Chapter 03


Now I even respect waitress even more because their job shame isn't easy at all.

I just wanted to go home and take a long bath relax I just hope Kuhle managed to get Junior into a school.

This job is hard to do shame you get some rude customers who are just rude for no reason some complain for smaller things but the first day wasn't bad at all I'm just not used to the job but I will soon get hangs on it.

My colleagues are so good and humble they were teaching me a lot today I really enjoyed working with them.

It was finally my time to knock off I was exhausted I went to Luthando's office and knocked I don't want to make the same mistake when I got in the first time ruining the moment he had with his wife.

He yelled come in I walked in he was not even paying attention to who was at the door he had Junior on his lap they were both focusing on the tablet

Junior:"No uncle Luu you are cheating"

Luthando:"Come on Junior don't be a baby" he said as they continue playing whatever they were playing

Junior:"Yes I won I won!!"

Luthando:"Uggh" he groaned complaining causing my baby to laugh "Well done buddy" as soon as Junior's eyes landed on me he ran to me and threw himself in my arms I picked him up

Junior:"Mommy I won" he said joyful

Me:"You did? Well done boy boy!" I said kissing him all over his face he just giggled making my heart so warm I feel a tear escaping my eye I quickly wiped it.

Me:"Mr Ndlovu" I said acknowledging him

Luthando:"Your shift is over so we can go through the contract" I sat down.

Me:"Okay I guess I did well then"

Luthando:"The other workers are praising you so I have no reason to not hire you"

Me:"Thank you" he hand me the contract I read through it and being a former lawyer helps me I choked when I saw my salary

Me:"Wait is this how much you pay your employees?" he chuckled


Me:"This is too much!"

Luthando:"My employees work hard they have families to feed and they have expenses too"

Me:"Wow!! Thank you so much"

Luthando:"Don't worry about it not to impose but some day I would like to hear your side of the story" I knew exactly what he was talking about

Me:"Maybe some day now I have to go"

Luthando:"Let me give you a ride home" I looked at him

Me:"I don't live far from here"

Luthando:"It's late I insist and you are with a child" I just nod because he was gonna insist more.

I bid farewell to the others the manager was gonna be the one locking up managers are usually are a nightmare but this one was the sweetest.

We got into the car and drove off the car was just quiet it wasn't uncomfortable.

He pulled up to my gate.

Me:"Thank you" I said opening the door and went to the back and picked up Junior who was already sleeping.

Luthando:"See you tomorrow hope to see the young man soon" I nod and walked in he drove off when we were inside.

I got to the Apartment Kuhle and Kopano were watching a TV I greeted them and went to put the heavy man in bed then went back to them I threw myself in the couch.

Kuhle:"Someone seem exhausted!"

Me:"You have no idea"

Kopano:"I cooked your food is in the oven" I nod.

Me:"Kopano thank you for everything and you too Kuhle you guys just knew me yesterday but you are already going all the way out just to help me I appreciate it guys"

Kopano:"We got your back just relax you will be fine"

Kuhle:"And we got you something" I raised my eyebrows Kuhle had me a gift bag

Me:"What is it?"

Kopano:"Just open it!?" I opened it my eyes widen and tears fill them quickly I'm really an emotional person

Me:"Guys! Oh my God" it was Junior's uniform I mean everything he will need for school.

Kopano:"Somebody is chopping onions here" she said wiping her tears causing us to laugh

Me:"This means you got the school for him oh my God thank you so much guys"

Kuhle:"We know you are in a tight corner and we are just helping you because we know you will do the same for us" I nod wiping my tears.

This new life for me it seems like it's gonna be better than I thought it would.


Babysitting Junior was so great it made me realize that I really want to be a dad.

I just want me and Melissa in a good space first then we could maybe look into other options of having a child.

I really had a great day with Junior he is so smart only if he didn't have an idiot as a dad.

The drive to the house seem to be so long I wanted to be with my wife already.

I got home the lights were still on I'm thirty minutes late for our dinner I hope she won't be mad.

I parked my car in the garage and went in she was lying on the couch with her lingerie she looked so amazing.

Her beauty surprises me everyday she looked at me.

