Chapter 01


The walk to the B&B was funnier than I thought it would be.

These guys were hilarious their stories were very funny and some were too funny to believe I even found myself letting loose forgetting my horrifying reality.

My son was still soundly sleeping on the guy's shoulder which I found out his name is Thuso and the other is Sandile.

Thuso:"Ausi what's your story vele" I looked at him confused

Sandile:"You can't be walking alone at this time of the night with a kid and a luggage if it was nothing" they were both looking at me.

Thuso:"You know they say its better to vent your problems to a stranger because you will never see them again" one thing I noticed about these two are very smart and I believe they are robbing people due to circumstances.

I sigh and told them about what happened with my luxurious life the look on their face was just showing that they were disgusted and felt pity for me.

Thuso:"I knew I saw you somewhere I always knew that the guy was  disgusting to do that on his own son no offence but it would be understandable if he did that to you only because you are not related to him but to his son that's disgusting" it was evident that they were both disgusted by Tshepo's action.

Sandile:"Tell me about it guys like him deserve to be thought a lesson" Thuso nodded in agreement

Me:"He is not worth it honestly" they just look at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

We continue chatting on our way to the B&B I didn't even feel like we been walking for like twenty minutes and son was still soundly sleeping on Thuso's shoulder he looked so tired.

Thuso:"We are here" he said as we were standing right in front of the B&B.

Me:"That was quick!"

Sandile:"Just admit that you enjoyed being with us Sisi go inside and check if they have a room available we will wait here"

Me:"Okay I will be right" a few minutes ago I was so scared of these but now I can leave my son with them how ironic.

I walked to the B&B I was quickly assisted and I was able to get a room.

I walked back to them they were still standing there.

Me:"I got the room and thank you guys for everything you did today if you were other guys you wouldn't have bothered I appreciate it" I said already taking out two hundred rands out of my wallet and hands to Thuso who takes it then I took Junior from him

Sandile:"How about we help you tomorrow find a place that is affordable and decent I know a few flats that are pretty good" I smiled and quickly nod

Thuso:"Ntwana that's a great idea just tell us the time to pick you guys up" these guys are not thieves I swear they are my guardian angels

Me:"Is ten okay"

Sandile:"Nakanjani sistaz" I nod

Me:"Thank you again guys" I said pulling the suitcase

Thuso:"NO problem"

Me:"Just be careful" they nod

Sandile:"Nakanjani" I smile and walked towards the entrance before I enter I feel someone tapping my shoulder it was Thuso he took out the two hundreds I gave him and placed it in my hand leaving me confused

Me:"What are you doing?"

Thuso:"You are gonna need it" I shook my head and tried to shove it back to his hand but Sandile held my hand

Sandile:"Take it as a loan you are in need of this money then when you are settled you will pay us back"

Me:"But what about you guys?"

Thuso:"We can always make a plan don't worry about us" I didn't believe it.

Me:"I don't know what to say I promise I will pay you back" they nod and walked away after saying their good night.

I was helped to upstairs to my room I put Junior in bed after he ate and took a bath.

I took a shower this place was pretty advanced for a R400 that I paid.

After I took a shower I took a pen handbook and my laptop Atleast I still had that started planning for tomorrow I started looking for available jobs most of them were waitress jobs and tutors right now I would take anything there is no time to be picky I need money cause in the next few months I will run out of what I have in my account if I don't get a job soon.

It was the longest night but I slept for four hours atleast.

We ate breakfast and Junior was asking a lot of questions that some I couldn't answer but he was an understanding child.

We checked out at 9:55 when we walked out the guy's were already by the gate I will forever be grateful for what they are doing for me right now.

Me:"Morning guys" they looked clean today

Thuso:"Morning Zee"

Sandile:"Ntwana!" he said fist bumping Junior who looked excited to when he was showing him how to fist bump

Me:"Haibo Sandile you don't see me" they laugh loudly

Sandile:"Sisi Zee jealous morning"

Me:"I no longer want that morning" he laughed

Thuso:"Junior you gonna chaw them ladies with those looks"

Sandile:"Say that again Tee" they fist bump I just shook my head to their craziness

Me:"Where to right now?"

Sandile:"Your budget!?"

Me:"At least 1500-2000"he nods

Sandile:" I know just a place it is a great place" he said taking Junior's hand and Thuso drag the suitcase we walked ten minutes away from the B&B we were already there.

The place was a two bedroom apartment fully furnished it had a kitchen and a TV room with an L couch.

I was a sharing apartment and R1650 per person it was good I loved the beds they were not single bed but a three quarter bed.

