Chapter 3




I woke up to my fiancé not next to me. I checked the time it was 5:30am. It's not late mos I mean this is my usual time for waking up and preparing him for the day or did things change in Mbumbulu?

I saw a note next to my bed stand and took it.

" Bambo lwam sorry you woke up without me being next to you. I was called in at work... They desperately needed me on the road. The team we left behind messed up. I'm really sorry to inconvenience you but I promise I'll make it up to you when I come back. Told Ma to be soft on you. I love you. =:) "

I smiled. I'm really blessed to have a man like him. I got up confidently stretching my arms and made the bed. My phone rings.

I excitedly reach for it thinking it's him but it was Mom.

Me: Mama

Mom: My baby how are you?

Me: I'm fine. How are you?

Mom: I'm fine too. Just checking and being your alarm reminding you to impress your in-laws. But I see you already know your principles.

I chuckled.

Me: Yah I can't embarass the Morakes kwa Zulu.

Mom: Definitely! Shuu ke motlotlo ka wena ngwanaka waits' (I'm proud of you my child)

I smile.

Me: Aww Mma it's so nice hearing you speak like that.

Mom: Ee... so you haven't had any problems with your fiancé?

Me: Problems?

Mom: You know what I'm talking about.

I huff closing my eyes.

Mom: Keng? (What?) Did he already do something crazy or what?

Me: No Mma. Just met him in the garage and...

Mom: And??

Me: Ke ne ka tshaba (I freaked out) and ran away

Mom: Is he back to following you gape (again?)

Me: Ga ke itsi (I don't know) I'm just hoping it was the last time bumping to him.

Mom: A re tshephe jalo (Let's hope so.) Does your husband know?

Me: Ke mo boleletsi fa le fa (I told him there and there) but I'll make time to tell him the whole story.

Mom: Dira jalo ngwanaka (Do so my child) so that he can protect you.

Me: Eya Mme

Mom: Ayy let me not keep you before the Zondos complain. I'll talk to you later.

I chuckled.

Me: Okay. I love you

Mom: I love you too my baby stay safe 

Me: I will. Bye Mama.

Mom: Bye

We hang up and I remained smiling. I finished making the bed and collected my sanitary towels and an appropriate outfit. Will prepare myself for a bathe. 

While I was busy my phone blinged. It was a message didn't recognize the number. Oh no! Actually it was a video I played it.

It was... Buzwe singing "Nguwe" by Ntando. It's an old video he once sang that song for me with a guitar we were still young at the time. I had interests in learning Xhosa and so he did this for me... it was nice at the time but now it isn't anymore but raises concerns. Why is he doing all of this?? I think he's becoming a big problem.

I shake my head deleting it and blocking the number as usual.

As I sat there I felt like something was coming up so I jumped up and cover my mouth then ran all the way out to vomit. I'm feeling nauseated off lately I don't know what's going on with me.





Sparks: "Ngempela awusekho la eThekwini? (So you're really no longer in Durban?)"

Me: "Yeah babes I'm in Jo'burg now with my brother."

Sparks: "Kahle Kahle awung'xoxele yini ndaba yakho lapho? (Tell me exactly what are doing there?)"

Me: "I told you Sparks I'll be studying."

Sparks: "Aren't you too old to be studying? Shouldn't you focus on something like finding a job for yourself maybe."

Me: "Education has no age limitations and I'm still not changing my mind about studying."

Sparks: "Be honest uleqeka emveni kwama doda lapho yimfundo echamuka phi le s'manje manje? (you're chasing men over there education for what?)

Me: "🙄 Won't deal with this craziness. If you can't handle a long distance relationship say so and we cut it okay? Have no time to nurse an old man's insecure feelings." 

I logged out. He instantly called me.

Me: What?

Sparks: Wee Neiloe usuya ng'hlanyela ke manje? (Are you crazy?)

Me: You are the one acting cra-

Sparks: Ela!!! Awuboni ukuthi ngiya sangana kuk' khumbula (Don't you see I'm going crazy missing you?) Ofcourse I'll say crazy shit and sound insecure all because I miss and love you so much.

