Chapter 05


What Melissa said to Junior didn't sit well with me and there's Zizipho who said Junior won't want nothing to do with me ever again I was starting to get attached to that boy.

I guess the fact that I don't have kids with my wife and Junior doesn't have his father in his life kinda gave me an idea of me and him becoming what we don't have for each other.

I don't want to go home for some reason I just wanted to be alone or get some drinks but that's not who I am I don't like going to bed without fixing things with my wife that's not how marriage is supposed to be.

So as much as I don't want to be home but my marriage is everything to me.

When I got home Melissa was on phone call she was pacing up and down.

Mel:"NO he can't found out about any of this!" she kept quiet I guess the other person was the one speaking

Mel:"I really hope this stays between us" she said dropping the call she turned around and find me standing she became pale but quickly composed herself

Mel:"Hey babe you are back"

Me:"Yeah I am back are you okay?" she quickly nods

Mel:"Yeah that was work"

Me:"Oh okay can you fix me some drink while I shower me and you have to talk" I said that already walking away

Mel:"Luu!" I turned "I'm sorry about today work is really frustrating for me I didn't mean to take out my frustrations on the waitress kid"

Me:"Her name is Zizipho and I don't understand you Mel you cry out that you want kids but when you see Junior you jus..." she cuts me off

Mel:"I know that was so mean of me I will apologize to him and his mother I'm sorry"

Me:"Mel this is not you what's going on? You are acting weird lately and you think I don't notice" she sighs

Mel:"The boutique is not doing so well love I'm afraid it might go to bankruptcy soon. I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you I just thought for once I could handle things on my own without you your family already thinks I'm sponging you off" I just pull her to my chest

Me:"I don't like it when you hide things from me Melissa and this thing of my family I'm over it you and my mom can get a long but I'm not ready to go back there"

Mel:"You are next in line of that throne Luthando it was always something you wanted and you can still get it if yo--" I knew what she was gonna say to me and I pushed her off my chest gently

Me:"And my parents stripped that off from me because I fell in love with you

I don't want that throne nor the title of being Prince"

Mel:"Just con-"

Me:"I don't want to talk about this let me go to sleep" I kissed her forehead "I love you"

Mel:"I love you"

My family is something I'm not ready to face I'm not ready to forgive them so as for the Queen which is my mom she will have to stop coming to my house as she pleases.

As soon as I hit the pillow I quickly dozzed off I guess I was too tired.


"The one for your heart is near" I don't know why Thuso's words kept echoing in my mind the whole night I could barely sleep.

I was dragging to get out of bed because my body was literally failing me

I finally managed to wake up I woke Junior up he was so grumpy not too jolly to go to school like he did on other days

Junior:"Can I skip school today" I looked at him surprised cause Junior would never want to skip school


Junior:"Because we have a dad's play day and I don't have a dad to go with" my heart sank to my stomach

Me:"It's okay go back to sleep babe" it is days like these I hate Tshepo for leaving his son like this.

I knocked on Kopano's room she opened up naked I just roll my eyes.

Kopano:"This better be important I was about to have my orgasm"

Me:"Junior needs a babysitter"

Kopano:"I'm busy today can't you take him to work with you"

Me:"NO I can't"

Kopano:"I'm sorry Zee I can't"

Me:"It's okay I need to notify Luthando that I will come with Junior to work please give me his number"

She gave me his number and I called him

His phone rang for a few seconds then he answered

Luu:"Hello" he sounded sleepy

Me:"Uh hey it's Zizipho"

Luu:"Hey Zee can I help you?" he said quickly

Me:"Can I come with Junior today?!"

Luu:"Of course you can!! I mean... Yes!" he seems excited

Me:"Okay Thank you!"

Luu:"But if I may ask why is he not going to school?!" I sigh

Me:"Apparently they have a play day with their dads so yeah"

Luu:"Can I go with him? " I choked in my saliva "I know you are probably still mad about Mel's situation but I just want Junior to have fun I may not be his father and I will never try to replace him I just want him to enjoy this day like everyone else" this will surely cheer him up


Luu:"You mean okay okay?!" I chuckled

Me:"Yes you can go with him as long as your wife is okay with it"

Luu:"Don't worry about that I will be there in 10" he hanged up

Me:"okay thank you I guess" I said to myself and went to woke up Junior

Me:"Baby wake up you are going to school"

Junior:"But mom!"

Me:"Uncle Luu is going with you" he quickly jumped out of bed "You got ten minutes" I said as he runs to the bathroom

He screamed in excitement I helped him shower.

Luthando came around in 10 as promised and waited for us for 20 minutes.

We found him standing next to his car he was in simple sweatpants and golf t-shirt plus sneakers he was really ready to play he helped Junior hop in the back and strapped him then closed the door

Me:"Thanks for doing this for him" he smiled

Luu:"Trust me I want to do this and this young man deserves it" he said looking at Junior

Me:"And I appreciate it as long as--"

Luu:"My wife is fine with it" I chuckled

Me:"Yeah take care of him" he nods I went to Junior and kissed his forehead

Me:"Have fun I love you"

Junior:"I love you too" I closed the door and said my goodbye to Luthando

Luu:"Zee please consider what I said" I chuckled then smiled

Me:"The answer is still no!" he laughed a little

Luu:"Well trying won't hurt so I will keep trying"

I just shook my head and walked away.

The restaurant was not too busy and Luthando sent a few pictures of Junior playing around and a video.

It warmed my heart to see him so happy Luthando really pulled through for him and me I really appreciate it.

I was on my lunch when a human figure stood next to my table

Mel:"Can I sit?" I looked at her she is really beautiful Luthando surely know how to choose them

Me:"Yes mam" she sat opposite me

Mel:"Zizipho right?!" I nod

Me:"Yes!" she chuckled and smiled

Mel:"You are beautiful" she said looking at me up and down I don't know if she was admiring me or just trying to make me feel so small


Mel:"I have to apologize to you" I raised my eyebrow

Me:"Have to?" she chuckled

Mel:"I have to apologize to you because my husband didn't like how I spoke to your son I'm sorry" I chuckled

Me:"So now that is you apologizing"

Mel:"Well" she shrugged her shoulders

Me:"You are forgiven now if you don't mind I have to go back to work" I said that packing my things and smirked at her before walking away


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