The landlord was so understanding she said Junior wasn't gonna pay and I will have a roommate so which means it's gonna be the three of us I hope she doesn't mind having Junior around .

The guys left me after I managed to get a place I owe those two a lot they promised to come every once in a while.

Junior was kinda sad when they left but now I'm sure he forgot about it cause he was watching cartoons while I unpacked our clothes.

I still have to buy groceries and pots Atleast the mall is near by.

The door swing open the shortest person in the word walks in or may be I'm exaggerating when I say she is the shortest in the world but she is short and she has a terrible sense of fashion

she gave me a look that was so scary.

Her:"Hello" her face wasn't friendly at all

Me:"Hi" I said avoiding eye contact

Her:"You must be my roommate I'm Kuhle Mtyeku" she is also too formal is she a pastor?

Me:"Zizipho Mokoena I mean Mceleli" I said with words stuck on my throat she chuckled faking a smile .

Kuhle:"Mmh fake smile. Why are you talking like that"

Me:"Your eyes are scaring me" she bust out of laughter

Kuhle:"I knew I was ugly but not that much" she said still laughing making things awkward for me.

Me:"Uh.. Okay" she frowns.

Kuhle:"You look familiar" I closed my eyes cause I'm not ready to explain myself right now

Me:"I.. I do?" that came out a little bit louder

Kuhle:"OMG! You are Tshepo Mokoena's wife you are all over social so is your your husband"

Me:"Oh okay" I don't want to entertain the topic at all.

Kuhle:"Is it true you cheated on him?" I'm not surprised he is dragging my name through the mud on social media just to make himself a victim or a Saint

Me:"Yeah" I said she just chuckled

Kuhle:"Well I don't believe you he is the one who cheated" damn this girl talks a lot and her deep voice isn't helping right now

Me:"Yeah Kuhle it is what it is Kuhle" she was about to say something else thank God Junior walked in to save me from this

Me:"Boy Boy"

Junior:"Mommy I'm hungry" I swallowed cause I still haven't bought any groceries

Kuhle:"What would you like to eat?" this is embarrassing

Junior:"Can I please have muffins and juice!"

Kuhle:"Coming right up" she said looking at me I mouthed 'Thank You' she nods then walks out.

Junior:"Mommy" I know a question is about to follow

Me:"Yes Junior"

Junior:"I think dad doesn't love me anymore " my throat just goes dry

Me:"Of course he loves you baby" he just shook his head

Junior:"He pushed me dad hurt me" I feel tears sting on the back of my eyes .

Me:"It was a mistake my baby" I said hugging him how do you tell a child that their dad doesn't care about them? I hate Tshepo with every fibre of my body.

Kuhle walks in and hand Junior his food he walked out to watch his cartoons I just let my tears flow Kuhle quickly engulfed me in a hug.

Me:"I hate him I hate him" I said hold onto her for dear life "How could he do that to his own son"

Kuhle:"I'm so sorry" she said brushing my back after a few minutes I calm down.

Me:"I'm sorry about that"

Kuhle:"It's okay your ex husband is a bustard. He was bragging about leaving you with nothing on social media he is a heartless dog and trust me each dog has their own days"

Me:"I just need to get a job right now"

Kuhle:"A friend of mine can hook you up with a waitress job I know it's not much but it will do in the mean time"

Me:"Thank you I would appreciate it me and Junior are going to the mall soon" she seems like she is thinking about something

Kuhle:"I have an idea how are about we combine our groceries? We can use my pots to cook it will save you money?"

Me:"Are you for real?" I feel my heart racing cause I could really use some extra cash right now Junior will need a new school uniform.

Kuhle:"Yes for real Zizipho you could use all the help you get right now" I attack her with a hug she giggles with her deep voice

Me:"Thank you so much" God is really working over time to assist me in this hard time of my life

Kuhle:"it's okay"

Me:"Yhoo your voice is so deep you do swear you are a man"

Kuhle:"Don't start with me" she said laughing

Later on we went to the mall and came back Kuhle volunteered to cook apparently the other girl who lives to the other room is not backher name is Kopano More according to Kuhle she is also a nice person.

After dinner I washed the dishes Junior was watching TV with Kuhle they get along very well.

They suddenly yelled my name I quickly ran to the them

Kuhle:"Look!" I looked at the screen

Journalist:"Tshepo Mokoena was said to be attacked and robbed leaving his home this afternoon his condition is still unknown at the moment and the police are ask for the community to help to find the people who are responsible..." I wasn't still shocked

Kuhle:"Good riddance to rubbish"


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