I smiled as much as I didn't want to

Sparks: Hayi phela ungibulele Neiloe straight (You're torturing me)

I giggled.

Me: I'll come on holidays kaloku baby.

Sparks: Holidays are short njena sthandwa sam.

Me: Hayike baby don't try to change my mind about studying I'm still standing on that. I gotta chase this degree and be a qualified person.

Sparks: Kodwa imal- 

Me: Hay Hay Sparks! I wanna be my own woman. Wanna work for my own money.


He sighs.

Sparks: Okay ke sharp ngiyakuzwa (I hear you.) Guess I'll have to accept this. So we'll continue nonetheless.

Me: You're not forced to if you feel like going you may go. Don't want you sneaking around while we can just do this easy and simple with no fights.

Sparks: Aaaa yini kwalula nje uku ngiyekela? (Why is it easy for you to let me go?)

Me: Because I made peace with it

Sparks: Peace yani? Angiyi ndawo mina rhaa ungazo ng'dakela. Ngizos'thola kuphi mina isnene esimandi njenge sakho. (What peace? I'm not going anywhere. Where will I get a nice cooch like yours)

Me: Hay Thixo!

I covered my eyes and we giggled and spoke about other things till we ended the call..

After the call I received texts from Mom.

Mom: "You did well my child changing his interior design."

Mom: "Tell me how does his plans look for the day?"

I roll my eyes and sigh. I'm tired of spying my brother. I've been doing this almost the rest of my life it needs to stop.

Me: "How about you call and ask him yourself? I'm busy right now and will be heading to campus soon. So talk later." 

That's part of the reason I left her. I just needed to breathe yho. 





I got downstairs and saw my sister already sitting there.

Me: Wena na!

She giggles

Keneiloe: Eshee it took you so long to come.

Me: I snoozed my alarm but I'm here now. Look at you! 

Keneiloe: I'm trying shame.

Me: U motle yesis maan. (You're beautiful)

She giggles.

Keneiloe: Thank you

Me: If you don't make anyone go crazy today then I don't know.

She laughs once again

Me: Iyhoo let me prepare Funo something.

Keneiloe: Already done that. Remember punctuality bhuti your exact words.

I stopped and looked at her in amazement. I'm enjoying staying with her.

Me: That's impressive real impressive. So what are we waiting for then? Let me take you to school.

Keneiloe: Ha re ee (Let's go)

She took her stuffs. I also took mine and we got to my car.

Keneiloe: Uhm bhuti later on will you be able to drive me to Mamelodi?

I made a puzzled look

Me: Mamelodi?

Keneiloe: Yeah I wanna visit my mother's grave.

Oh! She used to do that yearly but later stopped. I almost forgotten about that.

Me: Yah sure I'll take you.

Keneiloe: Thank you.

I drove and dropped her to Campus.

Me: You sure I shouldn't walk you in?

Keneiloe: Hay OB tshini! Bye

Me: Bye

We hugged she got out and I watched her leave. I became thoughtful as I stared at her. Maybe I should visit Dad's grave as well. But I'll have to make sure I do that on my spare time. Cause I'll have to travel down to EC.

I snapped out of it and drove to the gym.





Me: Come on let's jog on the same spot in 60's.

We did that.

Me: 30 jumps yeah. 20.. 21.. 22. Not like that Sbu.

I walked to him and showed him how to do it. Then moved back watching them.

Me: Knee reach 30 times... Yeah

yeah we're almost getting there come on.

I watched them they were getting tired.. I hit my hands.

Me: Come on push push push. 28.. 29... 30. Let's wrap it up with a stretch. Stretch your body side to side yes!


OB walked in. I smiled and looked at them.

Me: Okay well done! Let's take a break we'll continue later on. Please before you go remember ladies who are on Yolandi's list your Yoga sessions starts at 15:30 sharp. Make sure you don't miss it.

They nodded and left. I grabbed a bottle of water and drank it.

