Chapter 8


I was dressing up while standing infront of the mirror. Mondays are busy days that's why I woke up earlier than my usual time cause I'll have to pick Sheree.

My girlfriend began moving in bed.

Viola: Mmmm...

She mummers in her sleep. I turn looking at her as I button my sleeves

Viola: (sleepy voice) Baby

Me: My love

She yawns.

Viola: Why aren't you in bed?

Me: You know I work

Viola: Yah but...

She sits up wiping her mouth then looked at the clock next to her.

Viola: You're up earlier than your time.

I smiled and went to kiss her.

Me: Good morning baby

Viola: Morning.

I caress her arm as I sit next to her.

Me: You know with my cousin being here I have to drive her to campus she's starting today. That's why I woke up early.

Her face sparkles up.

Viola: Ohh! Sheree. Did she finally arrive?

Me: Yah

Viola: And you didn't tell me nor introduce me to her.

Me: I'm sorry but you'll get more time to do that.

Viola: Please make that soon.

I chuckled

Me: Ah Viola! I've never seen you as much interested in someone like this before.

Viola: Like I said you know I have no friends maybe she'd make a good one.

I curve my lips and shrug

Me: We'll see.

Viola: And also it'll be a bit straining for you to drive her back and forth regularly. I can relieve you and we exchange sometime.

I squint my eyes

Viola: Whaaat?

Me: You're scaring me

Viola: You know I'm harmless

Me: But your sudden interest...

Viola: It's pure not sinister

Me: Hm! I'm buying your word for it

I lean forward and peck her lips then stare at her closely

Me: So they haven't called you yet?

She made a sad face

Viola: No I'm slowly losing faith when it comes to getting a job.

I hold her cheek

Me: Don't say that baby please

Viola: Truly my love. I mean I keep trying for these posts but when I lay my hand on it suddenly it's occupied it's just... it's depressing babe.

She glances at me with teary eyes

Viola: I mean I can't fully depend on you Jozea.

Me: Sweetheart I don't mind. Love is patient...

I cup her face and kissed her along with her hands.

Me: We'll work this together I promise okay? I'm with you and I'm your refugee after Father God ofcourse... I know you're not in good terms with your family but I believe spending time with your sister would be great help. Just to not lock yourself in here and drown in your thoughts.

She shook her head

Viola: My sister is too busy for me and besides she's their puppet. 

Me: Atleast come with me to the gym to waste time and distract your mind.

Viola: Next time I think right now I should figure a way to keep busy and getting some air.

Me: You sure about that?

Viola: 100%

I smile as I squeeze her hands

Me: I love you sweetheart

Viola: I love you too

I kissed her again. I just can't get over her lips.

Viola: Morning breath!

Me: (laughs) You know I don't mind

I got up and fixed myself

Me: I'll get Sheree to come meet you later.

Viola: I'd love that

We took a moment staring at each other with smiles.

Viola: You look smart today are you sure you just going to the gym?

Me: Well... I am attending an important meeting that might score us a great deal

She raise her eyebrows in amazement as I fix my collar confidently.

I peck her lips.

Me: I'll see you when I get back

Viola: Okay have a great day

Me: You too.

I took my things and left.

I drove home and went to pick Sheree. She was looking beautiful and all ready for her new day.

We leff home and drove to campus.

Me: So how do you feel about this day?

She exhales nervously

Sheree: Nervous it feels like my first day in school

I chuckled

Me: Come on it can't be that bad

Sheree: Well you have no idea

Me: Just try to be calm it's not bad as it seems. Maybe you might make new friends but don't forget to be careful always.

She nods

Sheree: Yeah I'm a big girl I can handle this I guess.

Me: Yes you can

We made arrival to the campus. We already saw long queues of students who were busy with registration.

Me: Are you gonna join the queue?

Sheree: No I'm done with my registrations online.

I sigh with a smile

Me: Good then. Can I acompany you-

Sheree: No it's fine Jojo I've got this. I'll be fine thanks for the lift.

Me: No problem. Call me when I should come pick you okay?

Sheree: Okay bye

Me: Goodbye

She got off and we waved. I watch her leave and hoot before driving off





Me: Latoya! Latoya we need to t-

I froze in her room seeing she's not there. I walked out dialing her number but it got straight to voicemail. I got in the kitchen and noticed a note. I picked it up.

"Good morning. I'm sorry I left without saying but I had to something needed my attention. 

I already fed Funo and cleaned the house. Would've love to make breakfast but I didn't have enough time. I enjoyed being here and thank you for everything.

xxx_ Latoya "

I sigh and placed the note down. I wrote her a text.

Me: "Please make sure you see me we need to talk. Keep safe."

I then e-walleted her another R6000.

I placed my phone down and went to shower. I wonder if she really knows what I did to her brother or what? If she does then I'm in deepest shit.

An hour later I got done with all my hygiene process and dressed up for work. I grabbed everything I'll need and went downstairs where I met my sister already eating breakfast.

Me: Sisi

Keneiloe: Bhuti. Where's Latoya?

Me: Didn't you see the note?

Keneiloe: What note?

