Chapter 5


Me: Aaah that feels so good

Bhongo: Really?

I nodded bending my neck back

Me: Keep going there yes ooooh Bhongo!

He giggles.

Bhongo: You know what else would feel good?

I shook my head with my eyes still closed.

Me: M-hmm you tell me

He stopped with the massage and came forward standing infront of me.

Bhongo: This...

He bent forward and kissed me nice and smoothly. I moaned softly enjoying his lips then minutes later we broke the kiss while smiling at each other.

Me: That sure feels good.

Bhongo: Want more of it?

Me: I definitely want more of it

He smiled and we giggled as he falls on top of me and took my robe off then we continued with the kiss. 

We got ourselves under the covers he parted my legs and got in the middle as he pushes my leg up to the knees.

Our kiss was way very heated and a bit aggressed as if we were sexually frustrated. I rubbed his torso as he held on to my cheeks and rubs my thigh. Things were definitely going to lead to something else... but then one of our phone decides to ring.

We stopped and looked at the phone

Bhongo: Let's ignore

Me: It could be important

Bhongo: M-hmmm! 

He continues grabbing my face and kissed me.

Bhongo: Ngubani ono fowna ngelixesha? (Who would call this time?)

He mumbles between the kiss but the phone continues to ring. I broke the kiss and push him gently.

Me: Ha.a I really need to answer this. It could be an important client or one of my kids.

I reach my phone and froze seeing who's calling.

Me: Ngu Buzwe

Bhongo: (in shock) Heee?

Me: Let me answer it.

I got off bed and picked the phone blinking endlessly as I was a bit taken by it.

Me: Nyana (Son)

Buzwe: Mme Serame. I'm on my way there.

Me: Huh!??

That came out as a shock I looked back at Bhongo.

Buzwe: You initiated on us making peace. So the sooner the better. I believe there's many things we neeed to offload from our chests.

I exhale as I place my hand on my neck and closed my eyes.

Me: Okay okay son. I'll stay prepared for you uhm... I'm happy that you're meeting me halfway on wanting us to work things out.

He didn't say anything back

Me: Lonto isn't it too late for you to drive this kinda distance?

Buzwe: Don't worry I'm 20 minutes away.

Me: What???

This child keeps on surprising me

Buzwe: I've been long at it so expect me soon.

Me: Kodwa why couldn't you say atleast so that I can prepare in time.

Buzwe: It was unplanned

Me: Mmh okay. Are you coming with Keneiloe?

Buzwe: No I'm leaving her behind

Me: Behi... Why??

Buzwe: She's in Mamelodi for the weekend having fun with her mother's family.

That kinda stung me.

Me: Ohw

I'm sure he also detected the pain behind my low change of voice.

Buzwe: Uhm... I guess will see you in a few then.

Me: Yeah son will see you. Bye.

We ended the call and I slowly lay my phone on my chest staring at space.

Bhongo's kiss on my shoulder brought me back. He held me tightly from behind then hand me my robe.

Bhongo: So we're rainchecking?

I turned to him and took the robe

Me: Yah we have to thanks.

He kissed me.

Bhongo: You look stressed out and nervous for someone who'll be meeting her son after a long time.

I sigh as I dress in my robe.

Me: I'm just not prepared for this at all - telling Buzwe about his father. It's one chapter I thought I had forever closed in my life.

He pulled my hands.

Bhongo: Yet an important chapter to disclose on your son. Maybe it might calm all the situations we've been through. And maybe you might have a good relationship with him in the end. Tell him everything he needs to know make him understand... maybe just maybe he'll come around and reason with you.

I look at him he's right.

Bhongo: It's now or never. Be grateful that he's still giving you a chance. That shows he still wants you in his life and wants to fix whatever that was broken between you two.

I tilt my head up and let off a deep sigh. He pulled and kissed my forehead.

Bhongo: Good night.

Me: You're leaving?

Bhongo: Yah

I frown

Me: Why?? Not that Buzwe doesn't know about us dating mos.

He just pulled a polite smile

Bhongo: I have to give you guys some space you need it to yourselves.

I smile faintly

Me: Okay

Bhongo: I love you

Me: I love you too.

