Chapter 9


Jozea came to fetch me from school then we made our first stop to the gym. He wasn't there to stay and seems like he wasn't there for the rest of the day cause he was dressed formally. But nonetheless we left the gym and I'm guessing we were heading home.

Jozea: So you say your day was awesome?

Me: Yeah it was.

Jozea: Already made friends?

Me: Yes I made one

Jozea: Mmh okay

Me: Her name is Keneiloe

Jozea: Ohhh nice. She's also a first year?

Me: Yes

Jozea: Wonderful. How you're finding the lessons so far? Did you start?

Me: No we haven't done anything so far. But I think I'm gonna like the course.

Jozea: That's the spirit cuz

We laughed. He then later stole a glance at me.

Jozea: Do you mind if I take you to my place? That's if you don't mind

Me: Nah I don't mind at all.

Jozea: Good. 

He smiles.

Jozea: I want you to meet someone

Me: Who is it?

Jozea: You'll see when we get there

I suspiciously turn my head at him

Me: Don't scare me.

He chuckles

Jozea: No don't be scared. There's no reason to be trust me.

Me: Okay then I trust you.

I sat back and relaxed as he took a different route and drove us to his place.

We arrived at his place it was a beautiful neat and clean house viewing it from outside.

Me: And what do we call this neighbourhood?

Jozea: Alberton

Me: Alberton

I nodded. We got out of the car and walked inside his house and wow it was more extravagant than how it looks outside. Not forgetting how it engulfs much warmth that you can tell that there's a woman's touch somewhere somehow in the house.

Jozea: Make yourself comfortable

Me: Thank you.

Jozea: I'm gonna prepare us something to eat.

I smiled

Me: Thanks so uhm Jojo.

Jozea: Yes?

Me: Do you stay alone?

He chuckles.

Jozea: No

Me: I see I see this place is beautiful by the way.

Jozea: My girlfriend and I made it all possible but thanks.

I smiled while nodding and continued admiring it

Jozea: She wants to meet you.

Me: Me? Oh she's around?

Jozea: Probably let me go check I'll be right back.

Me: Alright

He left. I stood up and touched few of his stuffs so long. I took hold of their frame they looked good together and the girlfriend is beautiful no lies.

He came back and I looked at him.

Me: And?

Jozea: She... She's not around

I frowned placing the frame down.

Me: Uhm too bad then... uhm maybe next time?

Jozea: Yah next time.

He still didn't look fine.

Me: Are you okay?

Jozea: Yah yah I just need to make a call before I get to erh cook. Like I said make yourself comfortable you can watch a movie or something.

Me: How about I help out in the kitchen while you make a call? 

Jozea: Uhm...

I pat his shoulder

Me: It's okay cuz.

I invited myself in his kitchen and browsed what I can cook for us. Just like Mom said I'm all about exploring.





I tried Latoya many times but she didn't bother picking up. It was clear that she's ignoring me. I can't even say I'm gonna find her at her place what place to begin with? Cause she lives wherever she wants to live.

I logged on Instagram maybe I might spot her there it's where she likes being live. While scrolling down I noticed Jozea's video that was uploaded a day ago. It was his sister and the girl I saw with Keneiloe the other day. I smiled watching them skip and my focus was more concentrated on her. I made a side smile and giggled while pressing the heart button. I frowned realizing the caption... So this is the cousin Joz's been talking about she's pretty man really pretty but I guess it runs in the family.

I shook my head to those thoughts and searched for Latoya.

Keneiloe: Bhuti

Me: Sistaz

Keneiloe: What can I prepare us for supper?

Me: Let's order in tonight yabo

I got up and grabbed my stuffs.

Keneiloe: Uyaphi? (Where are you going?)

Me: I need to be somewhere I won't take long.

Keneiloe: Hayibo Buzwe

I had long exited through the door and got in my car and drove out.





I was left clapping my hands

Me: Hay uBrother endinaye (The brother I have)

I got busy with my phone ordering Nando's. You see Zulu men with their big belly's? My appetite is matched with theirs and more yet I never gain weight. My figure is to die for and I'm slim like a supermodel lol it's ironic right? While still thinking of beverages my phone rings. It's my Zulu man.

Me: Sparks

Sparks: You've found someone else?

Me: Excuse me? No hello and ask how I am?

Sparks: Kunani ungang' checki Keneiloe? (Why don't you check me?)

Me: Awh Sparks we always talk everyday nje

Sparks: Through texts?

I squint my eyes and scoff.

Sparks: Why soloko iyim ocabanga ngok'shayela ucingo kodwa wena aku kufikeli lokho emqondweni wakho (Why is it always me who thinks of calling you yet that doesn't even cross your mind)

I laughed

Me: I don't know whether you're trying to create fights or it's just you being insecure. Sbonga zithembe! (trust yourself!) These are busy days for me ndikuxelele I get too busy with school atleast appreciate that I'm able to text you. Yaz I knew ke bonanje we would fight when getting in a long-distance relationship.

Sparks: Nei-Nei

Me: Sparks

Sparks: Sengi ngu Sbonga la kuwena? (Am I now Sbonga to you?)

I huff in defeat as I cover my face. So he didn't hear a word I said but just only that part.

Me: It's your name andithi

Sparks: I'm coming

Me: Cause if you agr... WHAT? Uthini? Coming where?