Me: Ecaleni kwakho (Next to you)

Keneiloe: Ohh! Yaz all this time I didn't recognize it.

She read it meanwhile I made myself coffee.

Keneiloe: Argh shame yaz I thought she was gonna stick around for an extended time. Bendinga funi ahambe (I didn't want her to leave.)

I stare into space

Me: Mutual feeling. But she has a life I guess and we can manage on our own.

Keneiloe: Yah kodwa ndidinga abahlobo (I need friends)

Me: Uzobafumana eskolweni (You'll get friends at school)

Keneiloe: Eyy yah probably

Me: Are you ready?

She dilates her eyes unexpectedly

Keneiloe: Aren't you gonna grab something to eat qala (first?)

Me: Ndili soja mntase (I'm a soldier) don't worry about me. Take everything you'll need we can't be late. I'm also attending therapy.

Keneiloe: Okay!

She asked no more questions and grabbed her stuffs while I grabbed an apple and my keys. Then we made our way out driving to campus.

I dropped her while saying our goodbyes and drove to my therapist. But while on the path I notice my Bud's car ahead of me. I hoot the car repeatedly.

He paced down.

Me: Yo bhasted!!!

I yelled peeking my head out of the window.

Jozea: Hekse!

He hoots back while laughing I laughed too inside the car. I follow up to his car and we found a spot to park our cars 

Jozea: Bleksem z'khiphani? (How are you?

Me: Haa ku grand whuzet? (Great and you?)

Jozea: Sharpzin nakum mfee (I'm great too.)

We laughed.

Me: Heeeyi saani I really missed you big time.

Jozea: It's good to hear that coming from someone who decided to cut me off.

Me: Hawu njaayni dawg? (How?)

Jozea: Net soe things happen mos people change elke dag you may never know.

Me: I'd never switch up on you oke even if I wanted to but I wouldn't.

He nods 

Jozea: Bhekile (I see)

Me: Just that things happen man. I had things to fix and sort in my life you know. So I just needed some time off.

Jozea: I understand. I mean we all have those days so I can't sulk on that... I mean we don't always have to talk as long as you know I'm here whenever you need me.

Me: Yah But nx fuck that gowing phase maan. I'm coming back entlek I'm bouncing back strong! This weekend me you the gents - we're on it.

He chuckled

Jozea: Nja ye game is back neh?

Me: Ubhasted is back! in full force baba. It's time I live my age ntwana.

Jozea: Yah.

Me: Anyway where you coming from? To find you by luck in this route.

Jozea: Was dropping my cousin in campus.

Me: Campus as in UJ?

Jozea: Yeah

I furrow my eyebrows with a smile.

Me: You have a cousin studying there? Oh wait... is it the same cousin you went to fetch the other day? at the airport.

Jozea: Hay you have a sharp memory my bri. But yah that's the one.

Me: Ohh! What a coincidence cause I also dropped my sister back there she's studying there as well.

He frowns pulling his face back

Jozea: And what sister are we talking about?

I looked at him shaking my head in disbelief.

Me: Hayi Hayi Hayi

Jozea: Ohh the one from Thekwini?

Me: Tshini bhasted

He giggles

Jozea: Dude you can't compare me with you.

Me: Ayysuka.

We laughed more and spent few minutes chatting before we separated and resumed with our paths.





I stood outside the lecture room and got busy with my phone. We're 20mins early before the lecture starts.

I can't believe this is happening. I mean it's been 10 years being on a gap year. When I was in high school it's been always a dream to further my studies and get to bag myself a degree. Until Mom changed my whole perspective of ambition by flashing money in front of me. I also got to ask myself what's the point of studying while we have lots of money at home.

Till it dawned to me that the money isn't mine in the first place. There's a Xhosa saying that says: "Imali ligqabi lomthi" which literally means that money doesn't last forever. What will become of me when it blows finish? Having only grade 12 in my name and will be in my 30's.

Just as I thought of her

the money isn't mine in the first place. There's a Xhosa saying that says: "Imali ligqabi lomthi" which literally means that money doesn't last forever. What will become of me when it blows finish? Having only grade 12 in my name and will be in my 30's.

Just as I thought of her her call came through.

Me: Mommy

Mom: Sweetheart how are you?

Me: I'm fine how are you?

Mom: I'm fine too just missing you baby. It's so boring here without you. The house is quiet.

I smile weakly

Me: Shame but atleast you have uBhut' Bhongo with you. Plus no one is gonna stand in your way you can now have each other in the kitchen living room swimm-

Mom: Hay! Hay! Keneiloe I'm still your mother watch it.

I chuckled

Me: Uxolo uxolo ke Mama

Mom: Did you have fun in Mamelodi? Buzwe told me you were there.

Me: Yeah I had a good time bonding with them.

Mom: Ohw

Me: Holidays I'll be back home

Mom: Andisa ngxamanga nje (I can't wait)

Me: (laughs) I know

Mom: How are you coming along with school?

Me: I'm getting there

Mom: Good. I believe in you my child I believe you'll make it.

Me: Thank you Mommy. I'm also glad you fixed things with OB.

Mom: I can finally say I'm at peace that I have all my children back and we're all at peace.