We kissed then he took his things and left.





I drove in and saw Bhongo coming out. He waited for me to get done parking.

I got out of the car and we hit hands and made a manly hug.

Bhongo: OB clean as always. Who's taking care of you man? I mean if ndibona kahle (I'm seeing properly) you're even gaining.

Me: Si smanga (Surprising) cause I live by myself. The only person I'd say is taking care of me is my sister who's just recently lived with me.

He nods.

Bhongo: I see I see it's nice seeing you by the way.

Me: Glad seeing you too. Uyaphi? (Where you're going?)

Bhongo: Going home man I'll see y'all tomorrow.

Me: Aah this is how you welcome me? I hope I didn't drive you to go.

Bhongo: No definitely not. Just got things to do man but like I said tomorrow I'm here.

Me: Okay sho ke sobonana ngomso (see you tomorrow)

Bhongo: Mojas

We bid with a fist-bump. 

I took my mini bag and walked to the house where Mom was standing in the kitchen not knowing what to do with herself. Not that I also knew what to do with myself either... I mean this is the woman who never cared giving me affection for all these years a bond is something that we never had. All I remember is her abuse and mistreatment.

Mom: Buzwe hi

Me: Hi

She walked closer and looked at me then kinda looked all over the place and fumbled around she slightly lifts her arm unsure whether to hug me or not but then drops it again. The woman didn't know what to do with herself. I mean where can she even start? She never gave me that love environment from a long time.

I remained staring at her doing all those awkward things. Seeing I wasn't giving her signs of granting her a hug she turned around and stood from a distance.

Mom: Uhm... Can I help with your bag and show you your room?

Me: For sure

She took my bag and walked away yet I remained still on my spot.

Me: Mom

She gasps softly in surprise. I lastly called her that when I was 11. She turns back and looks at me.

Mom: Yes?

I opened my arms widely for her. She smiles teary and all emotional she drops the bag and rushes to give me a hug. This was the hug I ever needed from her as a little boy. 

I lay my face above her head as my empty cold heart suddenly warms up to her.

Me: It's good to be home Mom. 

Mom: Aah baby welcome. I'm sorry I'm so sorry for all the things I've done to you my baby! Please forgive me.

I rub her back and pat her as she cries

Me: It's okay it is well Mom. 

After all that emotional moment we needed to ourselves she took me to my room. She knows I'm not a man of many words.

Me: Thank you

Mom: I'll dish up something for you come join me.

I smiled for the first time on my arrival and laugh lightly. I took out a skhaftin and stretched it out to her.

Mom: And then?

She opens the skhaftin and her mouth hangs open.

Mom: Omg!! You still know how to make buns?

Me: Mamntande taught me well. May her soul continue resting easy.

I looked at her she was still amazed by this. I mean my granny taught me how to make them when I was still young and here I am

still perfect as ever.

Me: It's for you.

Mom: Thank you. Oh Nkosi ndatsho ndacinga uMama ondizalayo (Lord this got me thinking of Mom)

I laughed. Everytime I think of my granny I just laugh she was a wonderful woman.

Me: A strong woman she was.

Mom: Yah uhm... you said you're coming or?

Me: I'll pass I need to rest from the long drive.

She breathed heavily as she brushes the corner of her eyes.

Mom: Okay good night.

Me: Night

She closed the door. Guess I made her an emotional wreck today. I fixed my bed before I change to vests and left with my boxer.

I slide inside the covers and took my phone.

Me: "You taking care of my Funo?"

Latoya: "Yah"

Me: "How much should I e-wallet you?"

Latoya: "Anything you feel like"

I send her R6000. She instantly called me.

Latoya: That's alot of money for a day!

Me: Don't want you posting on FB that you need something to do. Whilst I can help that will sustain you and your family for atleast a month.

Latoya: Thanks but what do you want in return?

I chuckled

Me: I know this is the most messed up world we live in and men are doing the most outchea. But can't I help without asking for something in return?

Latoya: Anything is possible with you Obakeng.

Me: I promised you that we'll no more have a repeat of what happened after that bad encounter. So relax this is just genuine help for your assistance.

Latoya: Okay

Me: Sure now I need my sleep.

