Chapter 7


By 8am we landed in East London airport from there we took 3hrs drive to Makhanda (Grahamstown). Unfortunately we had to stay in a guesthouse cause granny's house is rented and then my father's house was sold.

Mom: Whu! I don't understand why we should fly back same day.

Me: Kaloku Keneiloe is starting her classes tomorrow so I have to be there.

Mom: Mxm ohh. Caba you don't trust that she can learn Jo'burg by herself.

Me: Ha.a not for now

Mom: (laughs) Okay.

I stared at her

Mom: And then?

Me: Thank you for doing this

Mom: It was about time mntanam

Me: Enkosi nyani

Mom: It's fine. I'm just happy sibonana ngeswe elinye ngoku (that we're now getting along)

Me: Me too but anyway let me give you space to change.

Mom: Ndiyabulela baby

I walked out of the room and went to the other room. Today we're visiting my father's grave. This is a big step for me and my mother I think we both need.

Mom got done and we made our way out to go buy flowers then we took something that'll drop us to the graveyard.

Mom: I don't know whether I'll still remember his grave or not. It's been long since I've been here about 29 years ago.

Me: Inoba linjani (Wonder how it looks)

She gave me a short stare.

Me: I mean by hearing Dad had not much family this side except you. And you were still angry at him to come take care of his grave and clean it.

(Silence) as we continued walking.

Mom: Oh here I can see it.

We got closer and surprisingly it was still clean.

Me: Li... Licocekile (It's clean)

Mom: It must be his aunt who takes care of it or atleast his cousin. They took him as their son while he grew apha eRhini.

I nodded and faced ahead looking at his tombstone. I exhaled.

Me: Tata it's me Buzwe your son. I don't have much words to say but... I'm glad that I've got to see your resting place. You prolly won't feel abandoned anymore.

I walked closer and placed the flowers on his tombstone.

Me: I'll be visiting more often and on Father's Day I'll know where to go. I've always craved for your presence and kept wondering how our relationship would be. But I can't stand here and lie saying I never had a father figure in my life. 

I did have a man who raised me well but instead I just became something else.

I faced down holding my hands.

Me: Mom just told me everything about you and I'm still having mixed emotions about some of the things I've heard about you. I don't know whether you're proud of the person I've become. But yah I've done well for myself but seems like I'm following your footsteps. Look at how they turned Mom to be. All I know is that I don't wanna make any woman feel like that. I just wanna become a better man.

I took a deep breath.

Me: I'm here because I care and respect your memory. I wish you continue watching over me. I love you Dad.

Mom cleared her throat.

Mom: Tsietsi I'm also here to say I forgive you. The grudge I've been holding for so many years I'm finally letting it go this instant. And please forgive me for throwing your sins at your son and treating him badly cause he didn't deserve it.

She looks at me.

Mom: I know it's late but it's better than never. We're fixing our bond and working on our relationship. This had to be our starting point and I had to tell him everything. Continue resting in peace.

With that piece she wore her shades and turned around leaving me there. I continued staring at his grave. I picked a stone and placed it on his grave and left as well.





Today I was preparing to go out with Hlelo. The Zondo family was so happy to know that I'll be adding another member in the family. It was such a blissful moment for us as a family. Won't even mention how my Lavo reacted his excitement got extreme and out of this world. He suggested today we go out and celebrate "our" pregnancy.

I came out on a bathe and wrapped a towel over my body. My phone rang the number was unknown. 

I was scared of answering knowing it could be Buzwe. 

I let it ring by itself but the person was persistent. I decided to answer.

Me: He...Hello?

Caller: Are you Gomolemo Morake?

It was a female. I sighed in relief.

Me: Yes who's asking?

Her: Was Obakeng amongst you the night your farewell partner died?

My eyes popped out as I cover my mouth.

Me: Excuse me who are you again?

Her: Someone who'll bring about justice. 


Her: Remember Gomo that you and your soon to be husband are still at threat and you will not for once find peace in your lives from this man. He's still into you and he's yet prepared to wipe out every man that comes your way. Now you willing to watch more families grieve for their sons?

Me: No

I whisper with a breaking voice.

Her: Then your answer is important than getting my name. I can assure you that you'll be free from now on if you give me that answer.

Me: Are you part of the authority?

Her: Was he or wasn't he there?

I closed my eyes. 