A lady suddenly pats my shoulder after picking something I hold out my hand for her.

Me: Ah listen Ma we'll talk again. I have to go I love you.

Mom: I love you too bye

Me: Goodbye.

I looked at the lady.

Her: I think you dropped this

It was my hairpin. I became embarrassed as I looked around.

Me: Is my... Oh my Gosh is my-

Her: (sarcastically) No your wig is still fine and in position. No hair exposed underneath.

We chuckled

Me: It's actually a pantyhose not hair underneath.

Her: A what???

Me: Pantyhose like stockings

Her: Oh yah yah I see. But... do you wear that on your head?

I chuckled

Me: Please don't make a mockery of me.

She laughs too.

Her: Forgive me. Let me help you with that.

Me: Thank you

She walked behind me and pinned my wig in a stylish way. It's rare coming across a nice white lady who engages with african people.

Her: Done!

Me: Thank you

Her: No sweat. So...

She looks around before coming closer to whisper.

Her: I am so freakin' lost but I don't wanna act like it.

I giggled.

Her: I'm a first year student looking for an Interior design class please show me around I don't wanna walk alone please.

Me: You're right on the spot

Her: Huh?

I smiled.

Me: You are right where you're needed.

We were now gathering in numbers and our Lecturer came and accessed us in. I walked ahead and she followed behind me.

Her: So you're a first year as well?

Me: Yes.

Her: Wow

She smiles damn! Didn't that just make her so beautiful.

Her: Well I'm Sheree by the way

Me: I'm Keneiloe nice to meet you

Her: Nice to meet you too. Would you like if I sit next to you?

Me: Sweetheart I'd love to!

Sheree: Thank God.

We chuckled and went to take our seats. Looks like I've got myself a friend how wonderful.





" Yes he was there and he killed Thato Pilane "

I played the record over and over again. I took it from the phonecall I made with Gomo.

I stared at the page I tore from his journal book as evidence of him admitting that he killed my brother for a woman. Right now I'm torn between allowing law to take its course or me becoming the law self. 

I picked a picture of him which I stole in his house.

Me: Relying on the law ain't gonna help. The law is too slow I'll deal with you myself Obakeng. I will break you down in pieces that you do not even recognize yourself.

I made an evil laugh

Me: You won't even know what hit you cause I'll be there to comfort you.

I pick my phone and gaze at his sister's picture.

Me: Eye for an eye. I'm doing this for you brother your death won't be in vain.

I sucked through my teeth as I make an evil smile paging through more of Keneiloe's pictures.





We chuckled loudly as we sat at the shop eating Bunny chows. I'm not a fan of junk but I didn't wanna seem "snobbish" to Neiloe plus I was curious to explore this mega sandwich infront of me.

Me: My word! my cousin will be mad seeing me eat this. I wanted to join the gym yet look at what I'm eating next thing I'll be gaining belly fat while I'm actual targeting for the ass.

She laughed.

Keneiloe: Wouldn't kill devouring this one more time.

Me: You are so corrupt!

Keneiloe: You too!

Me: No I'm such an angel

Keneiloe: Tjuuu shame not long ago you laughed the poor kid.

Me: I didn't!

Keneiloe: Sheree don't lie

Me: It was the boy's facial expression for me he was dead serious like he didn't just utter a joke

Keneiloe: We gonna burn in hell for laughing at that  boy like that.

Me: I feel so bad.


Keneiloe: We should do this more often right?

Me: Infact give me your number

Keneiloe: (ululating) Alilili! I scored myself a friend.

Me: I'm just glad you'll teach me more of the African language right?

She pointed at me.

Keneiloe: I knew you're here to use me!

Me: No never sweetie.

We exchanged numbers and then took a walk to the stop. While walking a car follows and parks next to us.

Keneiloe: Oh here comes my brother.

I catch a glimpse of him and instantly gasp softer. He looks at me and I slowly drop my eyes down.

Him: Mntase

Keneiloe: Bhuti

Him: Hey there.

He said to me but my eyes were still focused on his tires.

Me: Hi

Keneiloe: Uhm bhuti I made a new friend she goes by the name of Sheree and Sheree this is my brother Buzwe.

Him: Happy to meet you

Me: Me too.

Him: Would you mind if I give you a lift? Do you live around here or a bit far?

I brush my hair back while wandering my eyes around making sure our eyes don't meet.

Me: Uhm no don't worry about me. My brother's gonna fetch me.

Keneiloe: I feel bad for leaving you 

Me: No it'll be fine friend don't stress

We shared a hug and said goodbyes

Keneiloe: I'll check on you okay

Me: Alright

She walks and gets in the passenger's seat. My eyes mistakenly land on her brothers. He curves his lips on the side making a hypnotizing charming look still eyeing me. I blink and look away again.

Him: Bye Sheree

Me: Goodb- bye.

He laughs softly and drives away. 

I finally raise my head up and follow the car with my eyes as I shift my whole body focusing on it.

Me: Woow!

I blurt out mesmerized by that whole scenario that just took place. I wet my dry throat with my saliva and turned my whole body forward waiting for Jozea. 


>>> To be continued...


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