Hakeem and I go to Zendaya's room and we find her up but not crying. He picks her up and we go to our bed with her.

"So... Can I ask something?" I ask.

"You've asked already but go on." He says.

"Mcm... It's the Msweli thing baby..." I say.

  "Yes what about it?" He asks.

"I know you know who killed him" I say.

"Ngubo did that." He replies.

"Khulekani!" I exclaim.

"Mhm. He was pissed over the Bongi thing." He says.

"So he killed him?" I ask.

"Yeah." He replies.

"You agree with this?" I ask him.

"He took you from me and our daughter... Uh yeah." He replies Khulekani can't be saying this. I mean sure he's angry but killing? "You're joking right?" I ask.

He looks at me for a long time and says

"No. I'm sorry if it's wrong to not care about the man who kidnapped my wife fell for my sister and pretended to be my friend. At least I didn't kill him." He says.

"I'm sorry..." I realise now I overreacted. He doesn't care about Msweli. I just hope he does cares his father got someone killed.

I let it go and watch him and our daughter play. They have this

 understanding. She talks gibberish he answers in gibberish and she laughs showing those cute dimples. We fell asleep all three of us. It's late now and I don't know if Lwazi is still here. I go downstairs and she's not there. I check her room last and it's locked. I think she's with Michael in there. I go downstairs and order Nando’s. I order a lot of food and clean up. I put the dishes in the washer and watch some t.v.

 Lwazi comes downstairs in the crisp white shirt Michael had on just as the delivery guy knocks. I open for him and take the food. "So my house is a motel?" I ask her laughing.

"If the shoe fits..." She replies and laughs too.

"Ci. I ordered food. There you go. Don't forget something to drink. I'll take mine and Khule's up.

"Okay... Friend thank you." She says.

"For?" I ask.

"Putting up with my tears. Allowing Mike to come see me here

 when you know about what happened. Being there for me... A lot really." She says.

"I love you Lwazi. If he is who you love I can't stop it." I say.

"I love you more and again thank you" She replies.

I find Khule up but Zendaya is still sleeping.

"Take her to her bed." I whisper and he does it.

He comes back and just starts kissing me slowly but passionately. I fall on the bed and he gets on top. He pulls the t-shirt I had on off me. Then he kisses my cleavage before taking off my bra. He takes one of my breasts in his mouth causing me to moan slightly in pleasure. He kisses me from my breasts to my belly button then he takes my jeans off slowly. He kisses my punani over the panties before talking them off and eating me out slowly making me moan louder and louder as I cum. "Shh we have guests." He says.

Snap! I forgot. He comes up and kisses me. I guess he took off his clothes when he was eating me out? Cause now he's naked and he circles outside my pussy before going in slowly. I moan

 louder and louder as his pace gets faster. His eyes are on mine and he's looking at me like I'm the only girl in the world I can see the love in his eyes. We climax at the same time and it is magical! Just then we hear Lwazi moaning in her room. We laugh out loud. "Let's join them." Khule.

"Huh?" I ask.

"Uhuh..." He replies and we kiss again.

 I wake up alone in bed. My pussy feels swollen and I get up. I can hardly walk right. I take a shower and go check if Khule is downstairs. The gym is open and I see Khule and Mike gyming. I don't know where they get the energy mxm.

I go to the kitchen and find Lwazi there walking funny too.

We look at each other and burst into laughter.

"Is it just me or they were competing?" I say.

"They were definitely competing. Still are in that gym." She replies laughing.

 "I think if we were to live together we'd die of sex." I say still laughing.

"Girl! I cannot die like that. We didn't even finish the food." She says.

"Neither did we. Luckily Zendaya slept through the night." I say. We make cereals for ourselves and order the greasy breakfast we know Khule and Mike want after gym. We discuss my white wedding and I tell her how Khule got a planner and it's in three months she won't be showing too much then. My white wedding is a surprise in a way because I am only shopping for my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses. The rest our planner is handling. I don't even know her but we speak over the phone and I send her what I want for the day and she includes it.

She sounds foreign over the phone. Apparently she's one of the best in the business and I've seen her work on her Instagram. "Long as I choose my own dress and if I'm showing it makes me look good nontheless." Lwazi.

"Of course. My sisters and Sandra will buy choose too. The

 dresses don't have to be the same style just same colour." I tell her.

"Awesome! I'm so excited!" Lwazi.

The food for the guys is here and Lwazi heads upstairs to call them as I set the table for them. Lwazi can't stand eggs so she's keeping herself away from the food. They come down sweating and wash their hands then eat.

Lwazi and I just look at them.

 "Why didn't y'all shower?" I ask.

"Hygiene isn't really a guy thing hey." Mike.

"Says the guy who washes his dreadlocks three times in one week." Lwazi.

"I know you love me dirty my love but my hair has to always be clean." Mike.

I can't help but laugh. This guy is insane.

Lwazi gives him a look and laughs.

"We're gonna gym some more before Mike goes." Khule answers.

 "Thank you for not being crazy baby." I say blowing him a kiss. Mike looks at Lwazi with begging eyes and she rolls her eyes. "I guess only people who do controlled movements get blown kisses." Mike.

We all burst out laughing. I didn't think Mike was such a joker. If only I could I'd have them move into our neighbourhood or something.


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