Thinking of Phezisa begging my family not to come out about what really happened that night or handing over Buzwe. She preached about us becoming a family and vowed to keep her son away from us. But look where we are today.

Her: Gomo?

Me: Yes he was there and he killed Thato Pilane.

The line dropped dead.

Me: Hello? Ma'm? You still there?

I looked at my phone frowning. Was that wise of me to say that?

The door startled me it was Hlelo.

Hlelo: Babe what are you doing there?

I place the phone down and began lotioning myself.

Me: Just finishing up

Hlelo: Aw kanti yini ethatha iskhathi eside kangaka? (What's taking you long?)

He smirked coming closer to me as he unwrapped my towel.

Me: He.ena Lavo

Hlelo: Mhh? Let's make them double sets.

I giggled as my towel drops down

Me: Ai ngeke!

He picks me up and crosses my legs around his waist.

Hlelo: Hai kanti sengi lana ke awuno ngivimba (I'm already here you can't stop me.)

He kissed me and fell with me on top of the bed while giggling. He moved his hands up to my boobs and then his kisses moved to my neck while his warm breath hits first giving me goosebumps.

I giggled more enjoying the feeling.





I threw my phone down and hid the page I torn from the book and went to place it carefully where I found it just the way it was.

I then resumed cleaning the house and fed Funo after. Later on I got back in the house and stared at my reflection for the longest time as I fix my outfit.

I made few breaths and smiled

Me: Hold it together sis. Keep calm. Take it like any other normal day. Become like a chameleon... when they least expect it Attack!

While practising the bastard called. I rolled my eyes before answering with a fake

sweet welcoming voice.

Me: Oba!

Buzwe: Hey how are you?

Me: I'm still fine and you?

Buzwe: I'm fine. I'll be coming home today.

Me: Ka itse (I know) so wonderful to have you back. What should I prepare you today?

Buzwe: Anything just surpise us.

I giggled. This could be a chance to poison him.

Me: That's definitely a plan.

Buzwe: Thanks for helping out

Me: Hay I should be the one thanking you. You've done so much by helping me. But I'll be more meaningful when you come back home.

He chuckles.

Buzwe: Can't wait. We'll chat when I get back.

Me: Alright

Buzwe: Bye

Me: Byeee!... Nx setlatla (idiot)

I said after hanging up with a disgusted face. I squeezed my phone in anger.

Me: I'm coming for you. You will not know what hit you Obakeng and you're gonna suffer.





My brother came to fetch me at my mother's place. My uncle Ririe and their daughter welcomed him warmly and they got to know each other. How fast the weekend ends when you're having fun. Cause like my weekend was so amazing with them I won't lie. I even exchanged numbers with them so that we chat more over the phone and when I feel like visiting.

We bid goodbye and got in the car.

Buzwe: So you had fun?

Me: Yep really had fun

Buzwe: It shows

I chuckled.

Me: Really

Buzwe: Ewe

Me: So we're jealous?

Buzwe: Khaaamon! (Come on!) Me? Jealous? Pssh.

He starts the car and I laughed

Me: Well tell me about your weekend then. Were you all lonely?

Buzwe: Who said I was lonely?

Me: Haa! So you hooked up with some lady?

He made a side smile I gasp

Me: Don't tell me you went and kidnap Gomolemo and then you fucked the living daylights out of her.

Buzwe: Nah

Me: Then what?? Ide uthethe mfondini (Speak up!)

He smiles again

Buzwe: All I can say is I've had 2 trips while you were away. One from KZN and the other in EC.

I narrow my eyes quizzically

Me: KZN and EC... Woah it isn't what I think it is? No way! Ninga manzi ne fish oil kaloku nina anixubani tuu (You're like water & oil you don't mix)

He laughs softly

Buzwe: Well we finally made peace and she took me to Daddy's grave. So no more toxicity and tension between us anymore. 

Me: Finally! Aah God if I was able to see you I'd give you a hug right now. Yilonto efunekayo (That's what's needed to be done) Yho! I've had enough of your beef for so many years.

Buzwe: Hay si grand ngoku

I smiled

Me: I'm happy to hear that. So kengoku you left Funo all by herself this weekend?

He smiles and chuckles softly

Buzwe: That's a surprise for you to see ahead.

Me: Ahhw?

Buzwe: Ehee

We giggled and he focused on the road.





