Chapter 2


We finally arrived at my place. We arrive late at about 22:30. I showed my sister a room she'll use.

Me: And here we are.

Keneiloe: Here we are. You've got a nice place shame bhuti.

I smile.

Me: Thanks you love your room?

Keneiloe: Hmmm

Me: " Hmmm " 

I also imitate her she laughs and punches my shoulders.

Me: You're a lady you'll breathe life into it decorate it and make it more feminine. I mean hey! I had no idea that one day I'd be living with my sister.

Keneiloe: We're here then

Me: Yes silapha (we're here)

She walked in admiring the space as she placed her bags.

Keneiloe: Was this a guestroom?

Me: Yes I've been staying alone all these years sisi.

Keneiloe: U maaka (You lie) all these years you haven't had a woman oko?

I shook my head

Me: Tuu (Not at all)

Keneiloe: Tjoo no wonder it's too dull in here yhu ha.a akho ne brightness Buzwe maan you're creepy. This is not gonna happen whilst I'm here. I'll brighten this place.

Me: As long as you don't tamper my stuffs in my room.

Keneiloe: Eshee! Phinde uzibuze ke kutheni ushumanekile (Then ask yourself why you single)

Me: I just hope we're clear on that part sisi.

She looks at my seriousness

Keneiloe: Shoo okay ke.

Me: Good. Is there anything else you'll need before I sleep?

Keneiloe: No I'm fine I'll just jump in bed and sleep immediately. The road exhausted me.

Me: As if you were driving.

She giggles.

Me: Just scream if anything happens. I'm two rooms away from you.

She squints her eyes

Keneiloe: Really? I'm not 2 OB.

Me: Just incase. I love you

Keneiloe: I love you too bhuti. Goodnight

Me: Goodnight.

I left her and went to the kitchen. Had to take my meds. I pour myself a glass of water and reach for my antidepressants... When I got them closer to my mouth I stop.

``Gomolemo: Obakeng?? Why don't you leave me alone? Just leave me alone!!!!``

I smile alone as I picture her how beautiful she was how matured she looked with her now thick and curvey body. Still has her soft toned voice even though she forces the aggression but she can't she's still sweet as ever. Imagine having her as my wife. She could bring a matriarch warmth in this house with our kids running around. A wish come true.

But now someone has already taken my desires away before me eish.

I looked at the pills in my hand. I threw them and flushed them in the sink placing the glass away.

I got upstairs in my room and took my old notebook... I sat down reaching for my pencil. I paged through looking at the old drawings of her. I began erasing and re-drawing her new physical features over the old one. She used to be average (not slender nor thick) but currently she's real thick. Could this guy make her that happy? Cause she's even glowing. Lord let her not be pregnant it'll kill and bury my heart. We have to experience having our first child together. 

How great can that sound? My first love becomes my wife then she carries our first baby and we tell our children our love story. I smiled still imagining our encounter earlier I can still smell her scent. Why do they call me crazy for loving one woman so much? Why can't she give me a chance but give other guys chances. I don't know but I'll be patient for the unknown.





I arrive in our hotel like I was thrown by a tornado and breathed heavily.

Hlelo: Baby??

Me: Lavo

Hlelo: Are you okay?

Me: I'm fine I'm fine baby

I say sitting down. He sits next to me he's my fiancé.

Hlelo: Doesn't seem like that judging by the way you barged in.

Me: I just... I'm...

He held my hands

Hlelo: Yini khuluma nam sthandwa sam? Buka awubuyanga nento buyo z'thenga estolo. (What is it talk to my love? You didn't even come back with the things you went to buy)

Me: I couldn't. I saw someone from my past he got me scared... he's an animal a dangerous one.

He frowns looking at me

Hlelo: Did he hurt you?

Me: No no no. It felt like he's following me. He's an old ex couldn't move on from me he's always been crazy about me. He has stunts of stalking me.

Hlelo: Tell me who he is.

I looked at him

Me: Nnya (No) I don't wanna ruin our weekend so please let's let it slide.

Hlelo: Are you sure he won't become a problem for us?

Me: Cha he's just in my past.

Hlelo: How come you never told me about him?