Latoya: I'm not stopping you

We ended the call. I lay on the side while scrolling through my pictures and stared at Gomo... I smiled and kissed her picture.

Me: Soon you gonna be in these arms.

I closed my eyes and slept.





To say I got a goodnight sleep after what Buzwe pulled last night would be a lie. I didn't even get to sleep a wink all I did was watch my husband sleep peacefully like he had no problems and for that I wished to be him.

" Hawu! Babe? You're awake "

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him.

Hlelo: For how long have you been up and what's the time?

He moves and sits up straight. He kissed my forehead.

Hlelo: Hau good morning kanti yini?

He checks the time.

Hlelo: 5:30am. (Pecks my lips) You still mad at me?

I shut my eyes like a robot that has been deactivated.

Me: Nnyaa (No)

Hlelo: Then what's eating your soul so much?

I look at him

Me: Where did you meet the man you brought yesterday?

Hlelo: Is this about him?

Me: I'd be happy if you'd answer my question first.

He moved his face back

Hlelo: Like I said we met on the road. Where my car was stuck and he offered help.

Me: After your tires went dead?

I scoffed shaking my head.

Hlelo: Yini mhlampe? (What's wrong?)

Me: You need to stay away from that man. He is dangerous.

Hlelo: Why are you saying that? Do you know him?

I stood up and took my phone then threw it at him showing him the message. He was getting uneasy reading it.

Hlelo: But he's not telling who he is.

I took the phone and scrolled to my videos showing him the video he sent me about a week ago.

He pointed.

Hlelo: Is... is that him?

I sat next to him.

Me: He's my stalker he's that ex who never wanted to move on. He's the guy I bumped to at the garage. That's Buzwe.

Hlelo: Yesterday you pretended like you didn't know him.

Me: I didn't want to complicate the situation for you and your mother. Trust me last night I was taken aback by him and I couldn't get any sleep after that.

He stares at me speechless.

Me: Buzwe is obsessed with me babe. Every guy who comes into my life it's either he scares him off or hurt him. And... and it all started when we grew together.

He fixed his eyes on me with his facial expression changing into many.

Me: Buzwe was taken in by my parents when he was 11 and we both grew up together as siblings even though we weren't really siblings. When we became teenagers he started becoming all sweet doing sweet stuffs for me and made me feel special in a way... I then started looking at him in a different way. I fell for him and that time nothing felt wrong cause he wasn't my blood. Yet mogo yena he always had a thing for me since day 1. But that was hidden till my mother found out about our relationship exposing it and forbidding it. He didn't take it well that we had to break up goitse gore a re di blood brothers kana sisters (knowing we're not siblings.) But I had to obey my parents and stop whatever that we were doing.

I played with my hands.

Me: That's where tota he showed me his crazy side. He started by killing my farewell partner dead. 

I still blame myself for his death... It's not like I was dating the guy. He just kept terrorizing every guy that got close to me that I even had to force myself to be alone to save lives. Even so... he never stopped following me bumping to me sending me things and doing all these creepy stuffs so that I can give in to being with him. But I never want him back in my life. Just the thought of falling for him still sickens me. 

I shook my head.

Me: He's an afflicted guy that allowed for it to mess him up. I believe my love was there to cure him from his mental battles. Love alone was something he regarded as his only support that he leant on... and it covered all the bad parts of him that he didn't want to expose.That's why he thinks the way that he's thinking. 

I exhale 

Me: I wish he can move on.

I looked at my fiancé and held his hand.

Me: I thought he moved on since he never bothered us. But with the tire incidence hay! 

I sniffed while my tears dropped

Me: So it's okay if you don't want to risk your life and your family's... and decide to walk out of this.

Hlelo: Hey!

He grabbed my face.

Hlelo: Akukho la ngiya khona (I'm not going anywhere.) I'm not leaving you for that maniac. You're wearing that ring because I made a promise to you and I'll fulfil it. I'll protect you as your man. We should actually plan our wedding. We gonna be together whether he likes it or not. Woza la (Come here)

He hugs me tight. I close my eyes.

Me: Ngiyabonga (Thank you)

I suddenly frown and gagged. I got off him and ran to the toilet to vomit.

