Chapter 02


I honestly don't know how to feel about Tshepo being in hospital some people would probably be celebrating but I'm not.

That's not the kind of a person I am I will never be celebrate such things even though I don't love Tshepo anymore I just hope he lives and maybe some day he would mend his relationship with his own son.

The people who mugged him surely scored some cash.

Kuhle shook me I looked at her I still can't get over her short height

Kuhle:"Are you okay?" I nod and went back to the kitchen she followed me "Ain't you supposed to be happy that God dealt with him Karma came for him so quickly" I shook my head

Me:"I'm not happy Kuhle he is Junior's father" she looked at me for a while

Kuhle:"Is it because of that or you are still in love with him" she said raising her eyebrows causing me to choke in my saliva

Me:"Of course not I'm not in love with him Kuhle I would probably be stupid if I still loved that guy after all the misery he had caused me and my son God knows I hate him for everything but---" she cuts me off

Kuhle:"But nothing stop feeling sorry for him if he wanted to be Junior's father he would have been one while you guys are divorced and he wouldn't have put his son in such situations Zizipho being blood related it doesn't make him a father but his actions love and support would make him a father unfortunately I can't say he knows any of those so he is just a sperm donor" that alone leaves a bitter taste in my mouth because I have been trying to protect Tshepo's image on his son's eyes but Junior is old he might have so many good memories of them together but the one that he pushed him to the floor and beat the trap out of me will stuck with him forever and it will cloud the good ones.

Me:"Thank you Kuhle it's just that I still don't understand what changed with him over night I slept with a prince and woke up with a devil. Enough about him I have so many things to worry about" she smiled at me

Kuhle:"You won't forget everything over night just give it time" I nod we hear the door opens Kuhle went to check who it was.

She came back with a guy I looked at her she just laughed

Kuhle:"Zizipho this is Kopano our roommate" I choked

Me:"What?! I thought you said it's a girl" the Kopano person smiled

Kopano:"I am a girl" my eyes widen then my mouth ooh when I realize that she is a lesbian

Me:"You are lesbian?"

Kopano:"Yep it's nice to meet you I will go to my room" she smiled then winked at me and walked out

Kuhle:"You will get used to her"

I was done cooking we ate dinner and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up feeling all kind of tired but I have to boss up and go look for a job and Kuhle was going to help me with looking for a school for Junior she was really being helpful and I appreciate it.

"Heard you looking for a job" her voice startled me it was Kopano

Me:"Yeah I am" she looked at me intensely I was only in my towel it was uncomfortable

Kopano:"I can help you with that" I raised my eyebrows

Me:"Help me? How?" she smirked

Kopano:"My boy just opened a restaurant and they are short on stuff"

Me:"I will drop my CV then"

Kopano:"Let's just go there" I nod and she walked away to let me finish what I was doing.

We walked a few minutes the restaurant was really close to where we were staying.

I had Junior with me and he was busy asking a lot of questions like your typical kid.

We got there it was packed you could tell the place just opened.

We walked to some door there was a guy sitting there going through some paper work.

Kopano:"Luu" he brought his eyes up I guess he didn't even hear us come in

Luu:"Kopano" he said looking at her then looking at me and Jr "Oh sorry hello"

Me:"Morning" I didn't know whether to be formal with him or not

he might know Kopano but I'm here for a job

Kopano:"This is my brother Luthando Luu this is.." she looked at me she probably forgot my name


Kopano:"Yeah Zizipho she is currently looking for a job and I thought you could give her something"

Luthando:"Why would a qualified lawyer come to look for a job in such a place?" obvious he knows me what was I thinking half of this town knows me

Kopano:"You know her?"

Luthando:"She is Tshepo Mokoena's ex wife who doesn't know her"

Kopano:"I don't know her" are they seriously talking about me as if I'm not here

Luthando:"Only a waitress job is available here is that gonna be fine with you?"

Me:"Yes!" I quickly said

Luthando:"And the boy?" I looked at Junior who was holding onto my arm

Me:"What about him?" he chuckled

Luthando:"Is he also looking for a job too?" I might be desperate but I don't like it when people mock me

Me:"What do you think?"

Luthando:"I'm asking that because I will need a waitress at this moment so what are you going to do with your son while you are working"


Luthando:"Never mind I will watch him this once"

Me:"Are you serious? I mea--" I'm just shocked

Luthando:"Get to work Zizipho and we will look into your contract later for now let's see if you can handle this job" I nod and kiss my son's cheek

Me:"Be good I love you " he nods

Junior:"I love you too"

Luthando handed me the uniform and I went to the bathroom and changed I looked at myself in the mirror

Me:"From wearing suits and gown to wearing a waitress uniform I guess a person gotta do what they have to do" I sigh and walked out.


I have been working so hard to build this restaurant and it is finally taking off.

I'm just happy with how everything is going so far and I'm gonna make sure that everything runs smooth.

Zizipho's son have been playing peaceful on the floor I could see him yawning he is propably tired out and sleepy

Me:"Okay buddy let's put you to sleep" his mother have been coming to check up on him every now and then.

I lift him up and placed him on the couch then cover him with a throw and watch him sleep.

My heart breaks to see a child sleeping which is something I will never experience to watch my own kids sleep.

I have been married for six years to Melissa and I love her so much my wife is my whole world we have everything we need a big home money and cars but God deprived of us of something we desire to have the most a child.

Someone clears their throat it's my Melissa I could see the sight in front of her breaks her heart.

Melissa:"Hey" she said walking in

Me:"Hey babe" she looks at the boy in the couch

Melissa:"Am I losing you?" I closed my eyes lately we have been fighting a lot I guess the stress of finding out she is infertile is taking a toll on us

Me:"Come here" she launches herself in my arms and just sob "I'm so sorry babe I know I have been acting out of character lately and you don't deserve it I'm here and you are not losing me" she nods against my chest and I kiss her on the forehead.

The door swings open Zizipho walks in

Zizipho:"I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt I was here to check on my son" she said looking all embarrassed

Me:"It's okay he is sleeping right now"

Zizipho:"Uh okay I will come back later" she quickly walked to the door

Melissa:"It's her son?" I know she is asking that because she wants me to explain more.

Me:"She is friends with Kopano she needed her job and I needed a waitress immediately so she was with her son I had no choice"

Melissa:"Okay next time she shouldn't bring her son to a work place"

Me:"were you even listening to me kodwa Melissa?"

Melissa:"I was just saying now I can't even have you here because you are babysitting" she said sulking

Me:"You will have me all you want at home" she kissed my lips

Melissa:"Don't be late for supper you might like the dessert" she said biting my lips and walked out catwalking I sigh and get back to my work


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