Me: It's just a topic I never wanted to touch. But when we have time ke tlaa go bolela gotlhe ka yona (I'll tell you all about it)

I kissed him.

Me: Now let us not ruin our mood for Mbumbulu.

Hlelo: Yeah phela the Zondo's have a fine eye.

I chuckled.

Me: Yho I should be prepared cause I'm gonna be a Zondo wife. So the first impression should be good cause it'll last forever.

He laughs.

Hlelo: And you should collect your energy cause uzoma emabhotweni hai ukudlala ngane yomuntu (you'll be standing on the pots straight out)

Me: Aow bathong I know MaZulus don't play.

Hlelo: I trained you well futhi

I laughed.

Me: I love you my soon to be husband.

Hlelo: I love you too my soon to be wife.

We kissed once again. After our weekend away here in Richard's Bay we're heading to Mbumbulu to visit his family. Yah neh I'm so nervous.





I turned on the side of the bed and faced her. She was on her lime silk night dress that held her body shape so nicely. She smiled revealing her beautiful teeth.

Gomolemo: Good morning sunshine rise and shine.

I smile at her with my lazy eyes and brushed her cheek. Until I was disturbed by an alarm clock ringing.


Her bedside was empty. I sigh still smiling and laid back while squeezing my eyes. I switched the alarm off and decided to wake up and shower. I dress up for work and went down to the kitchen.

The aroma that met me halfway.

Me: now it shows that I'm living with a woman.

She laughs.

Keneiloe: Yho if you knew how hard it was to put two and two together. Hay which makes me think I should buy you real grocery. How did you manage?

I chuckled.

Me: I don't mind sisi I knew having you around will be helpful. Be ready at my lunch time I'll come fetch you.

Keneiloe: Okay. You work during weekends?

Me: Yah sometimes I need an extra zaga to maintain this place.

Keneiloe: I see I see it tells.

I grabbed my pills and eat them infront of her. She knows about my disorder.

Me: When are y'all opening for your orientation day?

Keneiloe: Next week

Me: So when's our date for your shopping sprees? Ndifuna uba ngene ngwana (I want you to kill them on fleek.)

She giggles

Me: Yah! I want my sis to turn heads around so that I moer these boys. It's been a while since I got into action.

Keneiloe: You know there are punching bags in the gym right?

Me: Mxm don't you see my life is boring? I need something to fascinate me. Something that'll make my blood rush.

Keneiloe: We can look for it kaloku

Me: Not a woman somblief.

Keneiloe: (sarcasm) Why?? Why so much hate on women?

Me: Except for one.

Keneiloe: Wonder uyawze uthini mhla waze wasweleka lo Gomo webhongo. (Wonder what you gonna do the day Gomo dies?)

I gave her a death stare. She raises her hands back. I made some food for Funo.

Me: Come I want you to meet someone.

Keneiloe: Here??

Me: come.

We got out of the house and went to

my backyard. I opened the gate.

Keneiloe: Yhu!!!

Me: Ha.a don't run it's still a baby it won't hurt you. Come.

Keneiloe: Ha.a bhuti no no no a dog? Pitbull out of all. Tjo! I'm gonna die.

Me: Kene

Keneiloe: Ha.a shame

Me: Kene

a dog? Pitbull out of all. Tjo! I'm gonna die.

Me: Kene

Keneiloe: Ha.a shame

Me: Kene Keneiloe.

Keneiloe: Bhuti?

Me: Come here. You don't trust me? I said come here.

She walked closely to me while I gave Funo her food.

Me: Crouch next me... This here is my baby Funo. My new pet I'll learn loving through her. Touch it and brush it.

She gave me a look that'd kill someone.

Me: Do it.

She slowly stretched her shakey hand and brushed it. It began growling softly and flapping its ears enjoying Kene's hands.

Me: See Funo loves you.

She smiles.

Me: I'm doing this so that it may get used to you used to your scent as you'll be living with me. It must know you're part of my life my family. We'll exchange routines when feeding it so that it may get used to us. Be very punctual with its feeding time neh?

She got intimidated. I smile.

Me: Don't worry it's harmless now still a baby. It won't hurt you especially when you nurture it. 

