A month later I'm doing my wedding dress shopping. I think it's because of stress but I'm super tired and just wanna sleep. Lwazi moved back with Mike three weeks ago when he sorted out the Ghanaian attack problem. I'm actually fond of him. Lwazi is already waiting for me at the shop when I get there. My sister's are back in university and too busy to help. Lwazi and I scream and hug much to the irritation of the ladies in this bridal shop.

  We look through dress after dress and I pick a beautiful mermaid dress that shows off my curves. Then a simple lacy body hugging dress for the reception. I don't like veils so I decide on a tiara. Everything looks absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to get married two months from now!

I buy the dress with Khule's black card.

 Now what's left is my bridesmaids and my maid of honour here who looks more excited than me. She tells me the crazy stuff Mike's been saying and doing and I can't help but laugh. That guy is nuts! I feel like he's perfect for her. I just pray he doesn't slip up again.

The fuss about my wedding is too much. Why Hakeem thought a destination wedding was okay is beyond me. Mauritius is pretty and all but the stress from family members calling me non stop

 about their flights is too much. I turn my phone off.

The wedding is next week Saturday and everyone leaves on Thursday. I don't understand why they're bothering me when Hakeem said he'd sort them out. His family is all ready I guess only my family has issues.

Lwazi is almost four months but doesn't show much so her dress is slightly bigger than her normal size but it's not too visible that she's pregnant. Mike is always there when she calls always I'm not exaggerating!

Fanele and Matt are constantly visiting their "Kai" so they take her most days since I'm busy with wedding stuff. I should be relaxing because I have a planner but my family is stressing me out. They don't even know who is coming for sure.

Hakeem isn't one to mess with and be uncertain so I think that's why they call me instead.

All I really wanna do is sleep. Lwazi is back to always being around ever since she told me about Mike. It's like she went away and came back happier than ever.

 Mfundo and Sphe still have one day fights here and there but it seems they're always fixing things somehow.

Some of Khule's family is slowly accepting me MaCele even called the other day to ask how everything is going.

Khule's mum quit being a lawyer to be a mother to Khulani. Shock doesn't even begin to describe how I reacted to that.

My husband is the best thing to happen to me.

 Lwazi is here with the girls and Sandra. They have white balloons written Mrs Ngubo others written Banele. I didn't think they'd have a bridal shower for me!

There's even food delivered and champagne!

"You crazy girls!" I shout.

"Yes last chance to be crazy." Lwazi says.

"Congratulations sisi" Fanele and Sphe say showing me the presents.

"Mzala this will be beautiful! Can't wait for Mauritius." Sandra.

 I hug them all and play the music loud.


I'm getting married today. In a foreign place with my family present. It's like a dream come true. I wanted to do braids but Lwazi convinced me to get a weave. I actually love it.

Mauritius is as beautiful as in pictures. We're getting married in some beautiful chapel and having reception by the beach in a boat!

My make-up is taking ages and all I really wanna do is get married. Lwazi has taken over my phone and shouts at anyone asking me anything unless it's Khule calling.

I'm sure she'll blame hormones later. One of my aunts will be stepping in for my father I don't know which one and I think they're fighting about it. I just wish to find who had the great idea of having my dad's sisters do the honours.

My girls look beautiful! Lwazi as maid of honour has done a great job! It's practically been her wedding. However we don't even know who the groomsmen are.

 It's time and I feel so nervous. My palms are sweaty and I can hardly breathe.

Both my aunts come to me and stand beside me. Yeah my family is crazy. They play Trey Songz's "I don't want nobody else but you." My flower girl Owami is first in then Lwazi and she seems happy about something Sandra is in next then Fanele after her it's Sphe and then it's my turn.

 They change the song to Wale's Holy Matrimony. My aunts walk with me and I see the groomsmen are why the ladies were happy well most.

Mike is the best man Matt and Akin are groomsmen along with Thabiso. I can't believe he said yes!

My husband is looking at me like I'm the only one in the room

he looks amazing in a white suit must be Armani or something. The groomsmen match the bridesmaids in lavender suits.

I must say my planner knows her stuff.

 The pastor says some things and I'm not listening just looking into Khule's eyes.

It's time for my vows and I say

"Dr Khulekani Hakeem Ngubo. If someone had told me I would marry you one day I wouldn't have believed it. You are absolutely nothing like I thought when we met. You aren't just a Prince in Magobeni but a King in my heart. I love you Baba ka Nokwanda Zendaya Kainoa."

Cheers follow and it's his turn

"MaVezi I don't know where to begin. I fell for you even though you were forbidden fruit. I knew I couldn't unlove you. You became my world. You were there for me after my accident. You gave me a daughter who became our whole world. My beautiful Banele I love you more."

I'm almost in tears and so is Lwazi. You can just tell Mike wants to jump and wipe the tears off her face.

Khule and I kiss before the pastor says and laughs follow. After we're done and pronounced husband and wife Khule takes

 Zendaya from Thandi and we walk out.

The boat they got is so big and it's spacious because everyone is here.

Just after the toasts and cutting the cake the dance floor is open. Khule and I decide to leave. Zendaya will stay with Thandi and Bandile while we're on our honeymoon for the week. I doubt Khule will last though he can't stay without Zendaya that long.

 One of the guards here stop us before we go and he shows us something on a tablet... WHAT THE FUCK?!


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