Sparks: Lapho egoli 

Me: Why? Where you gonna stay? Stop being dramatic that's unnecessary.

Sparks: Bengi ngaceli bengik'tshela (I wasn't asking I was telling you)

He dropped the call. I open my mouth in aghast.

Me: He didn't even say he loves me this dude.

I shook my head and laughed to his behavior when he's jealous. This man of mine can really lose his mind shame. A message beeps it was a Fb notification saying I've been added by Latoya Pilane. 

I smiled and went to accept her.





I smiled placing my phone down as I saw her accepting my request. I drank all my shots finish and grunt to the burning effect as I reach for a lemon to nibble on.

Me: Keep them coming!!!

My favorite piano played and I lost my mind jumping out of my seat to the dancefloor. I grabbed a random nigga and danced along with him.

🎶Khawundi xelele bukhona na ubomi obungena zingxaki

Khawundi xelele bukhona na ubomi obungena zindzingo

Obu bomi siphila kubo buno kufa

Obu bomi siphila kubo bune ngulo

Intlupheko ezi ntlizyweni zethu ifuna ngoma eliyeza.

Ina ina ina iyeza. Sela sela sela sela (x4)🎶

We were dancing and moving nicely in the dancefloor with our bodies intertwining rhythmical to the song.

"Can I have your number?"

He whispered in my ear. I smiled and turned around facing forward to him and wrap my arm around his neck as if we were about to kiss.

Me: How about we take this in a hotel room?

I whispered back in his ear. He brushed his hands down my body and landed them on my butt.

Him: Mhh! Music to my ears.

We giggled and let go.

Me: Let me go fetch my purse and cellphone first.

Him: Okay will wait for you.

I winked at him and left. I sigh in relief to find my purse and cellphone still there.

Barman: Be careful next time.

Me: Thank you! Here's the bill

I placed the money down and drank all the shots again. I wiped my lips and burped then turned around going back to the guy. I was really sloshed I could barely take steps.

Me: Where is..

"Looking for someone?"

Me: You again! Can't I just have fun in peace tjo!

Buzwe: This doesn't look like peace to me. It's you behaving recklessly and irresponsibly.

Me: And what are you my boyfriend? or even worse! my father?

Buzwe: Let's go home

Me: Ga ke batle (I don't want to)

Buzwe: Latoya...

Me: Kere ga ke batle!! Ga o utlwe se ke se go bolelang?? (I said I don't want to!! Don't you hear what I'm saying to you.)

He breathed through his nostrils

Buzwe: It's not safe for you

Me: Ntlogele he (Leave me then) I'll find my own way home.

Buzwe: Empa u tahiloe (But you're drunk)

Me: Just let me-

He snatched my arm and started dragging me out.

Me: No!! No!!! Let me go!!! Thusang!! Let me go Buzwe!!! Thusang (Help!!)

Another guy came and approached us as he dragged me.

Him: Monna what are you doing?

Buzwe: Better move the fuck out of my way if you know what's good for you. She's my sister.

He says with his voice vibrating into a groan.

Me: Obakeng...

Buzwe: Move!

He pushed them away and continued grabbing me all the way to the exit.

Me: He's lying! He's lying! I'm not his sister he wants to kill me!!!

I threw myself down he dragged me on the floor and picked me up carrying me to his car and threw me there speeding off the car with me still screaming.





I heard something banging and jumped up out of shock from the couch. I must have napped after dropping Sheree back home. I trot around while touching objects till I reach the switch it was dark and I've been waiting on my girlfriend.

The lights were now on.

Me: Viola!

I ran to her she was shivering and dripping wet while on the door.

Me: Gosh babe! I've been worried about you. Where do you come from and what happened to you??

I shut the door and pulled her in my arms. She couldn't say anything but just froze and shivered.

I let go of her and moved back to introspect her.

Me: Why are you wet?

She kept hissing and shivering. I later realized that it was raining heavily.

Me: And where did you get that?

I took it from her and placed it down. I hit her cheeks bringing her back to life.

Me: Babe?

She blinks and finally gasps.

Viola: Babe! Babe! Babe!

She jumps for a hug and I kissed her.

Me: You're back baby

She began moving from the spot where she stood and looked at the machine she brought.

Viola: That's a sewing machine it is my Mom's. She's been using it for years and... I went to take it back. I want to continue with her legacy.

She chuckles.

Viola: It still works even after so many years.

I looked at her in astonishment

Me: You... You went to your mother's house?

She nods like everything's okay.

Viola: Yes. I needed some fresh air and I believed my mother's house was the place to be. I finally got to remember my gift and talent I'm wasting away.

Me: So your family didn't spot you?

Viola: No No thanks God they didn't.

I sigh for relief.

Me: Babe please don't do that again please. Next time inform me about where you go I was worried sick about you. Also inform your sister when you go to your moth-

Viola: Caitlyn is shit to me okay! She's nothing to me! I've cut her out of my life. I have no sister! I'm by myself as of now. She always played for the other team and sided with the family who never gave a damn about us!!!

I slowly lift my hands

Me: Okay calm down

Viola: I should never hear of you speak of that traitor again.

Me: I'm sorry

I tried holding her hand but she yanked it off.

Viola: Never!

She rushed out of the lounge. I turned to her.

Me: Viola I said I'm sorry!

She was already gone I slumped on the couch and rubbed my head.

Me: Eish.


>>> To be continued...


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