I just let them have their catch up section.

A few minutes later a knock came through my door.

Me:"Come in" Zizipho walked in

Zee:"Hey I just wanted to thank you for today I haven't seen him this happy thank you so much"

Me:"Thank you for allowing me to go with him I really needed that" she just smiled and blinked a few tears "Do you need a hug?" she quickly nods and I walked towards her and pulled her in my arms she wrapped her arms around my torso.

I have never received a hug like this before it was so warm and genuinely it gave me sense of comfort and peace it was like she was the one comforting me not me comforting her.

Me:"Feeling better now?" she nods and pulled away from my chest

Zee:"That was the most comforting hug I ever received" she said looking me in my eyes as if she was searching for something trust me this wasn't a sexual moment or attraction it was something else something I can't put in words.

Me:"I could say the same"

Zee:"If you give such hugs maybe we could be friends" she said laughing

Me:"Ouch I'm hurt

trust me this wasn't a sexual moment or attraction it was something else something I can't put in words.

Me:"I could say the same"

Zee:"If you give such hugs maybe we could be friends" she said laughing

Me:"Ouch I'm hurt you want to be my friend because of my hugs not my personality you are so mean"

Zee:"Well your hugs its something I could use" I just chuckled

Me:"Smooth and blunt" she rolled her eyes

Zee:"I know. Your wife came by" I raised my eyebrow "She apologized"

Me:"She did?"

Zee:"Yes you sure know how to choose them" I hope she doesn't bad mouth my wife

Me:"What do you mean?"

Zee:"I mean she is beautiful" she said shrugging her shoulders I sigh

Me:"Thank you"

Zee:"Let me go see you tomorrow boss" she said walking out leaving me staring at an empty space she was standing at.

Me:"Zizipho... Zizipho" I said throwing myself in a couch.


After having a chat with Luthando I took Junior and went home he was in really good spirit it's the first time seeing him this happy since we moved to this place that's why I was kind of emotional.

Kuhle wasn't around she is visiting her family for a while it's kind of boring without her around and Kopano is always with her girlfriend having sex like rabbits I wonder if they don't get tired.

The following day

I was happy that I have a day off and it's my payday today my first pay day.

I prepared Junior and walked him to school as always he was so excited to see his friends especially after winning most games with Luthando yesterday.

After dropping him off I went to the mall for groceries.

I was moving around when I bumped into Mpumi and Tshepo I was about to turn around when they noticed me

Tshepo:"Zizipho!" I turned with a smile

Me:"Mr Mokoena and Mpumi"

Tshepo:"I have been meaning to talk to you"

Me:"Okay about what?" I said wondering

Tshepo:"About Junior I need to see my son"

Me:"NO one is stopping you from seeing your son" I said looking at him in the eyes

Tshepo:"I want full custody of my son" to say I was shocked would be an understatement

Me:"You don't say"

Mpumi:"Zizipho you don't want this going to court you know who will the court favor"

Me:"And who made Junior any of your business Mpumi?"

Tshepo:"You don't talk to her like that!"

Me:"And what are you going to do? Hit me?" I said looking at him "Try me Tshepo you will see who I am. As for you Mpumi you think you won a million bucks but no sweetie keep him cause I know soon he will do what he did to me to you.

I think your lives are so boring without me because you are still miserable seeing me breath" I continue doing my shopping if Tshepo is thinking of messing with me again he has another thing coming especially if he thinks he could take Junior away from me then he is bugging at a wrong tree here.

I was too distracted to watch where I was going I bumped into someone I fell on my bum that hurts

"Are you okay?" I looked at him it was an old man wearing a suit

Me:"I'm sorry sir it's jus--" he helped me up

Man:"You are having a bad day" I nod

Me:"Yes I am having a bad day"

"My King I have been looking for you" said another male figure appearing

Man:"Mbuso wait for me in the car" the young male has beads on his wrist

Mbuso:"We have to go my king" he roared and burped so the man is royalty

King:"I hope to see you again ntokazi" I just nod cause I didn't know what to say to him

The walked him away

King:"Is it her?" I heard him say as they get in the car.


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