Hlelo: (yelling) Baby uright!!!?

Me: Yea- (vomits again)

I coughed while hanging my face on the seat. What's wrong with me? I need to check my cycle.





Mom: Thanks for your warm welcome and hospitality brother and you too Sego. I fully trust you with my daughter that she'll be in safe hands. My husband and I will keep showing gratitude towards you monthly

Uncle: It's fine 

Mom: Sheree this is where I was groomed. They will guard you whilst I'm gone regard them as your second parents. I expect you to respect them always.

I smiled looking at them

Me: Yes I'll always respect them.

Mom: Good then. Now I think we've come to the time.

Uncle: Ek sal jou mis (I'll miss you)

He says hugging her.

Mom: Ek sal jou ook mis (I'll miss you too)

She gives Auntie Sego a hug too.

Lesego: Don't be a stranger like your brother.

Mom: (laughs) No I won't. Public holidays I'll make sure to come by.

Lesego: Please! I would've love to accompany you but work is standing on my way and I'm late.

Mom: It's fine atleast Pearl will stand for you

Lesego: Yes my Pearlitjie 

Uncle: Where's Jozea to drive you?

Me: I can also drive

"I'm here." 

He says getting in. He was dressed in black Nike pants vests and kicks. 

Me: Do you come from the gym?

Jozea: Yeah I work in the gym

Lesego: He also owns the gym.

Me: Really??

Mom: Wow that's impressive Joz I'm proud of you. 

Jozea: Thanks auntie

Mom: You should take your cousin with.

Me: Mom! What is there to gym for? I'm already slim.

Jozea: Gym is also for keeping you fit Sheree it's not always for dropping weight only.

Mom: Heard that?

Me: Loud and clear

Mom: Yeah we should get going or else I'll miss the flight.

She said her final goodbyes to the family and Jozea drove us to the airport.

Me: I'll miss you Mommy

I said giving her a last hug when we got to the airport.

Mom: I'll miss you too baby. Please treat yourself well okay? Behave and remember who you are.

We broke the hug and she held my face.

Mom: Don't lose focus sweetheart or else your Dad is gonna be mad.

Me: I know. I'm here to chase my dreams nothing more.

Mom: Good if you wanna require anything ask Jozea my brother or his wife they'll be there for you. I'm also a phonecall away.

I nod. She looks at me.

Me: Mom you're not leaving a 6 year old. I can take care of myself.

Mom: Good then. Don't know when I'll see you again holidays?

Me: Holidays you said you'll be coming here remember?

We both chuckled.

Mom: Yah I love you. Please stay safe I'll keep calling you.

Me: Alright Mom

We hugged and kissed. She said goodbye to Jozea and Pearl. Then went to catch her flight.

We walked back to the car.

Me: Uhm Joz will you be able to drop me to a nearby salon?

He looks back at me.

Jozea: Salon?

Me: Yeah. Pearl's gonna help me look for one. I need to treat my hair.

Jozea: Okay.

"Your hair looks fine to me." 

Pearl whispers in my ear.

Me: I'll highlight my hair just to spice things up.

Pearl: You go girl!

We giggled and Joz kept staring at us and shook his head.





Today I woke up very early in the morning to prepare for the day. Mom had my breakfast brought to me didn't know we had housekeepers in the house.

She then later came in my room.

Mom: Hey

Me: Hi

Mom: How did you sleep?

Me: I slept peaceful like a baby

Mom: That's good. The buns were really good thank you.

Me: As well as your breakfast

We giggled. Then it later died to a silent moment.

Me: Are you ready to go?

Mom: Actually Buzwe asiyi namhlanje eMpuma Koloni (we're not going today to Eastern Cape)

I made a serious frown

Me: Ngoba? (Why not?)

Mom: Our journey will start tomorrow. For now follow me I've got lots to tell you.

I looked at her without having words. Is it what I think it is?

Mom: Yiza (Come)

Me: I'm coming let me drink my pills first.

Mom: Alright.

She left. I know I have a bad temper I'll need those pills to help me keep calm. Especially when I don't know what Mom will unfold to me.


>>> To be continued...


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