Chapter 04


I watched her run out as fast as she can I chuckled wondering what really happened with her marriage.

I hate guys like Tshepo he let go of the good wife he had just for a pussy he is the reason man are considered trash and the fact that he will make his son suffer is just plain stupid.

The past week have been great especially when it comes to my marriage I'm just glad that Melissa is working hard to make our marriage work and I'm happy.

I just want to suggest that we adopt a child but I feel like I will be pressuring her since she just found out that she is infertility and I want her to be ready to have a child in our home.

As much as I'm protective of my worker's I think I have scared Zizipho a little bit and I have to apologize to her before she thinks the worse of me.

The door swung open Melissa walked in looking all beautiful.

Me:"Hey! What are you doing here?" I said standing up to hug her then kissed her.

Melissa:"Just thought I could drop by and surprise my man I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time" she said sitting on the couch.

Me:"It's never a bad time to see you" I said sitting next to her she had a lunch box "I hope that's for me"

Melissa:"Yes mister this is for you no one else"

Me:"I love how you spoil me lately" I took then food and started digging

Melissa:"Your mom came today" I looked at her

Me:"Which one?"

Melissa:"Your biological mom" I cringed

Me:"What did she want?"

Melissa:"What's she always wants your forgiveness" I chuckled

Me:"I don't want her apology because it means nothing to me"

Melissa:"Babe she is your mom and we all make mistakes in life can't you just hear her out?" this is one trait I hate in Melissa she is mother Teresa she sees good in everyone

Me:"I don't want to talk about this let's drop it please" she sigh and nods

Melissa:"Okay I will respect your decision now can I get some of this" she said get a grip of my penis I gasped my woman does shy away from the fact that she loves sex

Me:"Your wish is my command" I leaned back on the couch as she hops right on top of me and we start kissing she unbotton my shirt and I grabbed her ass.

The door bust open we quickly jumped it was Junior Zizipho's son.

Me:"Uh Junior" Melissa was just looking at him annoyed

Melissa:"Be gone kid!" she said to Junior and the kid got scared because he ran out.

I looked at her shocked by her reaction how could she be so mean to a child she shrugged her shoulders

Melissa:"What?" I'm shocked she doesn't see anything wrong with what she just did

Me:"How can you say that to a child?"

Melissa:"He just burged in here without knocking seems like him and his mom clearly don't know anything about knocking let alone respecting someone's privacy"

Me:"Melissa you just scared a kid and you acting as if there's nothing wrong" she rolls her eyes.

Melissa:"I'm not about to fight with you over such can't we just continue with what we were doing"

Me:"Wow Mel really? Unbelievable"

Melissa:"Well suit yourself babe I will see you at home I love you" she took her bag and kissed my cheek then walked out leaving me stunned.

Me:"Uh..Wow.. That was interesting" I said to myself cause the Melissa I just saw took me by surprised I mean she's the sweetest person I know I don't even know what just happened.


After what happened with Luthando I ran to the bathroom just to breath cause that kinda scared me I mean it didn't scare me that much.

I finally gathered myself together and got back to work then Kuhle and Junior popped up in the restaurant thirty minutes.

Junior was still in his uniform which meant Kuhle just picked him up from school.

He was so excited to see Luthando but a few minutes later he came back looking sad but when I asked him what happened he said nothing it's just that Luthando is busy.

Then they left a few minutes later I spotted Luthando's wife leaving which I didn't see coming in I wouldn't have let Junior going there disturbing them.

Tony:"Why are you looking at boss lady like that" he startled me a bit because I was really staring at her

Me:"The woman is beautiful" he looked at me weirdly

Tony:"Don't tell me you are into women" I chuckled

Me:"NO Tony come on I was married to a man I have child

so I love myself some dick"

Tony:"In that case how about we hang out some time"

Me:"Like hang out hang out" he smirked Tony is your kind of melanin king but the boy is a player

Tony:"Yeah like hang out hang out"

Me:"NO I will pass"

Tony:"Come on Zee don't be like that" I chuckled

Me:"Come on kiddo get to work I have some tables to attend" I said that already walking away I don't date my colleagues and it's not like I'm looking to date any time soon I'm just gonna have myself some me time and focus on my son.

I was having my break when someone cleared their throat


Luthando:"Can I sit?" he said looking at the unoccupied chair opposite me

Me:"Uh.. Sure .. I mean yes" he chuckled and sat opposite me

Luthando:"I want to apologize for what Mel said to Junior" I looked at him confused

Me:"What are you talking about?"

Luthando:"Jr didn't tell you" I shook my head

Me:"He just seem sad at the time what happened?" he stretched his head

Luthando:"He walked in on us making out Melissa kinda snapped and told him to get out. I apologize for her she going through a lot lately"

Me:"Don't worry about it I'm sorry about that I wasn't aware she was in there with you" he sigh I was hoping he doesn't see right through me cause I'm not pleased with how his wife handled the situation.

Luthando:"Where is he right now?"


Luthando:"Look Zizipho Mel is--" I just snapped

Me:"I said don't worry about and your wife mustn't worry about it either cause I doubt Junior will want to come here again" he scoffed

Luthando:"I hope it doesn't come to that cause I really like the kid and I also want to apologize about this morning I was just trying to toughen you up I hope I didn't scare you"

Me:"NO you didn't I will get back to work my break is over" I said already standing up

Luthando:"Are you mad at me?"

Me:"Why would I be mad at you you are my boss!" he chuckled it seems like it's his favorite thing

Luthando:"Then if you are not mad at me let's be friends"

Me:"Friends with you?" he nods

Luthando:"Is that a problem?"

Me:"NO but it is pretty obvious that your wife doesn't like me that much so I wouldn't want to step on her toes"

Luthando:"Come on Zizipho"

Me:"And you are my boss I will get back to my work now" I walked away.

I wouldn't want to be his friend the guy is a good person but his wife seem to be the type who doesn't appreciate other woman around her husband and I will totally respect that.

It was time to knock off and I was dog tired.

I was walking to my flat when I heard someone yelling my name

"Ausi Zee" I knew that voice very well I smiled before I turned


Thuso:"Seems like someone is getting the hangs of things come give me a hug" I laughed and hugged him he smelt nice and looked clean.

Me:"I'm trying hey where is Sandile?"

Thuso:"He is around how is the little man?"

Me:"Adjusting very well" he smiled

Thuso:"How is your ex?"

Me:"What do you mean?" I looked at him

Thuso:"I mean after the beating he received" my mouth hanged open and my eyes

Me:"NO you guys didn't?"

Thuso:"Didn't what?" he had this mischievous smile

Me:"Oh my God you guys did it why didn't I think about it?"

Thuso:"Come on it wasn't that much next time we will cripple him"

Me:"NO there won't be a next time and I don't like that you guys went to beat him you could have been arrest"

Thuso:"Well he deserved it and if I had to do it again I would" I just shook my head

Me:"Promise me you won't do something like that again"

Thuso:"Fine I promise" we were right at my gate now

Me:"Send my greetings to Sandile"

Thato:"Okay I will now get in" I nod and got in after waving my hand

Thuso:"Zee" he yelled 


Thuso:"Everything will be okay just keep your head up. Don't lose that smile and the one for your heart is near"

Me:"Why are you being weird what are you talking about?"

Thuso:"Good night" Just like that he jogged away okay that was weird.


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