Me: Bhasted how wonderful to get a visit from you.

He laughs

Buzwe: I know I've been scarce

Me: Really scarce I was starting to think you have new friends.

Buzwe: Ah you know my vibe man. It's hard fitting in at other champs other than you.

I nod 

Me: I see. You're on my service? Or it's just a friendly visit?

Buzwe: A friendly visit I really missed you man.

I hand him a bottle of water.

Me: Come take out your phone.

Buzwe: Huh?

Me: Don't ask just do it.

He did so. I grabbed his phone and put in some numbers.

Buzwe: Who's numbers are those?

Me: Your potential girlfriend.

Buzwe: Joz we spoke about this 

Me: Nah nah nah ain't you tired OB man? You're the only bachelor amongst us. It's been years my bra huh-uh you gonna persuade this lady atleast try and see where it'll take you.

He gave me that look. I pat his back.

Me: Come on I put in a good word for you that night. Said you're my brother she looked keen and man what a sweet girl she is...

He gave it a second thought

Buzwe: So who's she?

Me: Just got her name Ramona she stays in Daveyton. You have her number man you'll get to know her more. Here's her picture.

I showed him.

Buzwe: not so bad

Me: This is no fuck and pass bhasted. A real one to keep she's worthy. 

He nods

Buzwe: I'll give it a shot

Me: That's what I wanna hear. Don't disappoint neh?

Buzwe: Yang' kena mos bhasted (You know me)

Me: Yah yo bhasted.

My phone rang it was my aunt. I smiled and got up.

Me: Give me a moment.

Buzwe: Sure

Me: Tannie

Auntie: Jojo how are you son?

Me: I'm fine. How are you tannie?

Auntie: I'm fine too. Will I be asking too much if I ask you to fetch us at the airport?

My eyes widen as I point down

Me: Now!!?

Auntie: Yes now we just landed son.

Me: Aaah! That was too soon.

Auntie: Blame it all on Sheree.

We giggled

Me: Ayy I'll be there Auntie just give me a min.

Auntie: Okay will see you son bye.

Me: Bye.

I chuckled and walked back to OB.

Me: My man! I need to cut your visitation short. I need to fetch my fam at the airport.

He stood up

Buzwe: Your fam?

Me: Yah my Aunt and cousin just came from Australia.

Buzwe: Ohh nice. Well no prob my man next time.

Me: Next time bhuda

We hit our hands and bumped our shoulders.

Me: Lemme walk you out

Buzwe: Sure.





From the gym I drove straight to work and buried myself deep in it. Something kept coming through my mind.

I sigh sitting back on my chair and spin myself side to side while playing with my pen in my hand. I faced up the ceiling... 

My phone rang. I got weird vibes seeing that it was Mom calling. 

I picked without saying anything.

Mom: Buzwe?

Me: Mrs Serame

She sighs.

Mom: How are you?

Me: I'm sure that's not what you care about. Now get to the point.

Mom: Kanti mntanam ndiyakhathala (I really do care my son)

Me: Uqala nini? (Since when?) At age of 29?

Mom: I didn't call for us to fight. I just want us to make peace.

I raise my eyebrows and curve my lips.

Me: Wow wonders shall never cease me. I mean after so many years you only considering that now?

Mom: Would you stop being cocky Buzwe.


Me: Ma do you really wanna do this? Like is there no one pushing you? Is this really coming out of your heart?

Mom: Yes baby it's genuine I swear. It's something I should've done a long time ago. Please don't deny us a chance to settle things down.

I thought about it.

Me: Okay 

She sighs in relief

Mom: Oh! Thank you thank you baby for agreeing. Uhm so how are we gonna do this. Should I come over there or you'll come down here?

Me: I'll make it easy and meet you down there. Under one condition...

Mom: Anything

Me: You take me to my father's grave. You tell me everything I need to know about him. 

It went dead silent as I had expected

Me: By that I'll know how serious you are about us making peace.

I hang up and continued with work.


>>> To be continued...


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