When we got home Kene immediately jumps off the car and rushes inside the house curious to see who's there.

Me: Is there a need to do that!!?

Keneiloe: Ha.a ndifuna ubona unomdade!! (I wanna see the lady!!)

She yells back. I giggle and took our bags inside the boot and locked the car before going inside as well.

I got to them already doing introductions.

Me: Ladies Latoya how was your weekend?

Latoya: It was good yet lonely

Keneiloe: Hay shame if I knew I wasn't gonna stay long from where I was.

Latoya: Aow go siame ausi wee (it's okay.)

Keneiloe: Ha.a it's not okay kum shame.

She looks at me.

Keneiloe: So tell me what are you? Cause sisters here says you're friends and I'm not buying it.

Me: She wasn't lying.

Keneiloe: Hawu nawe bhuti? He.e no need to lie nina

Me: Serious Kene I know you need a skwiza so badly but me and Latoya are just friends.

Keneiloe: Mnk hayike kea le utloa (I hear you) if you say so.

Me: Yes we say so

Latoya chuckled.

Keneiloe: In that case let me go lie down and give you two space.

Latoya: Aow but I cooked

Keneiloe: I'll eat later for now ke khathetse (I'm tired)

Latoya: Okay

Keneiloe: It was nice meeting you though.

Latoya: Nice meeting you too Kene.

She took her bag and left. Latoya watches her leave then turns to me with a smile.

Latoya: You have a lovely sister

Me: Yeah that I know

I went to the table and poured myself a juice.

Latoya: Why is it that you never told me about her.

Me: You were unfortunate and you never asked.

I drank the juice

Latoya: Aah so who's older?

Me: Her

Latoya: What?

Me: We're the same age just that she's older than me with few months.

Latoya: Ohh but it doesn't seem so. You look like you're the older brother

I laughed

Me: It's because I'm protective

Latoya: I see

Me: So what are we indulging? Aah I love this.

I say grabbing the meat and ate as I sat down. 

Latoya: Let me bring you water.

Me: It's fine

Latoya: Nnya I want to

I lay back and smile

Me: Okay.

She left and then came back with a bowl of water where I wash my hands first and then we sat together and ate.

She cleared her throat.

Latoya: Uhm I believe I should be leaving now that you're back.

I dropped the folk looking at her

Latoya: I believe I got enough peace of mind at your place. I thank you for everything you've done for me... for me always coming through your mind and (laughs) even if it's just a little job you call me and look out for me thank you.

Me: I did say that I'm here for you anytime. You won't struggle whilst I'm around.

Latoya: Thanks one day I'll do something to appreciate you.

Me: No it's fine

Latoya: Really

I smile and fiddle with my fingers

Me: I want you to stay

Latoya: Huh?

Me: I want you to stay with us. Take this as your second home a place of safety. I'll continue helping you financially.

She makes a puzzled look

Latoya: What do you want in return?

Me: Latoya how many times should I tell you that when I help you ha ke batle letho ho wena (I want nothing from you)

She shook her head

Latoya: It's just hard to understand kana goreng o thusa nne (why you helping me) a stranger.

Me: Because I care about you and can see a good future that you're playing with. I spotted your potential from afar and I wanna put you in places. Leave that life Latoya please I've already extended my hand of help to you grab it! Before someone else does... now think about that. Goodnight.

"Now I'll grab that hand to sink down with you. "

I heard her uttering that when I disappeared but wasn't that further ahead the passage. I frowned puzzled wondering what did she mean by that. But I just shook my head ignoring it maybe it's my head playing with me.

I got in my room. First thing I checked was my journal. I picked it up then placed it down again. 

I frowned.

Me: I left it flossed the other way around not this way.

I introspected it as I stood there.

"Now I'll grab that hand to sink down with you."

I closed my eyes and shook my head rapidly.

Me: M-mm OB don't you dare start! Just don't...

My hands began shaking uncontrollably. I quickly ran to my bag and flipped everything upside down as I could feel some little anger brewing inside of me unprovoked. I opened the pills took some tablets and threw them in my mouth. I charge to my ensuite to drink water in the sink... Just then my heart slowly regulated to its normal beating and I began calming down as well as my breaths soothed down.

I sank down against the wall till I reach by my bottoms.

Me: (breathy tone) That's it boy that's it. You still got it.


>>> To be continued...


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