We smiled and stared at it. It licked its mouth when it gets done eating it's food and ran to Kene it likes being brushed like that by Kene.

Me: Haaa Funo! What's wrong with women not liking me? Even pets nje hay I'm cursed.

We chuckled.

Keneiloe: Maybe. Tell her Funo he'll matter once he put you first than Gomo.

We all giggled.

Me: Yah that's it. I have to go to work. Be ready at 2pm. Will fetch you to buy groceries and everything you'll need.

Keneiloe: Okay.

Me: Now bid Funo.

She squeezed its cheeks and got up. I locked the gate and we walked back in the house. I took my laptop bag and car keys.

Me: See you later

Keneiloe: Later

I left and drove to work.





Yho Yho Yho my good Lord. The headache I was having right now and my woman made it worse by singing and Playing Zonke's "We Got Only Tonight" song. This is one torture I wish to not go through. Her singing is too bad it's like a roaster is being slaughtered.

Me: Viola! Viola! Viola! Stop I can't get enough sleep you making a noise. I have a headache.

She snickers.

Viola: Well did I send you to go get drunk?

Me: You being unfair don't you think?

Viola: No! I can't withhold my joy for you because you're hangover. 

Me: Mnk! I might as well wake up.

I sat up and she clapped her hands excitedly.

Viola: Yepppie exactly what I wanted. Now get prepared for our date.

I throw myself back on my pillows and hugged them tightly.

Me: Aaaah can't we atleast have an indoor picnic? I'll take you out on a date tomorrow after church.

She folds her arms and frown. But her frown disappears real quick now that was weird I'm expecting a tantrum.

Me: Why did you stop?

Viola: What?

Me: Frowning?

She chuckles

Viola: So you enjoy it when I frown?

Me: Yeah it gets unusual when my roaster doesn't croack. So please I enjoy the sound keep on.

She opens her mouth wide and throws a pillow at me I giggle.

Viola: Well I'm not croacking because your lips are stopping me.

Me: My what!?

Viola: (sarcasm) Lips told you alcohol doesn't love you.

I jump up and checked my lips on the mirror.

Me: Damn they're swollen again. Thank God we're wearing masks.

Viola: They still sexy though.

Me: Mcm! What you doing?

She took a picture of me

Me: Hey Hey Hey.

I chased her and caught her in our lounge. I dived on top of her and we landed on the couch. I snatched her phone and deleted the picture.

Viola: I can't breathe Jojo I can't breathe!

Me: Kiss these lips first.

Viola: (whines) Nooo.

Me: Come on kiss dzaddzy.

She kisses me and I already got a boner. That's how good this woman kisses.

Me: Oh-Oh!

I got up.

Viola: You called for it. Get off! I prepared something for you.

She pushed me and got up. She made Soya soup and her freshly baked buns... with coffee. Hay I'm telling you my hangover will fly out of the window right now. I chose well didn't I?

Me: One of the reasons why I wanna make you Mrs Einstein.

She chuckles 

Viola: Can't wait for the day.

We laughed said grace and began eating.

Me: You know my cousin is coming next week 

Viola: Which cousin?

Me: Sheree

She squints her eyes

Viola: Your Aunt's?

Me: Yeah. She'll be studying this side.

Me: Ohw that's good.

I looked at her

Me: Would you mind if she lives with us? Her mother asked me to watch her closely. But it'll be her choice if she wants to stay with us or my parents but I'll open that door for her.

Viola: No problem Hun I have absolutely no problem with that. I mean I'd do with a friend since you know I'm an introvert and picky when it comes to friends. 

I hug her and kiss her cheek

Me: That's why I love you. That's all I needed to know.

Viola: Best roaster this one isn't she?

I smack her forehead.

Viola: Ah!

Me: Just the sound I wanted to hear.

She smacks me back.

Viola: Nx ouch.

We ate our breakfast while laughing and fooling around.





 In the midst of my work I decided to stop and search something. I did that and got the results I wanted.

Me: Mmh I don't blame you sweetheart if I was a woman I'd fall for this guy too. Got great looks and he's stable too. A bread winner hmm!

I sipped my coffee with a smile. Hlelo Zondo what an interesting guy.


>>> To be continued...


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