Me:"Hey babe" she smiled

Melissa:"Your food is in the microwave you might need to warm it up" she said sitting up straight

Me:"I'm sorry I'm late

there was so much work to do I lost track of time"

Melissa:"I understand babe" she kissed my cheek "I will go to bed" she walked away I sigh

Me:"Melissa please" she looked at me

Melissa:"I'm trying to mend our marriage here the least you could have done is to arrive early that's all I asked from you"

Me:"My work is demanding babe I know I said I will arrive early but you saw how packed the restaurant was today a lot of things needed my attention"

Melissa:"And I don't need your attention Luthando? I'm your wife here"

Me:"I promise to do better next time babe I'm sorry"

Melissa:"Okay goodnight" just like that she walked away from me I sigh in frustration and walked to the kitchen and ate my food.

I just wish she could just sit down and talk to me I know her infertility is frustrating her but she directing all her frustration to the wrong person.

I went to bed and she was sleeping or she was pretended to be asleep.

I got next to her and hug her from behind

Me:"I hate it when we fight I just miss how we used to be two weeks ago" she turned around faced me

Melissa:"I'm sorry I'm just scared that you will leave me for someone else Luu every man's dream is to have a house full of children and I can't give you that Luu I'm just scared that one of these days you will see me as not woman enough for you" I pull her closer

Me:"I won't leave you for anyone else Melissa we have been through a lot during these nine years of being together I made a promise to be with you through thick and thin six years ago and I'm still gonna keep that promise"

Melissa:"I'm so sorry I snapped at you like that" she said wrapping her arms around me "I love you Luthando"

Me:"I love you too Melissa and I promise we will get through this together" she nods "Now can you give daddy some sugar please" she giggled and got on top of me started kissing me.

Two weeks later


Working in the restaurant had been really good and Junior is also adapting pretty well to his new school he already made a few friends.

Kopano and Kuhle had been more than just roommates to me we have formed a strong friendship more like sisterhood.

The restaurant is a success the place is always packed so it's always busy and we make good tips.

Today have been a successful day until the devil started testing me when Tshepo and Mpumi walked in.

Tony who is one of our waiter went to attend them Mpumi said something to him and he comes to me

Tony:"They want you to serve them" I widden my eyes

Me:"You are joking right" he shook his head and walked away.

I sigh and walked to their table

Me:"I heard you requested me can I take your order?" they both smirked

Mpumi:"Oh hey Zizipho I didn't even recognize you you look so low class"

Tshepo:"What were you expecting babe my money is no longer around" I breath trying so hard for them not to affect me

Me:"Are you guys ordering or what?" I said smiling

Tshepo:"Where is my son when you are busying working here?"

Me:"Excuse me!" he has some nerve

Mpumi:"You just couldn't accept that Tshepo doesn't want you anymore you have to send thugs to attack him you are so bitter Zizipho" I don't know what came over me I took the backet that had ice and poured on both of them they both screamed

Me:"Even when I have nothing I still make your lives miserable" I said with tears already streaming down my cheeks I don't know where Luthando appeared from.

Luthando:"Mr Mokoena please leave my restaurant"

Tshepo:"You should be firing her not--"

Luthando:"I don't like repeating myself please leave" Tshepo clicked his tongue and walked out with Mpumi followed him

Luthando:"Zizipho in my office right now" he said walking away I guess I'm about to lose my job I followed him.

Luthando:"Close the door!" I did as told

Luthando:"What was that?"

Me:"I'm sorry sir" I said looking down cause I couldn't control my tears that were falling.

Luthando:"Look at me" he roared at me I quickly snapped and looked at him even though my vision was a little blurry because I had tears blinding me.

Luthando:"Why do you give them the satisfaction of seeing you cry?" he said walking towards me "Are you a weakling?" I shook my head "I can't hear you" he was getting close to me it was scaring me I backed away

Me:"NO I'm not" I backed away I till the wall blocked me 

Luthando:"Then why are you crying?" he was stand in front of me just a few inches away from me

Me:"I'm sorry" I don't even know why I am apologizing right now he wiped my tears using his thumb which startled me a bit I don't know why I thought he was about to hit me or something.

Luthando:"Break down in front of him again I promise you I will squeeze your life out of you do you understand" I quickly nod "Now get back to work" I literally ran out of his office what was that?


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